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A Flutter In The Colony - Review

In 1956, the Senguptas travel from Calcutta to rural Malaya to start afresh. In their new hamlet of anonymity, the couple gradually forget past troubles and form new ties. But this second home is not entirely free and gentle. A complex, racially charged society, it is on the brink of independence even as communist insurgents hover on the periphery. How much should a newcomer meddle before it starts to destroy him? Shuttling in time and temper between the rubber plantations of Malaya and the anguish-filled years of pre-Partition Bengal, between the Malayan Emergency and Direct Action Day, between indifference and lust, A Flutter in the Colony is a tender, resonant chronicle of a family struggling to remain together in the twilight of Empire in Asia.

About the Author

Sandeep Ray was born off the Straits of Malacca, on the edge of a rubber plantation. Educated in India and in the United States, he began his career as a film-maker, travelling widely and producing award-winning documentaries. A historian now, he explores woven pasts in A Flutter in the Colony, his first novel.

‘A Flutter In The Colony’ is a work of fiction based across significant historical events in time. The story starts in 1956 in Malaya, which is at a doldrums owing to the Malayan Emergency and the struggle of the natives, and often jumps back to the 1940s in the era of Pre-Partitioned Bengal, the Indian Independence struggle, and the political uprisings in the state. Sandeep Ray, being a noted historian, uses his vast array of knowledge to bring out the pictures clear in the mind of the readers.

The male protagonist of the story has not been named in the book. Rather, he has been referred to as ‘Young Man’ throughout. This felt odd to me. Perhaps, the author had planned to keep his protagonist unnamed, so that the readers could own the character and give him an identity as they wished; or maybe the author wanted to refer to a larger community who had faced the hardships of those struggling time, and didn’t want to confine the story to that of a single person.

The character of Maloti, the protagonist’s wife, has been sketched in a manner that it would evoke a feeling of serenity and love among the readers. Maloti is caring and binds the household. Even before her marriage, she had become a prime figure in the Sengupta family, her importance reverberating throughout the pages, making her presence essential in the life of the Young Man, as well as in the story.

Other characters too make their presence felt in Calcutta and Malaya. The writer makes an honest attempt to bind the two different time zones, and bring out the pathos of the commoners. Some of the chapters are well written. However, there are some dialogues in local dialect which I found hard to comprehend. Though it provided a sense of authenticity, I personally didn’t like it. Also, the characterization of the Young Man could have been more powerful. I did not find any quote or dialogue from the book worth noting down, which again was a sort of disappointment to me.

I, however, recommend this book to all lovers of history. The details of places are descriptive and picturesque, and the readers wouldn’t feel left out in an unknown land.

Title: A Flutter In The Colony
Authors: Sandeep Ray
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Publication Year: 2019
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary, Action & Adventure
No. of Pages: 344
Price: Rs 499
My Rating: 3/5

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Confined In A Glass Jar

how does it feel to be trapped
confined in a glass jar
hearing your own echoes
long after the voice is gone

blessed are you to be free
to not know the touch of shackles
that bleeding of the soul
the dying wails of prison

but what if, the lid was tight
the sunlight, a mere mockery
your breath, stale, reused
imagine yourself chained, and abused

there lies a world of nightmares
one that you read about in books
alas, the fiction is naked real
where flying high is still untrue

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Waves And Beaches

I could hear the waves
serenading the beaches
the cool breeze whistles

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How Online Dating Can Lead to Marriage Satisfaction

It is a no-brainer that online dating takes a lead these days among the many dating options that are available. Both millennials and the seniors have flooded the web to look for love. This has forced social researchers to get curious about the primary reasons leading to this. They also want to know whether online dating leads to marriage satisfaction now that many people are finding their partners here.

Without wasting much time, let us dive into these insights because they will surprise you.

What the Data Says

According to research, one out of three couples in developed countries have met online. This data is expected to change drastically in the future years with such couples becoming more common. But the interesting part is that spouses who met online are more satisfied than their counterparts who met online and even dated for a while.

Although it is too early to conclude, experts have said that marriages that resulted from online dating are less likely to seek divorce, which has been a big threat to young marriages these days. This means that online dating leads to marriages that are more satisfying. The numbers are already saying it all. Only 6 percent of people who meet online end up breaking up their marriages while the traditional avenues have a higher figure at 8 percent.

Why Marriages From Online Dating Are Better

Before someone goes online to look for a spouse, they must have thought about this issue. One of the popular dating sites that promotes both serious and сasual dating for everyone claims that most of their users are serious people who are looking for spouses. Making such a serious decision will force you to look for someone who is equally dedicated so that both of you will have the same goal of settling down. Look at these other reasons that make marriages from this platform more satisfying:

  • You get to see each other's profiles - Before people can start scrolling down the list of potential spouses, they are prompted to create a profile and indicate all of the qualities that they portray and even mention the type of person they want. When all other members have done this, it is easy to filter down to a partner with qualities that you desire.
  • You can compare - Online dating is very straightforward. It allows people to interact and get to know each other before they commit to anything. Thus, you can test the waters with a few potential candidates of your choice. So, you can either chat with them through the provided platforms or decide to go for a date and get to know each other more.
  • You can easily go back - If things do not work out well when you start dating, you can always go back to the drawing board and quickly start all over again. Since people know this, they rarely compromise their standards to accommodate people that do not meet their requirements.


Online dating has increased satisfaction in dating, and this is a great thing for couples. It is an easy avenue and you should try it if you have not been lucky enough to meet a serious partner by now.

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