Friday, August 10, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 4

Chapter 3

"It never works this way, don't you know? You are totally hopeless. Where did you leave your brains? Back in Delhi?"

I felt stupid listening to her. She was hell bent on admonishing me as if I was a small kid; but then, I had to tolerate her outburst and let her prove she was the smartest. After all, when nothing works, and you have no one to go for help, it's your sister who can make you see the light in the tunnel.

"Ok. Leave it now. I always knew you were a bit immature, and that's proved. Fine. Forget her. Let's meet Nandini tomorrow," she suggested, with an air of superiority.

Nandini ! Nandini everywhere. She seemed to be on everyone's lips.

But it was Sapna who was on my lips, and mind, and heart.

I had dialed her mobile number a few hours ago, and after a few moments, she received the call.

"Hello," her voice sounded sweet as ever.

"Hi. Sapna."

She was silent for a while, and then said, "Is this .... Who is this?"

I understood that she recognized my voice, but she didn't want to let it out. I went ahead, "It's me. Nitin."

"Don't call me again." The line went dead.

I re-dialed her number, and heard the message, "The number you are calling is currently switched off. Please try again later."

Cell phones shouldn't have the switching off functionality. Oh God, why didn't I know telepathy?

With despair and desperation hanging at my soul, the only person I could turn to was my sister, who was a couple of years younger to me. She was a practical person, and we had always shared our problems with each other. Though I was older to her, I believed she could get me out of this fix and help me find a solution.

"What's the problem with Nandini? Trust me, she looks super hot. I just met her last month."

"Come on sis," I tried to explain, "forget about Nandini for a while. I have come here for Sapna. She is the girl I want, but I don't know how."

"Hmm. I understand brother, but it's too late now. Anyways, if you are so eager, why don't you meet her directly and talk to her?"

"Yeah right. How am I going to meet her if she doesn't pick up my calls?" I said frustrated.

"Stupid. Are you going on a date with her or what? She is never going to receive your calls or talk to you. You have to make her talk with you. Go to where she is, wait for her, and when you catch a glimpse, try talking to her."

"But how am I supposed to know where she will beat this very moment?" I asked.

"It's 4pm now. Don't you think there is ninety nine per cent chance of her being in office?"

So right she was. It never came to my mind.

"Now stop dreaming. Go wait outside her office. Do not call her again. Just wait, and wait for her to come out."

This was a good suggestion. I thanked my sister and ran out of the room. I had to get to her office as soon as possible. I didn't want her to leave before I reached.

"Hey. Listen. Do mom and dad know about this?" My sister called from behind.

"No sis. You do the favor later," I replied with a smirk, galloping ahead, with a smile blooming in my heart.

Finally, I was going to see her. And I would convince her.

I had to get the trust back.

I had to get the love back.

Chapter 5


  1. Ut Oh.. I hope he's doing the right thing and she doesn't call him a stalker or some such.

    1. That would be too bad for him ... let's hope things fall into place :-(

  2. This guy is daring even if impractical to some extent. But he deserves his fairytale ending too. :D
    I am excited to know how their rendezvous will go. *Fingers crossed*

  3. keeping the reader's attention ~ with several possibilities ~ well done ~ (A Creative Harbor) artmusedog

  4. It's awesome that you write in this form also! Really consistent flow making it a quick read. I too, hope that he is not stretching the limit too far, but it seems n ice to have a practical sister.

    1. I try to write whatever I can ... I enjoy writing, and I wish you enjoy reading my sometimes nonsensical stuffs too :-P I try to improve, and hope someday I will :-)

  5. He is very desperate and she is very closed for some reason.. makes me question if she' really truly over him as well.. could be why she refuses to talk to him.. she hides behind her anger.. I can't wait to see what happens!!!

    1. It's really tough to decipher her feelings ... let's wait and watch :-)

  6. Okay, I have to admit, I developed a lil crush on nitin, he is so cute it seems, I respect his love and how he is still trying to win her back! I wish there was someone like him out here who would have understood girls just as he does and his lil sister is so good, I want someone like nitin now :(
    next part please

    1. Next part coming soon .... and don't worry, you will get your Nitin very soon ;-)

  7. You create such passion and intensity. Love it!

  8. Poor Nithin, so desperate til he can't even think straight.. His sister is so cute! Eagerly waiting for the next one! :)

    1. Love really makes you desperate sometimes :-)