Monday, August 13, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 7

Chapter 6

The silence that followed chilled the room. I didn't have the courage to look towards her. Probably she didn't deserve it. Nandini was a good girl, and a rejection like this could dent her self confidence. I had not intended to hurt her.

I scanned the room, trying to focus on a way out, finding a mode to apologize for having blurted out the truth so spontaneously, when I heard her giggling. I looked at her, and she was laughing softly.

"Thanks a lot Nitin. You saved me."

I was confused. Why am I always left confused? I looked at her with a shocked expression.

"The thing is that," she spoke softly, not wanting her voice to travel outside the room, "there is a guy I like. However, my parents are against it, for he is from a different religion. They want him to change his religion.  But what has love got to do with religion anyways? Had you said yes to this relation, it would have been more complicated for me. Thanks a lot buddy."

Seeing her happiness, I smiled too. How beautiful love was, so heavenly, so pure. However, the hurdles always came in between, spoiling the essence. Why was there even something like breakup? Why can't first love be love forever?

I told my story to Nandini.

"Hmm," she replied, "Eleven days is a pretty short time, but then again, you got to try Nitin. At least, you guys belong to the same religion. There isn't any problem related to class or caste. Look at me, we are trying so hard. He will once again come to convince my parents tomorrow. It's so tough, but we are trying."

A sudden idea struck me, and I spoke it aloud, "And what if your parents don't agree to it?"

Nandini's eyes twinkled, and she replied with a chuckle, "Don't worry, we will make them agree. Parents, after all, want their children to be happy, isn't it?"

So true she was. I saluted her love. Despite all adversity, she is still holding on. I was such an idiot, blowing it all away in a burst of anger.

Anger and Ego are the worst enemies of love. Never, ever let them get hold of you.

"What should I do now? I don't even know if she loves me or not," I asked disheartened.

Nandini thought for a while and said, "It's really bad for a girl when the guy she trusted leaves her all of a sudden. Both of you are to be blamed for your breakup. However, you have to try real hard in convincing her of your love. Make her speak to you, and if she doesn't, well .... From what you tell me, I conclude she loves her parents very much. She wouldn't come back to you since she thinks her parents may get hurt with this decision. In that case, try winning her parents. This is all I can say."

A tricky advice, but I had to work it out nevertheless. Eleven days were what I had. I had to use them well.

"Thanks Nandini for such good words, and all the best for your love too," I said with a smile.

"Same to you buddy. Now let's get out, before the others come in, following their curiosity," she said with a wink.

Chapter 8


  1. I like how the two of them are becoming really good friends.. but they are staying true to themselves.. another excellent continuation!! Chapter 8!!!! Bring it!!!! LOL!

  2. That's a relief. Now they'll both support each other in gaining their love. Good going Mr. Author! ^_^

    1. Hope both of them gain their respective love :-)

  3. Anger and ego ruin a relationship, so true :( Great going. Its getting even more interesting, you are such an unpredictable writer :D Next part fast.