Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Prayer

Soothe your nerves,
With the dawn of your verbs,
Compose the music,
Sing and be prosaic,
He shows you the way,
Fold your hands and pray.

Look through your mind,
The eyes actually blind,
Visualizing a scene,
That's false, yet you so keen,
Truth lies hidden,
In paths still forbidden.

Submit to His service,
Free yourself from dirt and grease,
Time to give up your sins,
Float in the water, flutter your fins,
The ocean of purity beckons your soul,
Do not be afraid in losing your control.

Serve Him with care and devotion,
Wait for your turn, do not question,
He is there, looking after you,
His love so great, you don't have a clue,
Lose yourself in the Prayer,
Uncover the meaning of life's uncharted layer.

This Poem is shared with Sunday Scribblings and the Prompt is Soothe.


  1. I am never sure how I would describe my beliefs but that sense of being looked after is always there ..you capture that beautifully..it reminds me of sitting in a cool church..almost doesn't matter if you pray or to whom..it's just soothing..Jae

    1. Prayers really help a lot in relaxing your mind :-)

  2. I think it truly doesn't matter what we believe as long as we do believe in the higher power.
    This is gentle, soothing and filled with faith.

    1. Thanks ... The Power of prayer is indeed soothing :-)

  3. Yes, the power of prayer is very real.

  4. Prayer is soothing, but I still believe in questioning everything! Those who never question will never find answers!