Tuesday, August 07, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 1

She slipped her slender fingers through his broad palm, her long nails pinching his skin with a touch of radiance. The pink nail polish rendered a delicate essence to this scene of love, as he caressed her fingers with his own. Her left palm clubbed in his right, his fingers playing with the mysticism of her long beautiful nails. He held her hand tightly for a while, and she kept her head on his shoulder, a smile on their face, a  glow of contentment and love reflecting in their eyes.

Scenes like these had taken place numerous times in public environment, with me witnessing them from the corners of my eyes. How beautiful love was, so serene and calm, peaceful but with an intensity of craziness. My lonely heart had learnt to cope with these public display of affections, explaining to my soul that it's always best to stay single.

However, something didn't work out today. I got down from the bus in front of my office, but my mind was still engaged in the romantic endeavor of the couple.

I went into the washroom, poured cold water all over my face, and looked into the mirror. My vision was hazy, and I soon realized I washed my face without taking my spectacles off. I did that now, wiped the lenses, dried my face with the tissue papers, and went towards my desk.

"Good Morning Nitin," my colleagues wished me, as was the norm, and I answered them back, though a little absent minded today.

What was happening to me? Why was I so dim and low today? I tried to remember if any unnatural event took place since the morning, but I couldn't find any reason.

It then came to me like a flash of lightning. I sped straight to my manager's room.

"Sir," I started, "I need leave."

My manager, Mr. Satish Kumar, replied with his eyes still fixed on his laptop screen, "Ok. Which day?"

"Well... from tomorrow till 23rd," I answered nervously.

Satish Sir seemed shocked. He looked up at me, and said, "What? That's for 16 days. Are you mad?"

I hesitated, "Sir, I know it's asking too much. But you can provide me leave without any pay. I have no problems with that. It's really urgent for me to go."

"And where do you want to go, boy?" Sir inquired.

"Back to my hometown, Kolkata. It's urgent," I stressed on the last word.

"Hmm. Let me see. Project deliverable is on 19th, prior to that there is so much to do. What is so urgent? Are you getting married?" He tried to reason.

I looked at the desk, and replied, "No. I am not, but I may. I don't know as of now. I will update you accordingly Sir."

He seemed surprised. "Sit down, and tell me what's the case," he said calmly.

"Actually," I started, "My girlfriend, I mean my ex-girlfriend is getting married on 22nd."

"Hmm. So you want to attend her wedding?"

I knew what I was going to do was risky, there was no guarantee of success, but I had to do it, for me, for her, for us.

I looked at Satish Sir, and replied with a smile, "Yes Sir, I want to attend her wedding, and turn it into our wedding."

Chapter 2


  1. excellent first scene with a great hanger!

  2. And is this very bad to stop there. The situation was getting better! Wow! This will be a great story, I can foresee that very well. Waiting for the next part eagerly :D

    1. I hope I can keep up the momentum and your expectations :-)

  3. I like this very, very much. You have me anticipating the next installment.

    1. Thank You Sandy ... I wish I can do justice to this tale :-)

  4. YAY! A story. wanted to read some fiction. I like the beginning. Nice start.

  5. PS 4th paragraph "spectacles" rather than spectacle?

  6. Oh, the twist is awesome! Am waiting for the next part...Impeccable narration!!

  7. I shall read all the chapters this weekend. This story has made me inquisitive for the next one, for sure. :)

    1. Thanks Vaishali ... hope you enjoy the other parts too :-)

  8. I love this.. might be an adventurous one?? ok let me continue now.. :))