Sunday, June 29, 2014

That Glint

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that glint
reading his letters
a key to her present
as her nails chart the words
in a single stroke of love

somewhere in the sea
she knows, he must be visioning
them in galactic pleasure
together, in moonlit embraces
when eyes kiss nectar
on sultry rose petals

the player of her dreams
gifting her moments
"attach them to the beads
and keep them safe
yes, those promises"

scratch, scratch
her pen on paper
blotting what is left unsaid
thoughts confine to meandering syllables
"It isn't raining yet"
"We are short of grain"
"Laxmi wants a new doll"
"Bholu came first in class"
"When are you returning?"
"Missing you"
"A lot"
"I went to the doctor, today"
"Come soon fast"

"You are going to become a father"

through the open window
the wind laughs naughtily
teasing her
or was it him
caressing her half open tresses
that smell of mahogany
and the cool ocean breeze

oh, but why this malice
the wind, once playful
now changes its course
in utter disdain
and a pungent hatred
it rains, and monstrous thunders approach
the waves flying high
engulfing the level
once, an assurance
now, tasting salt
and miserable death

the ship
a prey to this phase
of lives lost
never to be regained

and she waits
for his letters
"ah, he would be thrilled"
she knows

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  1. Painful letter... May God bless her and gives her all strength she needs :(

  2. Khooob bhalo and a coincidence I wrote a letter like poetry today and in Bengali!

  3. wonderful story telling in this...and i like how you use the storm and nature to show the emotions as well...what a letter eh? they can def do that....

  4. Superrrr!!! :D
    Beautiful and heartfelt composition.

    Dear Emerald,
    Since you write so good I can't be your poetry teacher. I really don't deserve to be ...sorry:)
    Keep writing!

  5. ya, and that's how the cookie crumbles ... sometimes ... hopefully not for them

  6. I like your inclusion of sound and direct speech in this poem - gives it an added dimension.

  7. I liked how you put this story together.

  8. very interesting piece!

  9. Brilliant! I really enjoyed this Amrit! The intensity, how it builds up until you're devastated!! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I like the conversation aspect of your poem ~ Good one Amrit ~

  11. Unbelievably beautiful and sad, no doubt emphasized by witnessing the communication between them.

  12. This really tells a terrific story!

  13. The story here is one we don't like to hear. Fortunately there is a large percentage having a happy ending that we all wanted here.

  14. Liked how you crafted this one. The conversations and the pain, the dreams and the love.
    Amazing you are!

  15. Ah, Amrit this poem is so poignant !! It touched the heart. In what mood did you write it?

  16. I really like the quotes you have included... The disconnected connection really drives the story forward

  17. You write a silicate as a drifting wind and yet the content of those letters is dark as a storm ahead..lovely work!

  18. Damn auto correct - don't know what silicate is - I meant to say delicately!

  19. Oh wow, one of the best conversations that I have read. Loved it! You sure are the master of words! :)

  20. So beautiful and sad...her waiting on him, while not knowing that the sea claimed his soul...

  21. One of the best i came across in recent times! So touching and stirring..loved it Amrit :)