Thursday, January 17, 2013


Danger Danger
Run Run Run
Little Jim is chasing you
With a bag carrying the gun.

He can hit, he can kill
Like a tornado's will
He smiles, and he shoots
The world, a grave, and he loots.

He lives in the past
Where dreams do last
The present is a fiction
Future not in his diction.

He plays with the gun
And aims at the sun
Dark glasses he wears
No, not to hide his tears.

He hates the ugliness around
He can't figure the worldly sound
There's so much noise in his plate
He promises to clean before it's too late.

He prizes himself a winner
But hey, you are just another sinner
Who came and shot and laughed and murdered
The naked souls lay helpless and shuddered.

You will be hung
A bell will be rung
Justice will hold strong
Punishments to all wrong.

But is this the end, or merely the start?
Thousands of Jims now playing the part 
There is one in you, and one in me
He is a Jim, and so is she.

The earth is a hell where danger lives
We commit the deeds before poor heart grieves
The angels dead, we play with the halo
Our minds vague, greedy and shallow.

Wake up from the slumber and open your eyes
The old hermit at the moon will help you get wise
Purify the lives that we have been granted
Let there be no danger, and seeds of peace be planted.

This Poem is shared with Poetry Jam and the Prompt is Danger.


  1. This reminds me of Leroy Brown by Jim Croce ;-)

  2. Wow, Just Wow.
    Awesome. :)

  3. Poignant and racy narration, Speck. Kudos...

  4. wow! Awesome, well paced and very powerfully told!

  5. ...quite of a scary tale of someone bound to such hate and madness in life... i am glad you twisted the whole scene in the end and weaved the right justice to such a scenario... smiles...

  6. i a jim too...well i don't carry a gun atleast...:P
    so powerful and such a great inspire me craving :)

    1. We all are Jims with guns in our hearts :-P Thanks so much buddy :-)

  7. a 1000 jims now...ugh....really great pace in this man...i feel the intensity as i rip down your verse....its a mad mad world out there....

    1. It's truly a mad mad evil world out there ... thanks Brian.

  8. Welcome to Poetry Jam, Green Speck. So glad to see you. Ya, it does seem sometimes like these dangerous 'jims' multiply, doesn't it? They see an example...and yikes....there are more. Well penned, GS.

    1. They multiply quite a lot .... thanks for visiting Mary :-)

  9. Dang... powerful and effective poem.

  10. Wonderful pacing and a very nice closing.

  11. Tension filled piece, Speck! So many Jims seem to be showing up here in the states. Nice how you wound it down to a wish for peace. :-)

    1. It's not just in US, crime is present everywhere ... hope we can all create a better world to live :-)

  12. Indeed, what has the world become?

  13. Irresponsible sinners mowed down all in its wake. Lethal in the hands of kids who didn't own up. Guns best be left at the Gun Shops as exhibits no less! Nicely GS!


    1. I agree ... there is danger lurking around in all forms ...

  14. The rhythm of this reminds me of a rap song ... it could very easily be placed over a strong beat and record rip ... yes, the potential for dangerous lashing out lies in all of us, but you have turned the message back with s good challenge to find the peace ... kudos!

    1. Thanks Susan ... let's all pray for peace :-)

  15. Yes, lets plant the seeds of peace and hope they sprout and flourish.

  16. I like the contrast in this poem. The beginning seemed full of hopelessness, the end calls us to take responsability and be the peace. I'm glad for the ending.

  17. Thank You Loredana ... let's hope that good prevails :-)

  18. Let peace prevails..good prevails..and let us not find ourselves in any kind of danger,seen or unseen..powerful piece.. :)