Thursday, August 23, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 17

Chapter 16

I got into Nandini's car near the Petrol Pump. Shahbaaz was already with her. We shook hands and exchanged greetings. This was the first time I was meeting him.

Shahbaaz was a well built guy with a good physique, about six feet in height, and looked nothing less than a movie star. He possessed a pleasing personality that would draw anyone towards him. I could see why Nandini was crazily in love with him. While conversing, I also came to know that he had completed his engineering from BITS Pilani and then pursued Management studies from IIM Kolkata, premier institutes both. Some one with such high credentials and good qualities would easily be a sought after bachelor. The real problem lied in his belonging to a different religion.

Religion, caste, creed, so many parameters one has to take care of before falling in love. These are all creations of the human mind, and the heart has to follow suit. Why can't the heart and mind be left alone in their respective fields. Heart is made for love, why pull your mind in this same business too?

"Petrol prices are sky high. Don't know what the Government is doing," Nandini complained.

"That shouldn't be a problem when you have an IIM grad as your hubby," I teased her, and Shahbaaz started laughing.

"Are you mad? Shahbaaz is a real miser. He doesn't even give me any gifts," she replied in mock anger.

"What gift shall I give you?" Shahbaaz answered, "I have already laid down my life in your service madam. Can there be a bigger gift?"

Love is too beautiful. The feelings associated with it are innocent and pure. Their love fights reminded me of the happy moments I had spent with Sapna. I was now more determined to re-live those times. Winning Sapna back was the objective, and there was no way I could let her go.

We reached the Court, the place where Uncle Ray worked. It was a red building, buzzing with numerous forms of people, each seeming busy and preoccupied in their own train of thoughts. The advocates walked with an air of importance and pride. Life was one big rush here, but isn't that the case everywhere.

We climbed up the stairs and reached Mr Ray's office. We knocked at the door.

"Come in," Uncle Ray's voice invited us inside.

We pushed open the door. Uncle Ray was sitting behind his work table as we all expected, and Aunt Ray, Sapna's mom, was sitting on the visitor's sofa at the corner of the room, as I had expected.

Her mouth opened wide in surprise as I entered the room, and she looked at Uncle with a gaze that demanded an explanation. Certainly, I was the one person she would never approve of, neither in this office nor in her daughter's life.

Chapter 18


  1. Moving along nicely.
    So, the boy is going to marry his cousin? If these are his aunt and uncle? It's permitted for 1st cousins to marry in the UK and has been for many years now. Used to be against the law.

    1. The boy is not marrying his cousin ... He is calling her parents as Uncle and Aunt just as a sign of respect !!!

  2. OH NO!!! This isn't good at all!! Her parents hate him and his mom, I can tell she's pretty angry.. Can't wait to see what happens!!

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  4. nowdays u are writing so well..