Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Please Tell Me The Answer, Oh My Dear !!!

                                               (Image Source: http://indianfusion.aglasem.com)

I wish I knew the answer
To the problem that lay ahead,
I didn't, and stared at the wall plaster,
Following the ants in their parade.

The board was black
Resembling the moonless night,
I gazed at the nearby rack,
And kept trying with all my might.

The chalk dust posed a threat,
To my reputation that was at stake,
The questions that shone bright in white,
Made a mockery of my current plight.

I scratched my head,
And chewed my pen,
Nowhere did it lead,
And I was now a slaughtered hen.

The death knell rang loud and clear,
Please tell me the answer, oh my dear !!!
All in vain, the invigilator took my paper away,
And she laughed at the blank sheet, to my utter dismay.

This Poem is shared with Poets United for Poetry Pantry.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Forget Me Not - Haiku

                                                      (Image Source: http://www.layoutsparks.com)

The new sun rises,
Emanating warm freedom,
Uncovers fresh path.

Valley of hope calls,
Love marks on my naked soul,
Dear, forget-me-not.

This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights and the Prompt is Forget-me-not.

Sunday Fun-day

Another Sunday goes by, welcoming a five day long week. Sundays should have more than 24 hours, really.

Anyways, I guess I had a good time today. Started the day with some guitar practice, followed by a movie named "Donnie Darko" in the afternoon. I also wrote a blog post, thus maintaining my habit of writing something daily.

"Donnie Darko" is an intriguing watch. It's a dark psychological movie, very different from the normal fare. You will be forced to think and exercise your brain long after the last reels are played out. Do go for it.

However, the most satisfying point of the day was publishing my first eBook. Yes, I did manage to publish my short story SHADOWS, that I had earlier posted in my blog. Thanks to the encouragement of my fellow blogger friends, I finally decided to go ahead and publish it via Smashwords. The story may not be up to the mark, but then, failing is a sure way of learning.

You can download my eBook at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/209574.

The week ahead promises another five days of bright sunshine. I will try my best to utilize this time to the best of my ability, working and writing. Looking forward to your love and support as always :-)

Thanks all for being such nice companions in this Blogging World !!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


                                                     (Image Source: http://people.desktopnexus.com)

"I will always be there for you, no matter what."

Words seemed so vague now, promises futile, vows abandoned. The droplets forced their way out, and flowed relentlessly down her cheeks. There wasn't the warm wetness of his lips that would kiss the salt away, sweetening her mood, urging the smile back into her face. The touch of his fingers on her soft palm was missing. The cool breath that whispered words of love in her ears seemed to have vaporized into the desolate atmosphere.

The sharp memories hit against her heart, knocking her unconscious. In that state of semi - trance, she could see him laughing, joking and smiling at her, his arms wide open, inviting her to a world of loving embrace.

She woke up in a fit of cough. Tears had made her weak. She looked around her room. It was in a state of utter mess. He liked neatness. Why did he go away from her life, leaving her in such state? Wasn't she worth his love? Sheer rage entered her mind, and with a sharp swish of her hand, the flower vase broke down into pieces.

Crash! Her mother entered the room with a glass of orange juice. She knew her daughter had to be strong at this hour. He had left her for sure, but she had to get out of this trauma. Being a mother, she couldn't let her break down.

"Sometimes things are not in our control. Why don't you pack your bags and go to Manali to your cousin's place?" she suggested.

When her mom left, she thought about the advice. Perhaps she needed to go to Manali. Isn't that where he always promised to take her?

Promises that now lay barren, eroded.

She picked up her cell - phone and looked at his last message, "We can't be together now. It's over."

The distance had been created. There was no way to cover it now.

This Piece is written for Sunday Scribblings and the Prompt is Distance.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Magical Witch

                                                        (Image Source: http://fleshy.org.nz)

Subtle glance,
Wavy trance,
Creates a spell,
Heaven or Hell,
Can't distinguish,
What's her wish,
Beyond my reach,
The Magical Witch.

