Saturday, August 18, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 12

Chapter 11

Sapna inched closer, controlling her umbrella against the fiery winds, and forcing her way through the storming rain. The maroon t-shirt accentuated her beauty, rendering a prominent gleam that I failed to comprehend. My eyes were transfixed at this mesmerizing sight; she resembled an angel from the skies, dancing with all its feathery glory. My heart skipped a beat at the appearance of such an elegance.

I saw her lips move, but couldn't hear anything. She shook me hard by tugging my shoulder, and only then was I able to come out of my numbness.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she was shouting. She had to, else the sound of the rain would have drowned her voice.

"Nothing. I am fine," I replied, smiling stupidly.

"Idiot. Why are you getting yourself wet in the rain?" She looked irritated, but came nearer and shared her umbrella with me.

"What can I do? Had you come out earlier, I wouldn't have got soaked like this," I joked.

"You won't change," she sighed and looked at the opposite direction.

Rain. Umbrella. A boy. A girl. Wouldn't that make a fantastic plot for an emerging romance. However, this was the occasion of reviving the romance, and now that she was with me, I had to take the step ahead.

"Can we sit somewhere? You will catch a cold if we keep enjoying this rain," I smiled.

She looked at me, like a teacher scolding a naughty student, and retorted in mock anger, "Me? I will catch a cold? It's you who always catches cold, Mister."

It was nice to receive the same caring attention from her, again. We entered the Barista, a plush coffee and snack eatery near her office.

"What would you like to order, Sir?" a uniformed staff came to us as soon as we took our seats at a corner table. There were a few other couples, holding hands, talking, laughing and joking.

Love indeed is everywhere, you just need to find the right one.

I looked at Sapna. "Two cups of cappuccino," she placed the order, after hesitating for a while. Perhaps she was thinking exactly what was going through my mind.

Barista had been one of our favorite eating grounds in the past, just because of Dark Temptation. Whenever we came here, Dark Temptation was what we ordered. It was a delicious concoction of pastry and ice cream, with some toppings as you desired, and would really satisfy your love for chocolates. We used to order two of the same, with me gobbling mine first, and then quickly having some from her plate. Sharing is really fun when you are in love.

And it's totally out of question when you have broken up in love. We waited for the coffee to arrive. Not knowing where to start, I wished time would stop still, just this one day.

I needed more time than the clock could provide to let her know of my true feelings. Confessing love first time was pretty tough, but making her regain that lost trust was tougher. I held my head high, and allowed my heart do the talking.

Chapter 13


  1. Phew... I didn't realise how many chapters of this I've missed. The story is progressing really nicely. Just caught up from Chapter 8 onwards to this one. I do hope this has a happy ending for everyone. :)

  2. This is getting so much better. Man! You are a pathetically brilliant writer. I had to read it twice, I just couldnt get over this part. 'Love indeed is everywhere, you just need to find the right one.' How can you be so true all the time?
    I cant sleep tonight I think :(
    Next part soon please :D

    1. Ha ha ... you are a pathetically brilliant reader :-P Next part will be soon .... thanks for going through my senseless story :-P

  3. It's not a senseless story!! I think this guy is very sweet! He'll regain her trust! I hope!! Only you can determine how it ends!! I want to read chapter 13!!! LOL! :)

    1. Even I can't determine how it should end ... the characters are ruling my thoughts :-(