Thursday, August 16, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 10

Chapter 9

Meeting the girl's dad is an awkward moment, more so when the girl in question is going to get married within a few days, to someone else. Neither the boy nor the dad knows what to say, or how to say, or where to start the conversation. To a dad, his girl is his most loved possession, and there is no way he will like her to get hurt.

Sapna was very close to his dad, and I could see that same caring feeling in his eyes for his daughter as I sat across him in his office cabin. Not finding words to say, I craned my neck around the room, trying to count the number of places where the plaster had shed off the wall. I counted four such spots.

"Why are you here?" Uncle Ray started the conversation.

Sapna's dad was a notable attorney of Calcutta High Court. He had a great reputation in the society due to his commitment, and his hard-work had helped him rise up the ladder in a very short time. He had even served as the Judge of the Court in several instances.

As a person, he had a good sense of humor. However, the humor seemed to be missing today. Of course, had I been in his place, I wouldn't have appreciated talking to a guy who had broken my daughter's heart in the past.

"Uncle," I started, "I need a small help from you."

His eye brows rose up, and he kept staring at me, without saying anything.

I continued confidently, "Actually, there is a friend of mine. She is in love with a boy belonging to a different religion, and as you know how things happen when religions get involved. Neither of their parents are ready for their marriage. Now, love isn't something that can be sold and bought. It's a gift of God, a once in a lifetime experience. As I have taken advice from you in the past, I decided to turn up to you again. What should they do?"

Uncle's gaze of anger had now turned to surprise. This was definitely what he was not expecting, and I had successfully caught him off guard. However, he did a very good act of not losing his composure, and after thinking for a few moments, said, "According to the Indian law, a girl and a boy can marry on their own wish once they attain their respective ages of marriage. No one can stop them."

"But wouldn't marrying without their parents' permission defeat the very purpose of their love?" I pressed on.

"Hmm. You are correct. But look at today's generation. This is what they do, and some even don't care to continue their relationship, dumping the girl in depression," he looked at me as a tiger stares at its prey rabbit.

Now it was my turn not to lose my composure, "I was just thinking, if you can arrange for their marriage registration. Of course, their parents won't agree, but I would try to convince them. I just need your help. Probably your wise words could make them understand."

"Ok," Uncle said after a long pause, "Is that why you came here?"

"Yes Uncle. I don't want someone's love to be broken due to such trivial reasons. Love is pure, and it should be complete. I don't want my friend to suffer a heartbreak, 'cause that's one of the most painful things in life. The feeling of losing someone all of a sudden, when you had assumed that the person will be with you through out your life, is really full of anguish and tears."

I rose and started taking my leave, "Thanks Uncle. I will talk to my friend and tell her about you."

For the first time Uncle smiled. That was a good sign.

"Ok. And how is everything with you?" he asked, somewhat hesitatingly.

"I am doing good Uncle. When God and Faith is with me, I can only do good," I moved out of the room.

It gave me a great satisfaction to realize I was doing something for Nandini's love. If my love didn't succeed, someone else's should.

After all, to win my love, I had to first prove that love was a winner.

Chapter 11


  1. smooth move!!! He didn't mention that he wanted to marry his daughter!!! I think he's winning her father over very nicely!!

  2. So nice of you to follow my blog, thanks & more power to you as I can see that you are a very talented writer :)

  3. There are some great images tucked in this piece..examining the crumbling plaster on the ceiling for one..perhaps no matter where we are in the world the same dilemmas seems universal..and hopefully always wins in some way..jae

  4. very intriquing twist here to obtain person he loves ~ 'carry on' ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. You are a Magician! Am literally spellbound!

  6. I always hope that it is love that wins!

  7. Great dialogue! I felt the moments of tension like waiting to make chess moves. I like the part where love was thought of as pure and true, although not completely truthful in the moment, but willing to do all that he has to because love does win. :)

    1. Love has always been pure and true. Today, however, the definition of lover has changed :-(