Eyes wide open,
Hopes dampen,
Smiles and flirts,
You will be hurt,
Plays with your heart,
Arrows and darts,
Beyond my reach,
The Magical Witch.

Waves her wand,
Turns gold from sand,
Mesmerizing eyes,
Full of lies,
Trust broken,
Dreams frozen,
Still beyond my reach,
She's The Magical Witch.

This Poem is written for Poetry Jam and the Prompt is "Do You Believe In Magic?".

Friday, July 27, 2012


                                                                         (Image Courtesy: http://photo.net)

The waves dance together,
Bubbles flying like a flock of feathers,
Cooling the anguish, satiating the heart,
Listen to the music playing its part.

Gentle shore sings,
Soaking the joy that the crest brings,
Sandy crystals shining like gold,
This is the sound I would always want to hold.

Walk by the sea in the moonlit breeze,
Holding her hands with a gentle squeeze,
Close your eyes, open your ears,
The sound of the water you will hear.

Oh what merry rhyme it makes,
The white moon emanates shadowy flakes,
A soothing journey, a relaxing soul,
Inviting me to its heavenly whole.

This Poem is written for Poets United and the Prompt is Sound.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


                                                            (Figure Eight, 1952, by Franz Kline)

Twist and turn,
In the grip of passion,
Slither like a snake,
It's love that we make,
Overpowering joy,
Don't be so coy,
Sink in our fate,
You me, together,
Conjoin to be the naughty eight.

Yeah, eight we are,
Joined in fire,
Melting the ice,
The love glows brighter,
Eyes closed shut,
Lips part in pleasure,
Your tongue in mine,
Our worlds now shine,
Promoting to the letter nine.

Yet, eight we will be,
'cause that's what we like best,
Hand in hand,
Caressing warm promises,
Silvery gaze lowers,
Anticipation rising in haste,
Deep dark rose,
Silently whispers,
Carving love prose.

This Poem is written for The Mag.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Middle - Haiku

                                                          (Image Source: http://www.tannens.com)

Isolation creeps,
In the middle of nowhere,
Dark, uncharted land.

Wave your magic wand,
Eradicate gloomy spell,
Emerge a winner.

Face your obstacles,
Uproot seeds of doubts and fears,
March on to the top.

This Haiku is written for Sensational Haiku Wednesday and the Prompt is Middle.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Never Give Up

                                                     (Image Source: http://marathontrainingacademy.com)

Run when you can,
The race has just begun,
Your legs all strong,
Trust nothing can go wrong.

Walk if you have to,
There is still a lot to do,
Tiredness holds you in its fist,
You need to get out of this dark mist.

Crawl if you must,
Move on with faith and trust,
Just a few steps more,
And you will land at the victory shore.

Just never give up,
Even though the road ahead turns rough,
Go ahead with the zeal to win,
Emerge out of the waves, smiling and laughing.

Run when you can,
Walk if you have to,
Crawl if you must,
Just never give up.

This poem is written for Carry On Tuesday and the Prompt is "Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up".

Monday, July 23, 2012


Lost midway
Panicked heart
Failing to fit
In the running world.

Too damn slow
They told him to leave
To quit, to depart
There wasn't a place
Where he was looked up.

Synonyms to his name
Lonely at heart
When she treated him the same
As many others had
Good bye, and she left
Her perfume lingering behind.

Sun rising up
Yet he kept falling back
No hands to hold
No shoulder to cry
He had to buck up
He had to try
He had to stand
He had to walk.

A pen in one
A paper in the other
He scribbled and scribbled
Till the tables shuddered
His determination had taken a firm seat.

The rain stopped
Horizon brushed with 7 colors
The scribbled words
No longer a sign of failure
But an autograph of winner
He had finally found the way
He had finally found his niche in words.

