Monday, August 20, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 14

Chapter 13

"Here, have this son. I prepared your favorite dessert," my mom served some kheer on my plate.

It was dinner time and all four of us were enjoying a delicious meal cooked by my mom. Since I had come home after several months, she kept it in mind to prepare some of my favorite recipes, and true, they tasted awesome.

Mom and dad were sitting on the opposite side of the dining table while my sister was sitting beside me. It felt good to be with my family again. "You have grown so thin, eat some more," my mom forced me.

I waited for everyone to finish their dinner. I didn't want them to stay hungry tonight. Breaking the news would surely spoil their mood, and when you are upset, you lose your appetite. It was best for all to satisfy their appetites before I could spoil their mood.

"Mom, Dad, I have something to say," I started once we all finished eating.

"What is it son?" my Dad asked surprised.

I turned my head and looked at my sister. She smiled at me and urged me to go ahead.

"Actually," I cleared my throat, "I came here all of a sudden for a purpose. There is something I need, something I want, but it has been eluding me since a long time. However, I never lost hope. I kept trying on and on, and now finally, the time has come when I find myself standing on a crossroad. Either I should go for it, or abandon it completely. I have decided to go for it."

Dad beamed proudly on hearing these words, "This is like my brave boy. See how responsible he has become. You should always chase your dreams. Good to know you are doing it. What's your dream, by the way?"

"Dad, and Mom, my dream is Sapna," I said.

A shadowy silence dawned in the room, punctuated by the tick - tock of the wall clock. I wished some one would say something, but wishes seldom turned to reality. Finally, it was I who had to break the eerie silence.

"She is a really nice girl, and we both love each other. We can't be happy otherwise. I know we broke up once, but I admit that was a mistake. Mom, Dad, I haven't come across any girl who can understand me better than her. We are meant for each other. Please try to understand," I pleaded.

Mom left the table and went into her room. Dad didn't move. Probably he was too shocked to do anything. I waited for him to say something, and finally he spoke, "You are grown up, son. You live your life the way you want to. Who are we to say anything?" So saying, he too walked towards his bedroom.

I sat there, confused. I didn't want to hurt them, but as it so happened, I did hurt them. A sense of guilt took over me. Was I so bad that I can't keep anybody happy? Why did I land up hurting people?

The path of love indeed was strange.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. It belonged to my sister. "Don't worry brother. Mom and Dad will gradually understand. Go get your love," she smiled, "and make me proud."

Chapter 15


  1. Wonderful ~ as your blog title reads ~ Live your life ~ so too it seems your character needs to live his ~ Parents need to 'let their children fly from the nest' ~ your story is telling me this ~ Carry On ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Wow, this is going great indeed! Lovely! Waiting eagerly to know what happens next.

  3. I wonder if Sapna has spoke with her parents? Or will she even tell them? I'm so ready for the next chapter!! I can't wait!!

  4. I hope all this has a happy outcome for them all... :)
    I'm hooked now.