Tuesday, September 29, 2020



We are the tiny specks of this universe. Isn't it, then, obvious that we are influenced by the ever changing dynamics of this vast uncharted space?

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Karna's Wife - Book Review


Being an ardent fan of Hindu mythology, I have always viewed Karna as a doomed Hero. His prowess, valour and strength were often downplayed because of his upbringing, and an identity crisis that haunted him until his death. Karna's mind was bonded by loyalty and devotion towards Duryodhana, as he found himself stuck between righteousness and wrong. But what about his wife?

'Karna's Wife' by Kavita Kane paints the story of Uruvi, the Princess of Pukeya, right from her childhood. Being a free spirited girl, she turned out to be a bold lady whose decisions were often not appreciated by the royal lineage.

The love between Karna and Uruvi was as powerful as their misfortune. It was not supposed to be a happy ending, and this was accepted by both of them. It was this fear of loss that accentuated their love, and made their union everlasting.

Karna and Uruvi both fought their own battles, the former with bows and arrows, and the latter was bruised by conflicts between her mind and heart. They held on together, even in the most testing of times, making us believe that love is stronger than all other forces.

However, having read 'The Fisher Queen's Dynasty' by the same author before, I couldn't stop myself from comparing the two. Fisher Queen is a winner to me all along, right from its bright cover to the events that unfold in the book. Satyavati as a character had a greater impact than Uruvi, and left a lasting impression. Also, being a decision maker in the growth of the Kuru Dynasty, the journey of Satyavati was more intriguing than that of Uruvi.

Friday, September 11, 2020

With You


How do you explain the feeling of love? You can't.

It's simply meant to be lived and cherished. Isn't it?