This Poem is written for One Single Impression and the Prompt is Niche.

My 1st Blog Award

Wow .... 'm so happy .... feels great .... Wow !!!

When I started blogging on a warm sultry May morning this year, my primary goal was to know how I write. I wished to be criticized and appreciated from writers who have been here,done that. I wanted to revive my writing skills that I believed had died somewhere in the middle of my hectic professional life. Finding time to write was just so out of question.

I did start a blog some couple of years back, but lack of time forced me to be irregular on it, and finally I completely stopped writing. However, I guess putting down my thoughts in words was too lucrative a passion to be shut down completely, and here I was again, in a new blog, with new ideas.

I started checking others' blogs, and noticed how good people over here write. Poems, stories, simple narratives, everything, there was so much to learn from each one of you. Truly, that's what inspired me to write, almost daily. The urge to grow better motivated me, fueling me whenever I felt drained.

And thanks to Sui, I have another reason to write now. She recently honored me by tagging me for the Liebster Blog Award - my first award !!!!

Thanks a lot for this :-)

Well, there are certain rules associated with it, and copying from Sui's blog post, they are as follows:

  1. If you are tagged/ nominated you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
  2. Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
  3. Tag 11 more Blogger.
  4. Tell the people you tagged that you did.
  5. No tagging back.
  6. The person you tag must have less than 200 followers.

Thus, abiding by the rules as follows:

11 Facts About Me

I am too lazy when at home.
I love driving.
I fall in love (read crush) with different celebrities (female, of course) every now and then.
I hate to study, but I still have to.
I love going to office when there is less work, so that I can play Table Tennis the whole time.
I don't like loud music, I prefer something soft.
I love to think, think and think all the time.
I am a late sleeper and wake up pretty late too.
I have a childhood fantasy of becoming a Super Hero and saving the society.
I can't paint, but I love good paintings and arts.
I am crazy about Awards.

Answers to Sui's Questions

1. Have you ever visited a zoo?
A. Yes. I have visited the zoo in my hometown, Kolkata.

2. Do you think it’s reasonable to keep animals behind cages simply for our amusement?
A. No. Animals should have the liberty to be free and enjoy the natural freedom which they are entitled to get.

3. It is raining heavily, you have to rush home but alas you forgot to bring an umbrella. What would your reaction be?
A. I would regret not bringing an umbrella, but since I will be returning home, I wouldn't mind getting wet. I can always dry myself after I reach home.

4. You promised to take your mom shopping on Friday. The same day your best friend who relocated to a different city came to visit and asked you to accompany her/him the entire day. What would your priority be? {Emotionally blackmailing your mother is not an option.}
A. I would go shopping with my mom, and meet my best friend after that.

5. What’s more important: to have many followers who rarely visit your blog OR to have few followers who regularly visit your blog.
A. Many followers all of whom who visit my blog would be ideal. But to answer your question correctly, I would choose the 2nd option.

6. Would you buy a latest gadget even if you don’t need it? {Assuming that you have more than enough money to buy.}
A. No. I don't buy things I don't need.

7. How will you react if I say that I am standing in front of your house right now?
A. I would be surprised, and look out of my window !!!

8. What does it mean if we say that a person is cool?
A. That he isn't affected by global warming ;-)

9. Can you call a person your friend even if you have never seen her/him in physical form?
A. Yes. It's so common in social networking world these days.

10. What is the importance of having a romantic relationship in your life?
A. It's good, till it lasts. And then, it becomes bad. But yes, better to fall in love at least once. It teaches you a lot in life.

11. What’s the most boring thing in the world for you?
A. This is tough. I don't get bored easily. I always find something or the other to do that engages my mind.

