Friday, August 17, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 11

Chapter 10

I raced back for lunch. There was no way I would be missing home made food after being away for so many months.

I ate to my heart's delight after having a fresh bath. Meeting her dad had renewed my hope in the mission. True, her dad didn't hand over his daughter's hand to me, but at least we were back to speaking terms. I started planning for the next step.

"Where are you going again?" My mom asked as I was leaving.

"Going to meet a few friends, Mom" I replied with a smile.

Within a few minutes I was standing in front of Sapna's office. The weather was gloomy, but it didn't depress me. On the contrary, my spirits had lifted, and I hoped the day progressed in the same decent manner as it had started.

"Can you please come out for a few minutes? Just wanted to tell you something," I sent her a text.

There was no response, as I had expected.

"I do not want to disturb you. You take your time. I am waiting, not a problem," I messaged her again and placed the cell phone in my jeans pocket.

The road ahead was buzzing with vehicles - cars, buses, auto rickshaws. Everyone had a busy schedule to maintain, life had taken a hectic turn where being ahead in the race was the only thing that mattered. The constant honking of cars drummed against my ears, the smoke obstructing my gaze. Yet this was the time when I really needed to focus. I was just a few steps away from my destination. I had to walk steady, so that I did not slip away at this crucial juncture.

Standing at the crossroads, my mind was running a vague engine of dream and faith, when the first drops of monsoon fell on my cheeks. I looked up and the skies had opened, draining me in a watery embrace, with Mother Nature exhibiting her true power. The droplets soon turned into a fierce torrent, with winds blowing faster than a Ferrari. People scurried for cover. I stood at my ground. Love was my shelter, and I was yet to find it.

Perhaps, I won't ever.

Rain brought back memories, the umpteen times we had shared its joy, the past rendezvous, everything. There is something about this weather that really haunts the hearts, soaking it in the beautiful past.

And today, I was all alone, savoring its tears in the midst of an empty canvas of loneliness, an uncharted valley where love was in sight, but it always proved to be a mirage.

My spirit had quickly started to drown in the tide, when I saw her. She was coming out in this fearsome weather, controlling her umbrella with both hands. She was coming for me, atlast.

How pretty she looked, like a fairy flying with the rain, sweeping the earth with its natural beauty. I fell in love with her, all over again.

Chapter 12


  1. Wow, I love the depth of this story, so much meaning it has! Good going. Next part :D

  2. Falling in and out of love. What else is there in life?

    / Avy

  3. The situation + rain = can't wait to know what will happen next!!
    I think there's something to be corrected:
    "True, his dad (supposed to be 'HER dad') didn't hand over his daughter's hand to me, but at least we were back to speaking terms." :))

    1. Thanks Fida for pointing that out. This is the main reason I write my stories in blog, so that friends can read them and suggest corrections and improvements. It helps me grow as a writer :-)

  4. Now, there is suspence indeed as rain dominated the fire.

  5. I Was only about to read two chapters today ,but damn your story didn't let me to get off my PC and you won't believe i read all your - 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,and 11 parts together - now eagerly waiting for next - its damn interesting and your narration has the power which won't let your reader to get off without finishing the whole part - now please bring the next part soon :D :D

  6. This would have to be my favorite excerpt so far as you've managed to sprinkle in gorgeous poetic moments with the heartfelt anticipation of a brittle love story. I love the presence of weather in it, as it "haunts the hearts". Is it foreshadowing the next moment? I hope that she will not dampen his heart.

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  8. Hey ,, i am amazed to see how much you write and must say your each post is very well crafted.. Soory but i did't read your any chapter :( but don't worry very soon i w'll follow you ....
    keep writing !!BE happy ..:)

    1. Thanks a lot Anu ... Writing is my new found hobby, and thus, I write :-) Keep visiting :-)

  9. Awwww!!! He loves her so much.. and I think she loves him too!! How beautifully written! :)