Monday, August 27, 2012

So... What Next - Epilogue

Chapter 20

I was busy working in my office when I got a call from Sapna.

"Can you come home quickly today?" she said.

Never before had she asked me to come early in our two years of marriage. "Are you fine?" I asked nervously.

"Yes. Yes. I am absolutely fine. It's just that I want to spend some private time with you," she giggled like a child.

I liked her subtle display of romances. I wanted to run to her at the very moment. However, there was a crucial board meeting in the afternoon where I was to display a presentation. "I have a meeting today sweetheart. I will come immediately after that's over, OK?" I promised her.

The presentation went on longer than expected. When it was finally over, and the members were leaving the board room, I checked the wall clock. 5 PM, it said. I rushed outside and got into my car.

I reached home within 15 minutes. Sapna was sitting on the bed, watching some movie on TV. As soon as she saw me, she switched it off and came right in front of me, wrapping her arms around my shoulder.

"Wow. You seem to be in a romantic mood," I chuckled.

"Off course I am," she pressed my cheeks playfully, "and be prepared honey."

"Be prepared? For what?" I was surprised.

She hugged me tight, and whispered in my ears, "To welcome the new member in our family."

"What?" I shrieked in joy, "Are you serious?"

"Yes," she nodded happily, "The Doctor said I am expecting."

Nothing else mattered then. Life seemed to have given me everything that I had asked for, and more.

The End


  1. Oh Amrit!!!!! What a perfect ending!!! I loved it!! They got married and now they're having a baby!!! Such a beautiful story!!! I love it!!

  2. Awwwwww..........this was beautiful .............loved each and every part of it - it was story worth a read .....loved it to the coreeeee :) :) hatss off

  3. Love the happy ending ! I went back and read three more previous chapters to get an idea of the story line and I loved them too. Simple and emotional. I love it !

  4. Cute story :D
    Awesome ending!
    Waiting for Part 2 now ;)

  5. Awww.... I am soooooo happy it had a happy ending and what could be more perfect than a new baby to complete it. Well done Amrit. ;)

  6. Yup!
    It is written: "Ask, and you shall receive!"
    Good story, GS!

  7. Awwwww.. so sweet.. I love the happy ending! :)))

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  9. I love it! It ws sooo good:-D:-D

    Do sometimes drop by my place too