11 Questions From Me

1. If an alien visits you, what is the first thing you would like to know about it?
2. If you have the power, to which three non-living objects would you like to grant the power of life?
3. Do you like pets? Do you have one?
4. What super power you wish to possess?
5. Which is the most memorable gift you have received till date and from whom?
6. Do you like travelling? Which has been your favorite travelling spot?
7. What makes you smile when you feel low?
8. What is your favorite quote?
9. Who is your idol?
10. Do you prefer reading, or writing?
11. When did you start blogging?

11 Awesome Bloggers I Tag

This one is tough. I have followed so many bloggers that choosing only 11 is quite difficult. I would have loved to tag a few more, but have tried to bring up my list of 11 as below:

  1. Crystal
  2. Kirti
  3. Grace
  4. Sreeja
  5. Vaishali
  6. Hank
  7. Jaideep
  8. Aravind
  9. Dark Angel
  10. Sandra
  11. Hannah Denski

Congratulations. Enjoy the Award :-)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Boredom - Haiku

Unresistant rain,
Flowing without a constraint,
Children stuck at home.

Reluctance galore,
Disobeys playful desires,
Boredom creeping in.

Idle mind awake,
Concentric lines intersect,
Ideas unveiled.

This Haiku is written for Sensational Haiku Wednesday and the Prompt is Boredom.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meaning - Haiku

                                                             (Image Courtesy: http://www.diamondpriceguide.com)

Dusk ruling ahead,
Hope sinking desperately,
Black water rising.

Stand tall, head held high,
Decipher sculpted meaning,
Darkness leads to light.

Hardened rocks and coal,
Glowing pure, they brightly shine,
Polished diamonds.

This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights and the Prompt is Meaning.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Eyes Still Burn !!!

                                                                (artwork by Jack Vettriano)

The morning rush, the blaring horns,
Thinking of you has become the norm,
Heart wide awake, scanning the skies,
My eyes still burn in the mist of your lies.

The window opens up the naked road,
Sunlight weighs upon my heavy load,
Smoking the cigar, lips darkened with ash,
I fall down flat in this messy hash.

This dark gown I wear today,
The one you gifted me on my last birthday,
With arms around me you hugged me tight,
Our soft smelling fragrances melting in the night.

You vowed to return, majestic as a lover,
As soon as this war would get over,
I learnt to be patient, I taught myself to wait,
But then, why are you now being just so late?

The enemies defeated, territories regained,
The joy of independence, of pride and fame,
Merry making, it's time to celebrate,
Left as a loner, this is what I hate.

Didn't you return from the war, my love?
Why did you lie to me in our sheltered cove,
You promised to come back in my arms,
Why did you fib in the midst of your other plans?

The tears I suppress, drowning in the flood,
The water won't flow, they are thick as the blood,
And I know you would come back soon,
'cause you have to fulfill the promise of bringing me the moon.

The morning rush, the blaring horns,
Thinking of you has become the norm,
Heart wide awake, scanning the skies,
My eyes still burn in the mist of your lies.

This Poem is written for The Mag.

First - Haiku


First, always special,
Initiates a voyage,
Uncharted province.

Success and triumph,
Forever etched in the heart,
A flurry of dreams.

Moistened lips tremble,
Unleashes first kiss of joy,
Passive river stirs.

This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights and the Prompt is First.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


                                                                          (Image Source: http://www.funtoosh.com/)

The burning wax, the setting sun,
The legs weary, and yet they run,
Orchards buzzing with bees and mangoes,
Here we go, sprouting wings like flamingos.

One stone, and two, hurled with a force,
Of innocent theft, gifts rained in scores,
Sweetness caressed our daily desire,
Sipping mangoes, our friendship on fire.

Oh, those long lost days of togetherness,
The sandy roads, dust flying behind our pace,
Where are you now, where, where, where?
I miss those days, the laughter and joys, now so rare.

Hand in hand we set afloat,
Dreaming high, navigating paper boat,
The muddy terrains, we sailed all day,
The rock cut memories, now laid at bay.

