Sunday, August 26, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 20

Chapter 19

"You two talk, I am going to get some snacks," my Mom left the room, smiling.

The presence of Sapna in my room, chatting pleasantly with my mom, had left me stunned. True, this was something I had dreamt of so many times in the recent past. However, when your dream suddenly turns to reality, you are left standing shell shocked, forced to believe that somewhere the boundary between dream and reality had turned blur.

"Come sit down. Don't be afraid, consider this as your room," Sapna mocked.

"What ... How are .... I mean what are you doing here?" I tried to construct a meaningful sentence.

She nodded her head, "You are still so immature. Are you the only one who has the right to win back his love? Don't I need my love too?"

I sat down on the bed beside her. Every time I saw her, I fell in love with her. This time too it was no different. My eyes traveled towards her fingers, and the urge to hold them tight overpowered me with an unrelenting force.

I took her fingers in my hand. They felt warm and smooth. I brought them to my lips, kissing her slender touch. Her eyes beamed.

"I came to your house as soon as Mom and Dad returned home. They told me what happened in the Court, and how cordial you were. It didn't take me much long to realize that you were trying to impress them, to gain back the trust so that they happily agree to our marriage. Now, since you were trying so hard, didn't I have a duty too? I called up your sister, and she told me about last night. However, I knew that I would be able to win over your parents' hearts, and thus I showed up at your place as quickly as I can. Your mother was surprised too, she even started crying on seeing me. Perhaps, our parents had also wanted to see us married, but the past had left a deep scar on their minds. I hope things work well this time," she sighed.

Things would definitely work this time. "I am sorry about the past Sapna. I regret what I did. Every day and every night, your smile came looping in front of my eyes. You have been my Lady Life, my Love, and without you there will be no meaning to the air I inhale, the beats that my heart undergoes, or the pictures that my eyes behold. My world will be vague in your absence, as it was in the last few months. I want it to be colored, by the paint of your love, in the canvas of our trust. I am sorry Sapna, and I love you," I said everything in a single breath.

Sapna laughed, "You don't have to prepare a movie dialogue now. Cheer up. We are about to win. I am sorry as well, and yes, I love you too." She pinched my cheeks

Perhaps this was the best moment of my life. "Can I get a hug?" I asked. I really needed it.

"No. That will be your marriage gift," she chuckled naughtily.

She was still the same. Her habit of teasing me romantically had not changed. "What about your parents? Will they agree?"

"Yes. They will," she affirmed, "In fact my parents know I am here. The good thing is they didn't stop me from coming over to meet your parents. Once I return, I will convince them to talk to your parents, probably tomorrow or day after. After that, a date for our wedding will be fixed, and then, you will be all mine." She winked happily.

Life had indeed taken a sudden turn, to a much happier avenue. However, one thought suddenly struck me.

"What about your scheduled wedding?" I asked.

"Oh that? I had already called off the marriage the day you first came to talk to me outside my office. Perhaps, deep down in my heart I still trusted you, and I knew you would turn my belief into reality. Finally, love won. You did it," she was elated.

"I didn't do it. It's we who did it. There isn't any I or you now. It's all about we," my heart leaped in joy.