Thursday, August 09, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 3

Chapter 2

"So... What next?" I thought, lying on my warm comfortable bed, as soon as my eyes opened. I had reached home early in the morning, and went off to bed straight away. I knew I needed a relaxed mind to make further decisions.

"You should let your parents know about your plan," my conscience spoke aloud, knocking at my brains. I took a deep breath and walked out of the room. It was half past twelve in the afternoon and my dad had already gone for work. I headed straight to the kitchen, where my mom was busy preparing lunch.

"Oh you woke up. Good. Go and take your bath and I will get your lunch ready," my mom spoke lovingly.

I stood there scratching my head, not knowing what to say, or rather how to tell her my plans.

"What happened? Oh God I forgot to mention. Mr. Sen and his family have invited us over for dinner tomorrow. Now that you are here, it will serve a double purpose," she said with a smile.

"Double purpose? Means?" I was confused.

"Meaning," she pinched my cheeks, "we want you to meet Nandini, Mr. Sen's daughter. She is a nice girl, and has just completed her Master in Arts. If you guys like each other, we can really go ahead and fix the marriage."

Now what was that? Where did Nandini drop from? I had met her a few times before. Mr. Sen was my dad's colleague, and we had greeted each other during dad's office parties and occasions. Our conversations never extended beyond how are you. True, she was pretty, and presentable, and charismatic. However, my heart was already stolen, and I didn't have a spare part.

I loved Sapna, and that was it.

I took my bath and had my lunch. My mother's words had put me in a dilemma, and I didn't want to ruin her joy just then by telling her about my plans.

And who knew, whether the plan would work or not. In any case, I wasn't going to give away without a try.

After all, Sapna was a dream worth trying and dying for. I had to start somewhere, do something. I picked up my mobile phone, and dialed Sapna's number. The ringing tone came up, and my breath stopped in anticipation of listening to her voice, after a drought of almost a year.

Chapter 4


  1. I like that the boy tries so hard to be considerate and caring of not hurting anyone's feelings. I just hope he is doing the right thing...
    Waiting to see what happens next :)

  2. Hey ~ Great ~ think you should write a book ~ publish some work ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    1. That's a dream, and someday I definitely will realize it, but as of now, I need to work on my writing and what better way to do it than blogs? :-)

  3. I read the previous chapters as well and I want to know what will happen next.

  4. So... What Next? next part fast please :D

  5. He must see her in person!!!

  6. gosh i read all the 3 parts today only ,from the first part itself you have made that effect that the reader is eager to know what will happen next ,really now i am damn eager to read the next part - please make it to publish it fast ....till now i must say the story is going awesome :) :) :)

    1. Thanks Vinisha for such nice words :-) Story telling isn't my cup of tea, but am just trying my best here ... hope you keep on enjoying it :-)