Smiles and tears, sharing, lending,
The games we played, without winning or losing,
The constant companionship I crave for now,
I wish I could go back, but don't know how.

Oh, those long lost days of togetherness,
The sandy roads, dust flying behind our pace,
Where are you now, where, where, where?
I miss those days, the laughter and joys, now so rare.

This Poem is written for One Single Impression and the Prompt is Friend.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tagged !!!

                                                                    (Image Courtesy: http://fardebeaute.over-blog.com)

Tagging is a relatively new concept for me, and I came across it only while visiting the blog posts of others. I noticed that two of my blogger friends Crystal and Kirti have tagged me in their posts. The purpose is to let others know you better by answering the questions posted by the "tagger".

The rules of the game are simple, and I copy them below from Kirti's post:

  • Link back the blogger who tagged you.
  • You must post the rules.
  • Answer the questions given by the person tagged you.
  • Tag eleven new bloggers.
  • Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
  • Inform them about the tag.

Starting with Crystal's questions, here goes my response:

1) What's something your Mom always said to you that you thought you'd never hear yourself say?
A) My mom always told me to focus and be attentive towards studies, and I hope my children are born studious so that I don't have to tell them the same thing ;-)

2) What's your favorite childhood story and why?
A) Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I loved the character Pip and could emotionally associate with it.

3) How would other's describe your personality?
A) Helpful and supportive, I guess !!!

4) What kind of music do you like to listen to?
A) Soulful, melodious, romantic songs. Actually my taste differs based on my mood, so there isn't any specific genre that I follow.

5) What is your favorite song of all time?
A) There are many "It's My Life", "Lonely", "Summer of '69", "Hotel California". As I have said, I keep listening and loving different songs based on my mood.

6) Do you have a big intellectual capacity and do you think that it alone equates wisdom? Yes or no and why?
A) Well, now this question is a heavy one. I do believe that I possess a certain level of intellectualism. However, wisdom is a larger term that denotes the knowledge gained which can drive us towards perfection, and can thus never be attained fully.

7) If you could create a charitable organization, what would you hope to accomplish and to whom would the proceeds benefit the most?
A) I would love to start an organization that would primarily be responsible for the welfare of poor and needy old people who do not have the means to live their life in a decent manner.

8) How do you deal with stress?
A) By playing PC games, or reading novels, or writing stuffs. Sometimes, I watch movies too.

9) What's your favorite movie?
A) There are many movies I liked - "Independence Day", "Titanic", "The Terminal", "Jurassic Park", "The Pursuit of Happyness", etc. Finding a favorite would be tough !!!

10) Have you read any good books lately? Which ones?
A) I love reading. I am currently reading "GONE WITH THE WIND". However, my all time favorite is "KITE RUNNER".

11) If you could tell the world just one thing, what would it be and why?
A) Live your life, and love your life :-) 'cause I believe people should learn to be happy and live their lives contentedly.

Responding to Kirti now:

1) What does music mean to you?
A) Music is a way to express your desires and free your soul ... it's the drug that can motivate you when chips are down.

2) Poem or a story?
A) As a writer, I prefer poem. As a reader, I love stories :-)

3) The deepest desire of your heart.
A) Being a top-shot author of millions of bestsellers :-P

4) Your idea of a romantic story.
A) Boy A falls for Girl B. Girl B falls for Boy C. Boy C falls for Girl D. Girl D falls for Boy A. Ha ha :-D

5) Walking or cycling? and why?
A) Walking if you are with someone you love, and cycling if you are alone. However, I would rather prefer driving, as it gives a rush to my adrenaline :-)

6) What does blogging mean to you?
A) Blogging to me is a way to learn and grow my writing skills. I love the way others write and try to unearth good features of their writings. Also, the constant motivation of other bloggers after reading my posts helps me a lot.

