Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Constant Urge

The Constant Urge
To look behind the wall
Slaves in its chambers
Dark and cold
The eerie silence
Worded by lonesome hearts
Diabolical mask
Shielding the angel
The thoughts carved
Printed on my wounds.

The Constant Urge
To grow up and love
Capturing the time
Visiting heaven and hell
Misunderstood notions
The silken touch, nocturnal
Flying among the clouds
Sprouting wings of hope
The hour glass tumbles
Meandering sand bellows.

The Constant Urge
To live beyond ages
Thoughts of death
Vile and disgusting
Black hood knocks
"I have time," you say
Irrefutable logic
Tragedy or comedy
Be your own guide
To the destination that awaits.

This Poem is shared with One Single Impression and the Prompt is Constant.


  1. I loved the last lines.. "Be your own guide to the destination that awaits."

  2. Excellent composition. Your style is amazing. :)

  3. Excellently done, and the correct path.

  4. we both hung on the tails of black Green Speck..that urge is relentless and capture it beautifully..looking at the picture i hope it leads to a lightness..jae

  5. Excellent write are growing with every poem.....

  6. Wow! well written and with such amazing insight into life ~ live well ~ enjoy the weekend ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Thanks again for 'coming by' and commenting ^_^

  7. Ah...the constant urge to look behind the wall....and fly among the clouds! You've expressed it well!

  8. ''Printed on my wounds''
    Dedication in your Urge
    Loved it! :)

  9. It seems unless we can suppress our ego/desire, there is no end to having one kind of constant urge or another. Very lovely imagery all through this Amrit.

    1. Thank You so much ... I completely agree with your words :-)

  10. so many wonderful phrases, too many to are a deep thinker, me thinks.....

  11. original ..."the destination that awaits" true!

  12. You already know what I think... it's beautiful as always!

  13. Excellent one :) :)

  14. Deep thoughts here. Great job with the prompt.

  15. So glad that I scrolled down to this one! This is such a raw piece. Interesting how the tone changes throughout, from the dark mask to the sprouting wings, lovely. I love that the image shows awakening and light.

    ps~I wish I had more time to blog, but my children and their school work is a bit consuming these days. Thank you for your support in staying connected with me. Many blessings.

    1. Thanks for such wonderful words Archna.

      It's always a pleasure visiting your blog. Your poems have an honest appeal in them. A real magical blog you have indeed :-)

  16. An excellent poem full of life's constants. Funny thoughts of death and what lies behind the have been on my mind of late. Wonderful work.


  17. Very nice, G.S. It flows naturally.
    Your 'constant urge' here is a very natural urge.

    It reminds me of The Enormous Room (1922 classic) by E. E. Cummings. He was held prisoner in a French prison at the beginning of WWI. The male prisoners had this constant urge to peek over barriers keeping the men from viewing the female prisoners and vice versa.

    Thank you for peeking in on my pole dancer OSI poem.

    1. Thanks Jim ... I haven't come across The Enormous Room, but as per your suggestion, I will definitely go through it :-)

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