Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time,
While savoring the lime,
On a hot sunny day,
I met her on the way.

Sir, I am lost,
A wrong lane perhaps I crossed,
Oh, am already so late,
Please have mercy on my state.

She was beautiful, eyes too pretty,
My heart was lost, and I tried being witty,
No worry ma'am, with Green Speck around,
You don't need to utter a despairing sound.

That's so nice of you, Mr Speck,
But, time is limited, please do check,
New to this land, I got to visit the Center,
A business of mine, that I need to hurriedly enter.

That's not too far, dear,
When I am there, do not fear,
I started my bike, with the lady riding pillion,
So lucky I was, she was one in a million.

Off we rode, challenging the wind,
My mind immersed in her thoughts, totally pinned,
Fragrance of rose filled my world,
The love hiding within, now totally unfurled.

We reached the Center, a busy place it was,
She thanked, and I heard a thousand applause,
Come in with me, she said,
I followed her lead happily, as she walked ahead.

Among the crowds, we solved the maze,
But what I saw, and heard, left me dazed,
Meet my husband, she pointed to a man,
Hey thanks for helping her, he came ahead with a beer can.

A dream broke, 'twas all in vain,
The stupid heart, so terribly insane,
Smiling back,I bid farewell,
Hoping for a perfect love tale.

This Poem is shared with Carry On Tuesday and the Prompt is Once upon a time.


  1. A wonderful rhyming romp! Very clever--though I would have hoped you'd get your heart's desire. :-)

  2. haaaha ! You made me smile :)) better luck next time !

  3. Haha sweet!
    I like the rhyming lines so much! Gem of a poet you are! :)

    1. Thanks so much Sakshi ... and welcome to my blog :-)

    2. Am so going to read it all! My finals are on,so you'll provably get my comments in next ten days! ;)

    3. All the best for your exams :-)

  4. hahaha ...that was indeed really sad :P :P better luck next time ;)

  5. oh my god i laughed a lot....this was such a fine write....i think you are growing with every poem.....

    1. Thanks for such wonderful encouragement Sreeja :-)

  6. A very engaging poem. I'm hopeful that it was only that, but certainly it drew me in enough to believe it to be a true story... ;)

    1. Ha ha .... I leave that to your imagination ;-)

  7. Oh you were sooooooo close!!! I loved the witty sense of humor you displayed here!! You're one heck of a rhymer!! I loved it!!

  8. Wow lovely, such a beautiful poem, says it all with the amazing rhymes in between :) Lovely poetry from Mr. Green Speck !!:) Take care, hope you get a nice girl of your dreams