7) The favorite character you have created so far. Someone you feel like using in all your stories.
A) None yet. But I do have a superhero in mind, that I would love to create very soon :-)

8) The favorite character you have read and loved. and why.
A) Pip from Great Expectation, as I really felt emotionally associated with the various shades of this character. Among the more modern characters, I could sympathize with Amir's pain and guilt in The Kite Runner.

9) If you get to impersonate one super hero/heroine who would it be and why?
A) Definitely Spiderman. He is one superhero who I find real and believable. Jumping from building to building would be an added bonus.

10) Your idea of fun when you are out with your friends.
A) Great food in a nice ambiance ;-)

11) The song thats playing in your head at the moment :)
A) It's a song of a recent Hindi Movie - Maula from Jism 2.

Tagging 11 friends:

It might not be possible for all of you to find the time and respond to the post, and as a working professional myself, I do understand that. However, it would be great if you could find a few minutes to share more about your lives.

I would love to know about all my blogger friends, but as the rule goes, I can only tag 11, so here are the ones:

1) Sui Generis Writer
2) ArtMuseDog and Carol
3) Grace
4) Hannah Denski
5) Jennifer
6) La Dolce Vita
7) Fida Bosu
8) Dark Angel
9) Valli
10) Sreeja
11) Sumukh Bansal

My Questions:

Below are my questions for you:

1) What made you start writing/blogging? (Any specific incident or experience)
2) Who is that one person in the world you can never distrust, even though he/she has hurt you in the past?
3) If you were given a chance, which famous personality would you like to be in you next birth?
4) What is that one dream that still motivates you to go on and on?
5) What is that one best moment of your life, which you want to live again and again?
6) If you couldn't write, what would have been your alternative skill?
7) How would you rate yourself as a writer on a scale of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best)? Why?
8) Which is your dream destination?
9) What is that one task that you have always wanted to perform, but could never do? Why?
10) Which book do you feel would have turned out better had it been written by you?
11) What are your suggestions for the new bloggers?

Hope you all have a happy time tagging :-)

And as always, Love Your Life and Live Your Life :-)

Heat - Haiku

Passion re-ignites,
Invites heated power play,
Souls unite in love.

Long lost touch, back,
Forcing its way through the maze,
Carefree, warm, wonder.

Tears caress her cheeks,
Salty, sweetened with kisses,
Heart numb, contented.

This Haiku is written for Sensational Haiku Wednesday and the Prompt is Heat.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Have Not Been Taught To Complain - Final Chapter

Story So Far:

Chapter 2
Chapter 1

Now Read On:

10 Years Ago

I met Raj in the school canteen.

He was a cute guy. He had a cracking voice, but that would change as he grew up. Guy’s life changes for better as they grow, but it’s just the reverse for a girl.

We were introduced by a common friend, and it was love at first sight. I liked his lean athletic frame, those bright eyes that spoke a lot, but most of all, it was his mischievous smile that bowled me. The friendly canteen gossip soon turned into outings with common friends, and subsequently to romantic dates.

It was on one such date that he held my hand. It was an electrifying sensation, and felt different. I had never felt the same before. It was uncomfortable too, didn't know why, and so I quickly freed my hand from his grasp.

The next day he again held my hand. I didn’t resist this time. I had started to love his warm presence. He made me feel like a girl.

Time flew. Our relationships flourished, and love augmented by leaps and bounds. Those were the happiest days of my life. We kissed a couple of times, at school toilets, in empty classrooms, and behind thick bushes in desolate parks.

Then one day I committed a mistake. I made Raj angry.

We were sitting in a park, kissing each other. Suddenly his hands started moving down from my neck, towards my chest. I panicked and my heart beat started racing. I got frightened. I had not anticipated this so quickly.

I moved back.

Raj tried to persuade me a lot, that he will just touch me; he won’t do me any harm.

I said “I am not prepared for this now, Raj. Please try to understand. Let’s not do it before marriage.”

