Friday, August 24, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 18

Chapter 17

"What is he doing here?" Sapna's Mom asked her husband coldly, staring at him like a butcher.

Mr Ray's gaze turned from me to Nandini to Shahbaaz, and then back again to me. His eyeballs were definitely avoiding the one person whom he had to answer. Being married was scary. Marriage wasn't all about honeymoon. The real story started after that.

True, there was a hell lot of iceberg beneath the surface. Would I too have to live in fear of Sapna's queries after marriage? God save me and all the current and future husbands of this world, from the piercing gaze of their wives.

Somewhere I had read, Love is blind and Marriage is an eye-opener.

"Well, you see, he is accompanying these two young people. They are currently facing a problem regarding their relationship," Mr Ray tried to explain.

Sapna's mom got up to leave, "Ok. I am waiting outside."

I turned towards her, and requested, "No aunty. Please stay. Your advice would also be beneficial to them."

She was surprised by my sudden intervention. I walked over to her, and touched her feet as a mark of respect. This shocked her further, and she took a few steps backward.

"Happy Birthday Aunty," I smiled.

"Its... Today is not my birthday," she was still in the process of regaining her composure.

"I know. It was exactly twelve days ago, but I couldn't wish you that time," I kept my smile intact. Sapna used to say I had a killer smile, and I thus tried to use this weapon tactfully.

"Oh thanks," she replied. She sat on the sofa.

Mr Ray was busy talking to Nandini and Shahbaaz. I sat on the sofa besides Mrs Ray.

"How are you aunty? Did you get rid of the pain on your knee?" I tried to engage her in small talks.

She was apprehensive of talking to me, and answered in a few syllables, "Hmm. Somewhat."

"My aunt is a well known doctor. I am sure she will treat your knee a lot better. Wait, let me book an appointment for you. Will tomorrow be fine?" I asked her.

"What ... tomorrow? But won't that be a problem? I mean it's ok, I can manage," she replied hesitantly.

"Don't worry Aunty. You should take care of your knee first. I heard Sapna's marriage is about to happen soon. If you are inflicted by this pain, who will look after the arrangement?"

She was silent. Me talking about Sapna was definitely a sensitive matter, and she had nothing to say in this regard. Rather, there was nothing she could say. I took that opportunity to fix an appointment with the Doctor.

"Tomorrow at 6pm sharp, ok?" I told her.

"Ok," she nodded, and after a few minutes, added, "Thanks."

"No thanks Aunty," I laughed, "You and Uncle are like my own family. Perhaps things didn't go right in the past, but I still respect you all a lot. That's one reason why I came to Uncle seeking help for my friend's problem." I pointed towards Nandini.

It was time for us to leave now. "How are you doing?" Mrs Ray asked finally, as I bid her good bye.

"I am fine, Aunty," I smiled, "Just trudging along alone."

Chapter 19


  1. Smart move!!! I could just see the look of contempt on Sapna's mom's face! She wants to be mad but he's wearing her down!! LOL! :)