Saturday, September 28, 2013


For you, my love, these doors stay awake
Rhyming with your footsteps in cold wintry flake.

The day when you departed, never to return
Shaking with my miseries, these eyes did burn.

I cried, and I laughed, till I drove myself mad
Oh, dear dear love, have I always been this bad?

Perhaps you could forgive, a chance I would say
Why did we have to go through this damned darkened way?

Questions aren't my forte, answers I seek neither
The flowers in our garden have started to wither.

The world too needs us to be together
Why did we run away from this brash weather?

Let's not stop before we start
Promises we made, why shall we part?

Tomorrow, with the sun, will you shine by my window
The doors will clap, as I embrace your shadow.

Lips will curl, and eyes will melt
True love for you is what I have always felt.

This Poem is shared with Theme Thursday - Doors.


  1. Some amazing sentiments here...all the agony of being in love. I've been there many times my friend :)

  2. Beautiful! How the door stays awake despite the weather and the "damned darkened way." The vision at the end should be quite tempting. It's good to drink in one of your poems again!

  3. A apt composition .. describing the feelings so precisely .. one of your best i have read !

  4. How beautiful! Especially the last lines.

  5. Such a beautiful way to describe true love and the agony of when things do not go as we wish. What a beautiful way to keep the door open for someone loved so much. I can almost see the person waiting on the other side of the door for their true love to come back. Would we all be so lucky.

    Thank you for sharing such a loving poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you are having a week filled with many loved ones walking through the doors.

    God bless.