As always, I realized I was wrong. After all, how can the fairer sex ever be correct? We are supposed to be slaves of men, to obey all their orders. We are not allowed to obey our heart and mind. We are not allowed to think and feel.

I decided I would let him do whatever he wants the next day. The next day never came. We broke up. I loved Raj, but he loved my body.

5 Years Ago

I got a good job in a reputed software firm. It provided me a decent salary, and a designation that sounded good. But nothing changed really. Hungry men still stared at me as a prospective prey. I was still made to feel uncomfortable in public transports. My male colleagues talked dirty about me in hushed tone. I kept following what my mom said – to ignore these. It had become a part of my life now.

I learnt to cope with these day in and day out. I tried to think that everything was normal. But somewhere deep within me the pain and humiliation had formed a deep crater. A crater which I dreamt could be dissolved by the love of a man, whom I would marry. We would be a happy couple. I dreamt of giving birth to two boys. I wished I had no girls. I couldn’t see my girls facing the evil which I face.

Present Day

I got married a couple of years ago. The crater is still there, only it has grown bigger in size. The dreams that remained have been burnt to ashes. I am no longer a human; I am not supposed to live like one. I am a woman, a sex object, nothing more.

I love the festival of Durga Puja. Those 5 days my husband goes out partying with his friends. I don’t go. I love the solitude that I get. I remain at home and switch on the TV. I look at the different idols of Maa Durga and am mesmerized by her eternal beauty, the absolute power that she signifies. She appears to be so strong and dominating.

It surprises me. How can Maa Durga be so powerful even though she belongs to the fairer gender? Why is she worshipped by millions of men across the globe? Is this worship by men fake?

I don’t have any answer to these. I return back to the present time and prepare to take a bath. I love my husband. I can’t complain about being raped by him. I, being a woman, am born to endure, not to defy.

I have not been taught to complain. I can only tolerate.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Have Not Been Taught To Complain - Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

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15 Years Ago

I was 12 years old.

While returning from school, I boarded an auto rickshaw.

Two men were already sitting in the back seat of the auto rickshaw. The bald uncle whispered something to the younger uncle. The younger uncle got out and let me in. I think they let me in because I was a small girl, and sitting in the corner of an auto rickshaw can be dangerous at times, with vehicles passing by you at full speed.

I sat in-between, with the younger uncle sitting on my left and the bald one on my right.

I owed them a thank for their gentleness.

As soon as the auto rickshaw started, something happened. I didn't know what and why, but something wrong seemed to be happening.

Both the uncles pressed closer to me. The younger uncle was constantly trying to take out something from his right trouser pocket, but it seemed he was not able to find it. He kept on searching frantically, his fingers brushing against my waist, quickly creeping to the upper part of my body. The bald uncle stretched out his arms, his fingers touching my thigh.

I sat stiff. I was too frightened to react.

When I returned home, I told mom. She said “Try not to get close to men, and don’t think of such things. It will corrupt your innocent mind. Forget and ignore these. You are a girl, you have to face these. Concentrate on studies. Anyways, you should be more careful, you are growing up.”

Two days later, I woke up with blood sticking on my leg.

My mom saw this and smiled “Don’t worry, its normal. You are a grown up girl now. We will go to the chemist in the evening”

I couldn't understand then what the relation between “blood in leg” and “growing up” was.

I understand it now. The more you grow, the more blood mark you have on your body. I counted 27 such marks on my body in the mirror today.

I am 27 years old. I don’t want to grow any more. It hurts.

Chapter 3

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Have Not Been Taught To Complain - Chapter 1

I unbuttoned my blouse and looked at the mirror. It was me, bruised and battered. My pale skin was marked with purple scratches, my eyes were sweltering red. Red because of the crying I had to go through. Well it had become a daily routine now. I was raped, again.

I looked into the closet and took out the first aid box, my only companion these days. It contained a roll of cotton, a Dettol bottle and few pills. I soaked a small amount of cotton with Dettol and applied it on the first mark on my chest. Dettol burns, and my soul burnt too.

