Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Musical Wedding Bells

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Musical wedding bells,
Melodious beginning,
Made for each other.

Made for each other,
Dreams sparkle in misty smiles,
Love and Trust unite.

Love and Trust unite,
Promises adorn their world,
Musical wedding bells.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Wedding Bells.

There Is A Child In Every One Of Us

There is a child
In every one of us
That leaps ahead in joy
Holding slender fingers
Of molten adulthood
Playing with the stars
Smiling at the sun
Eyes of mischief
So innocent, so pure
Tugging at my sleeves
The child calls my name
Embracing me with love
In its sweet soft world.

This Poem is shared with Carry on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Silken Moon's Music

Silken moon's music,
Sweet lullaby for lovers,
Wrapped under clover.

Wrapped under clover,
Dew drop kisses soothing souls,
Silken moon's music.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem. The Special Prompt is the below Haiku written by Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694), a Haiku Master. My Haiku is created inspired by Basho's work.

in one house
prostitutes lie down to sleep
bush clover and the moon
                                 - Basho

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vampires Vs Pirates

"How are you receiving all the attentions?"

"It is the Twilight magic, friends. Vampires are cooler than Pirates."

"Mr. Depp, hear hear!"

This Micro-fiction of 140 characters is shared with Succinctly Yours Week 84.


Brave son of Krypton,
Man Of Steel, the Defender,
Flying Hero lands.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Flying.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Man Who Was Rather A Nut

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A man who was rather a nut,
Cried aloud with a minor cut,
The Doctor came,
Found the injury lame.
Disgusted, he roared, "Keep your mouth shut."

This Limerick is shared with Limerick-Off Monday.


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Embroidered perfume,
Plucking sensuous heart strings,
Your lips tasting mine.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Perfume.

World Of Web

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It's a webby webby world
And we dangle on nets
Carved by magical spiders
A whole new horizon unfurled.


Yahoo! It was the time to rejoice
As Messengers hit our desks
Chatting without meeting up with pals
A perfect gateway to laziness.


Labor no more, the answers are here
Promised Google and Wikipedia
Whatever be your query
The solution will be there.


Our societies neatly placed
We rule the farms and villes
Sharing albums now ever so easy
Facebook, you will be praised.


Gmail and Gtalk, the world brought near
Flipkart and Ebay, now the local shopping centers
I rest on the keys, as the monitor speaks my fonts
Here, listen, it's a webby webby world, dear!!!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012


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Pictures, black and white,
Revisiting lost childhood,
Smile of innocence.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Childhood.


Selfish society,
Superstitions rule the roost,
Degrading honor.

Degrading honor,
Innocence humiliates,
Her naked soul burns.

Her naked soul burns,
On pyre of false blemishes,
She, stained as a witch.

This Haiku is shared with Haiku Heights and the Prompt is Witch.

Friday, October 26, 2012


"Oh My God. This crowd is killing me. Let's start a new home, you & me."

"I'm sorry, dear, I can't. What you call crowd, is my own family."

This 140 Characters Fiction  is shared with Succinctly Yours.


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I hear your laughter,
Across wicked dark alleys,
Relishing soft prey.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Laughter.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smiling Tears

Smiling tears,
Hidden within nerves,
Humid bones.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Tears.


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The Book of Potions lay bare, surrendering itself to her unmasked desires, now probably on the verge of accomplishment.

"This is perfect," she thought, proudly surveying the violet concoction that she produced from the combination of viola, blue berries and powdered herbs, each of the ingredients added to the solution in a perfect ratio.

The Skull of Wisdom stared at her blankly, witnessing sadly the misuse of an art that was once considered sacred, but now re-christened as dark, falling prey to the greed and hunger of so many witches and wizards over the year.

Purple desired his touch, the softness of her skin rustling against his hairy chest, their lips consuming the fire burning in her soul; but alas, he was happily married and in love with his wife, ignoring the subtle advances that Purple made towards him, hurting her deeply, in turn forcing her to find an alternative solution to have her way with him.

"Tonight," she laughed, "he shall drink this potion of lust, and then, he will be my toy."

This Story is shared with Five Sentence Fiction and the Prompt is Potions.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Melting Flame

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Melting flame flickers,
Illuminating tired soul,
Resurrected dreams.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem. The Special Prompt is the below Haiku written by Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694), a Haiku Master. My Haiku is created inspired by Basho's work.

falling to the ground
a flower closer to the root
bidding farewell

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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Praying moon dissolves,
Waves ripple in devotion,
Give me some sun light.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Praying.

Word Association Wednesday - A New Fun Game

A dear friend of mine, Tanya, has come up with a brilliant game for all the bloggers out there.

