Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shallow Rain

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Shallow rain,
Crumble with pain,
Breaking at your glory,
My bitter memory.

Applause uninhibited,
Thanks prohibited,
Music to their ears,
Flow of my tears.

Drawn together,
Splashed in the river,
Of love and lust,
Now scattered in dust.

Those scented lips,
Blossom at their tips,
Dark hair blowing,
Dream boat rowing.

Fragrance lure,
Soul to the moor,
Play the game,
Devoid of shame.

Uneasy heart flutters,
Rain drop patters,
My window pane,
Funny how it is,
That this Pane invites Pain.

This Poem is shared with Three Word Wednesday and the Prompt is Crumble - Drawn - Uneasy.


  1. Down the memory has a scent of past lingering all over those words! I specially like this one because of this sweet aroma!

  2. clever combination of ideas....very nice!

  3. Amrit, you did it yet again! :) The amalgamation of contrasting words made it such a lovely read. A suggestion: how do you find "This Pane... invites Pain." as the last line? Just for the effect! Yours, as I said, it lovely as it is! :)

    1. Thanks Vaishali for the suggestion ... however, I had planned to use the last two lines as a single sentence, and thus the usage of "that" .... but I agree your idea will be more suited to the closing of the poem :-)

  4. Rain can do that! Beautiful poem.

  5. Love the concept! This is a stunning piece.

  6. I'm graveling at your feet your highness!! The King of Haiku! :))

    1. Ha ha ha .... Thanks Crystal ... I am just a learner, learning from expert bloggers like you :-)

  7. Nice rains always brings back memories to me :-)

  8. I love the rain, in all its melancholy glory, and I love your rhyme and slant rhyme choices here. Nice work.

  9. Rain brings relief and grief too. Wonderfully penned Green Speck!