Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Forest Fire

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Famished desert calls
Oppressing soul shrivels
Racing against hope
Earnestly dreaming life
Stinging flame invites
Tiring legs succumb
Fiery dark banquet
Isolation kisses death
Reflection of dreams
Echoes muted soul.

This Acrostic is shared with Acrostic Only and the Prompt is Forest Fire.


  1. Ohh Cool! What an awesome way of writing in view of such a wordy theme :) Really liked the idea :)

  2. nice... like this challenge

  3. A fiery write here! I can feel the heat of the flames. Nice!

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  5. wonderful acrostic poem....and very powerful one too.....

  6. Very powerful introspective moment that might come with the last breath of life. It feels like the souls of the trees.

  7. I always feel so sorry for the creatures caught in these forest fires. This is very vivid, good writing!