The rules are simple, and they are as follows:

  1. You need to select 10 words from the below given series, comprising 55 words.
  2. Add a small post where you associate a word, phrase (not more than 2 words) in front of your chosen words.
  3. Link the URL of the post (not the blog) here.
  4. You have to submit your entries till Sunday night 12 pm. After that voting would start.
  5. Example of the Game,  Goa : Holiday, Roadtrip : punture  , Sunday : Movies.  These are just for exemplifying, you can choose any word from the vast sphere of your thought...
  6. You can either post the link or leave the URL in the comment section of Tanya's blog. Please comment as it would be better to track you easily for other! 
  7. You can write the associated word either in English or Hindi (which ever you think suits best!)
  8. It's compulsory too mention Tanya's blog link in every post so that we can spread the word !! 

List of 55 words (choose any 10)

1. Rain     2. Friendship   3. Life    4. Money    5. Blogging   6. Love    7. Winters     8. October     9. Time
10. Idol    11. Facebook    12. Door    13. Fashion   14. Morning   15. Book(s)     16. Water   17. Las Vegas    18. India     19. Ego    20. Road Trip   21. Saturday   22. Monsoon   23. Hills   24. Maths    25. School    26. RockStar    27. Angel    28. Newspaper    29. Download    30. Teddies    31. Pink    32. Water   33. Black    34. Women    35. Cell Phone    36. T-Shirt    37. Jeans    38. Cricket    39. Dreams  40.Google   41. Scams   42. Luxury  43. Stress   44. God   45. Wedding   46. Experience   47. Shopping  48. Husband    49. Wife   50. Cynical    51.Criticism   52.Judge   53. Philosophy    54. Sunday    55. Elegance.

Here are my words:

Rain: Memories.
Facebook: Time-pass.
Door: Exit.
Rock-star: Guitar.
Luxury: Grand suite.
God: Krishna.
Download: Torrents.
Shopping: Market.
Criticism: Books.
Sunday: Monday.

These words are shared with Word Association Wednesday.

Thanks Tanya for this fun game :-)

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Vacation

The space travelers
Riding yellow tricycles
Calm and composed
The wings steady
As they clutch their cameras tight
A few feathers fly
Here and there
But smart they were too
The feathers didn't distract the frame.

They know the art
The space travelers
Riding yellow tricycles
Through the asteroid belt
Punching the interfering rocks
And debris that play naughty
The GPS map correct
Destination Earth
Now in sight.

Rattle in their nerves
Hearts race excited
A much promised vacation
Welcoming them warmly
The space travelers
Riding yellow tricycles
Pedals rotating faster
Prepare to descend
On this new land.

This Poem is shared with


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Dancing sun poses,
Embracing beauty of life,
Descending from skies.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Sunflower.

A New Order Of The Ages

Novus Ordo Seclorum
A New Order of the Ages
The Great Seal Mystified
By one Mr. Brown
Is this
A Call for Enlightenment
Guided by the rift
Between Angels and Demons
Annuit Coeptis
Magical Eye nods
The Illuminati smiles in disguise
Reveling in its secrecy
An identity covered by theories
The motto of Freemasonry
Debatable at times
Intriguing, always
Icebergs beneath the surface
Open to interpretations myriad
Choose the one that suits you
Imagination is not a sin
Neither a curse.

This Poem is shared with The Mag.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Lady Would Frequently Pose

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A lady would frequently pose
With arrogance in her long nose.
Tired of this habit
Her guy said Stop it!
Else your best friend will get my rose.

This Limerick is shared with Limerick-Off Monday.


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Poetic glory,
Nightingale's magical flute,
My soul sings along.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Nightingale.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Durga Puja Begins

It's that time of the year again .... the most awaited Durga Puja. Beautiful deities are created by skilled craftsmen and enormous pandals erected. People wear new clothes and go out, hopping from one pandal to another, enjoying the full colors of this festival.

This is that one time of the year when Kolkata stays awake 24x7, energetic and brimming with enthusiasm.

This is that time of the year when you wake up to the music of dhaak, the powerful rhythm filling your heart with joy of devotion.

And yes, this is that time of the year when you can proudly say you reside in Kolkata, witnessing the full grandeur of the Goddess.

Durga Puja celebrates the victory of Maa (Mother) Durga, symbolizing goodness, over the evil demon Mahishasur.

This is a 10 day festival. On the final day, the deities of Goddess Durga and her four children (Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartikeya) are immersed in the sacred Ganges. Soon after, the wait and preparation for the next year's Puja begins. This year, the 10th day would be 24th of October.

Here are a few clicks taken from my camera during last night's tour of pandals.

All of a sudden, my camera stopped working. That was sad. However, my cell phone saved the day with its 5 MP camera. Below are the pics from my cell phone.

A Very Happy Durga Puja to all my blogging friends. Enjoy and have fun :-)