Thursday, August 30, 2012


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Love and caring,
Nor desperation and longing,
No more do I see,
Oh, where did you flee?
Or rather, is it the sorcery of your eyes,
Governed by deceit and lies?
Was everything a waste?
My Love, so pure and chaste.

Where did I go wrong?
Tell me, did I mess up our song?
Those nights of togetherness,
Promises myriad, lusty madness,
Your eyes begging me to kiss,
I surrendered to you, Miss,
Torturing, my body ached,
Yet, I never realized it was you who faked.

Traversing the dusty road,
Brimming with the bag full of load,
Rust accumulated on my gravel skin,
I bow to my fault, the eyes burning akin,
Listlessly humoring my bloody fate,
Love is lost, welcome sheer hate,
Annoyed skeletons beat hard against the wood,
Unraveling the betrayal of your mystifying hood.

This Poem is shared with Theme Thursday and the Prompt is Eyes.


  1. Rust accumulated on my gravel skin

    really liked this one.. vivid images

  2. Love turning to hate can definitely be SEEN in the eyes! Painful when that happens.

  3. rich with emotion....the eyes can communicate volumes.....

  4. an apt write for the well written....

  5. This is so intense .. I've read it multiple times, gripping.

  6. Bravo Mr.Shakespeare! So full of emotions!

  7. So much emotion in so few words. "Annoyed skeletons beat hard against the wood" shook me up!!

  8. Powerful poem ~ another well penned piece of writing ~ Excellent chosen photo ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Thanks for coming by and commenting ~ lovely to have you 'visit'.

  9. Eyes do deceive at times! Nice poem, you know how to spell magic through writing! Once again you did it.

  10. Very intensely emotional. Great images!

  11. nice...great rhythm with the end rhyming in this....def lots of emotion there...esp as you draw to a close in this with those turning to hate can def get nasty...

  12. as though there were never any theme to go on.. it felt so real.. so passionate! :)

  13. Sometimes love is one sided and your story tells it so well. Love and hate are such intense emotions and sometimes it is hard to tell them apart, but definitely hate can follow the loss of love. Thank goodness we are able to love again. And the new love can be so much better.

    Thanks for such a wonderful eyes poem for this weeks Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  14. This is very dark. It reads as real. I wonder if it is. But i write this way myself and mine is nearly always fiction. So, are my eyes deceiving me as I read you ;)?

    1. Eyes do deceive sometimes, but we still believe them don't we? ;-)

  15. The power of love, as well as the power of hate when hurt from love surfaces ... can be dangerously destructive to the spirit and sometimes to the soul. Nicely written. Theme Thursday - Windows to my Soul

  16. Hi again,

    I also wanted to ask if the picture of the eyes you posted are of the eyes from the picture of the eyes on the ThemeThursday eyes post, and if so would you also be able to do it to the picture of eyes on my "Eyes" post. I think it would be rather cool to see my Mom's eyes look that way.

    Thank you so much.

    God bless.

    1. The picture of eyes I posted has been taken from some other source :-)

  17. Powerful and haunting - especially the final couplet. That will stay with me a while.

  18. Sad poem very well rhymed.
    Powerful end.
    Yours was love, hers was not.
    You were wrong trusting her.
    Love is not lost, you just lost her (luckily).
    It was not a waste for you have learnt.
    Don't waste your precious time hating.
    Where did I go wrong?, I would say you didn't look at her eyes!
    A real witch!
    Take care.

    1. Perhaps the narrator should have been more careful ;-)