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The Shaadi Brouhaha - Review

Launching a newbie into the Indian matrimonial scene is like introducing a new iPhone in an already saturated market has to be sleek, overflowing with catchy features and better than the already available versions. So when twenty-five-year-old Nitya Trivedi is forced into it by her ever so enthusiastic mother and pestering relatives, she hardly knows what she has bargained for. In her journey to find her soul-mate, she becomes Dollarkumar's Poundkumari, ends up fasting on party days to make peace with her horrorscope, attends hilarious 'arranged' meetings through various matchmaking portals and people - all under the nose of her extremely evil, but deliciously debonair boss Rudra Desai. With besties tying the knot and cousins 'stealing' prospective groom, wonder how Nitya's mother will find the perfect match for her only daughter. But as always, love will find a way in the midst of The Shaadi Brouhaha..

About the Author
Born in UAE and brought up in India, Anjlee Shah has completed her MBA from Cardiff University. Currently she works and lives in England with her husband. Intrigued by arranged marriage in Indian culture, she decided to write her debut novel. In her spare time she loves to read, write and travel.

A primary reason to pick up ‘The Shaadi Brouhaha’ is that it is relatable. A second reason, well, the humour is delectable. Ask for third, and I would say, the plot is damn believable.

Nitya Trivedi, ‘CA pass without fail and currently working with Axis Bank’, realizes she is no better than an iPhone in a saturated market when she is pushed into the matrimonial hullabaloo. All well and good, and though initially she feels doubtful, she confidently goes ahead with it guided by Monali bhabhi, who makes sure she handles questions like age and weight carefully in her matrimonial profile.

Nitya wishes for a partner who will understand her, giver her her own space, and be compatible to her needs. Over the course of time, she meets several prospective candidates, whether it be the US – return Dollarkumar, who admitted being gay, or the ‘blackberry in one hand and an iPhone on his right ear’ Jigla, whose father proudly declares ‘our family members are very impotent to us’. Unfortunately, she fails to find a life partner in most of them.

Until she finds her man, or so she thinks.

The Shaadi Brouhaha’ is a tale that focuses on the nuances of an arranged marriage, the serious issues surrounding it, albeit in a light hearted manner. Through Nitya’s story, we come face to face with the pros and cons that surround this style of matrimony. Getting acquainted with a stranger, knowing what clicks and what not, and then trying to decipher the chemistry is a task that many undertake in the country. Often, we start liking someone, only to realise that the relation doesn’t have a definite conclusion, leading to heartbreak, tears and lots of tears. Nithya experiences the same emotions, the same pain, of a rejection that is totally unexpected, leaving her shattered.

However, as they say, everything happens for good. Love blooms, and blossoms gradually, and as expected, the tale swims through a happy conclusion, but not before it experiences a few twists and turns on the way, which in a way is good, as it engrosses the readers’ attention throughout the journey.

Nitya Trivedi is a character we all know and can identify with. She is real, her confusions reflecting our own stream of thoughts. Her reactions to the prospective grooms, and her conversations with them is often the best part of this book. Not only are they funny, but they also reflect the truth of our society. Nitya meets a number of suitors, but nowhere does the narrative bogs down due to large number of characters, as the author Anjlee Shah has taken proper care to provide unique individual characteristic traits to all of them, thus each meeting brings forward a whole new experience, and a stream of interesting subplots.

The Shaadi  Brouhaha’ shines on several fronts, be it the subtle romance between the protagonists, the suspense never ending in the pages, or the humour that encompasses that floats throughout the book. Anjlee Shah displays the competitive environment encircling arranged marriage, with every person trying to get the best catch. However, at the end of the day, amidst all the arranged marriage hungama, it’s love that emerges victorious, signifying that whether one goes for arrange marriage or not, a successful partnership is one that is full of care, understanding and love; love, love and lots of love.

And it’s love stories like this that makes you feel good and smile, like a smiley :-)

Title: The Shaadi Brouhaha.. : Arranged Marriage Hungama
Author: Anjlee Shah
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Publication Year: 2015
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Fiction, Romance
No. of Pages: 216
Price: Rs 195
My Rating: 4/5


  1. Even if the market is saturated, one can still make a mark if the concept is a bit novel and i think Anjlee did the same (going by the post).
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    1. It's her writing style that really makes a difference in the book :-)

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