Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 16

Chapter 15

"Can I call you?" I messaged Sapna. I didn't want her parents to know that we had started talking to each other. That would spoil everything.

After a few minutes my cell phone buzzed. "Yes, you can call now, but I won't be able to talk for long," came her reply.

"Hi Sapna," I started the conversation.

"Hello," she answered.

"I love you." There was silence.

"Ok. Forget all these now," I realized this was no time for romantic chit chats. "Is your mom at home?"

"Could I have called had she been at home? She has gone to Dad's office."

"What?" I squealed. This meant that I couldn't meet his dad today. It would be tough facing both mom and dad at the same time. I had planned to talk with each of them separately, but if they were together, there was no room for a one- on -one discussion.

Sapna seemed surprised by my reaction. "What happened? Any problem?" she queried.

"Nah. Not a problem. I will talk to you later. I just remembered there is an important task at hand."

I disconnected the call and thought for a while. When Plan A fails, you should always revert to Plan B. The problem in my case was, there was no Plan B. I was so sure of Plan A that I had ignored the probability of it failing.

However, if there was no Plan B, I had to device a Plan C now.

I called Nandini, "Hey, are you going to meet Mr Ray today?"

"Yes. I am going with Shahbaaz," she replied.

"Ok. At what time?"

"We will be leaving in an hour," she answered.

"Cool. I will go with you too," I said.

She hesitated, "Thanks Nitin. You are really a great friend, but we do not want to be a burden on you."

"It's not a burden. I will accompany you, that's no problem for me," I had to go.

"Ok," she agreed, "Let's meet in an hour near the Petrol Pump. I will pick you up in my car."

Chapter 17


  1. ?? What's are those two up to?? This is getting better and better.. you leave us all wanting so much more!! I loved it!!

  2. Hmmm..its really getting exciting day by day, lets see what happens next!!