Saturday, August 25, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 19

Chapter 18

"Now I understand why you wanted to come with us. Were you able to win over her mom?" Shahbaaz chuckled.

We were dining at the Azad Ganj Restaurant, which was famous for its Mughlai cuisine. Shabaaz was keen on treating me as their meting with Mr Ray had gone very well, and he would be soon convincing their families so that they agree to the marriage.

The ambiance was filled with aroma of delectable delicacies. Hot fragrance of various food items brushed against my nostrils, as my senses rose to the feeling of desperate longing for Sapna. This was the place we had come to so often, bunking our colleges in the past, and then our respective workplaces. I promised to come here again after I married Sapna.

Nandini ordered, while we chatted.

"I don't know buddy. I tried my best," I replied, "not sure if I was successful in my effort or not."

"Don't be stressed. True love always wins, irrespective of the situation. You really love her a lot, isn't it?" Nandini tried to comfort me.

Yes, I really loved her, but couldn't reply. The dimension of love can never be measured, its strength can't be rated. It's a call of your soul, eager to find a mate who will prove to be an able support through out your life time. Perhaps, that's why your partner is referred to as soul mate.

I smiled back at them. They were one lovely couple, made for each other, on the verge of realizing their unified dream of being together, forever. When would my dream turn to reality too?

Nandini dropped me home after the lunch. She thanked me for accompanying them, while I returned back the thanks for the wonderful treat. The food, indeed, tasted awesome, and thus my spirits were sky high, even though I had no clue about my next step.

"So... What next?" I thought, as I entered my house. Neither my mind, nor my heart, could provide any answer. However, somewhere from within, I heard voices of laughter and friendly talks. Perhaps, some guest had come to visit my parents. As I took few more steps, the sound rose, imitating the union of long lost friends, the companionship in the voices too obvious. Suddenly, I realized that the guest's voice sounded oddly familiar. I ran towards my bed room from where the laughter had risen.

"You?" I was surprised, and pleasantly shocked, as I saw Sapna, sitting on the bed, chatting and laughing with my mom.

Chapter 20


  1. The dimension of love can never be measured, its strength can't be rated.
    This is very true!!!

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  2. Awwwww!!!! Sapna's been working angles too!! I bet that made his day!! When two people love each other enough to fight for one another then they truly belong to one another.. I hope their parents come around! Looks like things are looking up!

  3. I have missed so many chapters!!!
    I really need tips from you on how you manage your time so well. I am beat for the past weeks.

    Hoping for a happy ending. :)

    1. I some how manage to earn some time to write :-)

      Thanks for the warm appreciation :-)

  4. Ahhhh... I bet his heart is singing now!~! :)

  5. Lucky guy...for the moment. I believe 'true' love' does NOT always win out. Often what I think is the 'real thing' is not what God has in mind.

    But in the end, all is (will be) as it should be. Of that I am confident...
    PEACE, Sir!

  6. I am enjoying this story and the road your characters travel.

  7. Beautiful chapter; I have to read the previous ones! So romantic, full of delicate touches in a friendly atmosphere.
    True love always wins, yes, for even when you lose the one you love, you keep on loving: the triumph of love is Love itself, whatever happens.
    "...desperate longing for Sapna" and there she is at the end, good!.
    I like the explanation you give for "soul mate".
    Hope your dream will come true too!
    Well, waiting for next chapter, what next?

    1. Thanks Dulcina ... I just tried to do my best with the plot... Thanks for liking it so much :-)

  8. wow! I loved this part, now I think Sapna is also trying to win over his parents just like him, or it might be just a bad dream of Nitin! Who knows!! lets see what happens next :D