I needed a good bath. In two hours time my husband would come home for lunch. I had to be presentable. I love him, a lot. He is my protector, my savior, the man who has given me a new surname, along with food and shelter, the man who is supposed to be my Lord of worship. He is the man who has every right on me. He can do whatever he wants to me; after all I am his wife. He is the stronger species, I am the weaker one.

Last night I resisted. I was punished. My husband raped me. I deserved it, ‘cause I am a woman.

I have not been taught to complain. I can only tolerate.

Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Monday, July 09, 2012


                                                         (Image Courtesy: http://balloonsandmoregifts.com)

He stood at the crossing,
Besides the old tea shop,
The white shirt tucked neatly,
And eyes that smiled mildly, hopefully.

Holding in his hands the specks of joys,
Inviting the rush of little girls and boys,
"I want the white one," "Red for me,"
Parents too joined the fun, often buying at a time three.

He used to be my favorite,
A childhood hero I suppose,
Waving the colors that circled over his shoulder,
Playing the part of the mystical Pied Piper.

The balloons rose high, higher,
Taller than the winds permitted,
They defied gravity, the laws of science,
They danced magically to the balloon-seller's rhymes.

Time has moved on, I have grown up,
So have the other kids in the neighborhood,
The crossing still exists,
Where elegantly stands our old balloon-hero.

His shoulders drooping with burden,
Perhaps they were now lighter than air,
The colors turned disobedient, cruel,
Refusing to rise up on his commands.

He looks patiently around, shouting as hard as he could,
Trying to attract the kids with his myriad gifts,
Hardly does he realize the changed pattern of the game,
Where playing with balloons appear just too lame.

Xbox and Playstations, consoles and computers,
Have become toys of the current generations,
"Why shall I be satisfied holding a balloon?
When 3D games can easily take me to the moon?"

Yet, he still stands at the crossing,
Besides the old tea shop,
The white shirt tucked neatly,
And eyes that smiled wearily, hopefully !!!

This Poem is written for One Single Impression and the Prompt is Balloon.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Vital - Haiku

                                                                        (Image Sourse :www.superstock.com)

True motivation,
Vital to a child's progress,
Leads towards right path.

Child grows into man,
With courage and confidence,
Ready for the world.

This haiku is written for Haiku Heights and the Prompt is Vital.

Friday, July 06, 2012


                                                               (Painting by Subrata Gangopadhyay)

Tonight the canvas bleeds in pain,
Swelling in the memories, inviting tears of rain,
The colors are disoriented, vague,
Locked away in a tightly knitted maze.

Do you still listen to the beats of my heart?
Miles away, yet nothing could keep us apart,
The days of glory, of love and lust,
The music of my cries, the passion lost in dust.

Tonight the canvas bleeds in pain,
Swelling in the memories, inviting tears of rain,
The colors are disoriented, vague,
Locked away in a tightly knitted maze.

Oaths, confessions, promises,
Your sincerity then are now sheer misses,
How much I said, how much you lied,
I thought you loved me, when you were by my side.

Tonight the canvas bleeds in pain,
Swelling in the memories, inviting tears of rain,
The colors are disoriented, vague,
Locked away in a tightly knitted maze.

Kisses in dark alleys, by-lanes, here and there, everywhere,
Our eyes meeting umpteen times, catching your breath when you were near,
Lost in a trance, the two souls united,
The dream broke, and then you departed.

Tonight the canvas bleeds in pain,
Swelling in the memories, inviting tears of rain,
The colors are disoriented, vague,
Locked away in a tightly knitted maze.

The mask you wore now lies naked,
Urging me to a new sensation of abhorrence and hatred,
Yet, how can I detest you when I loved you so true?
I still don't know what happened, my innocent heart renders no clue.

Tonight the canvas bleeds in pain,
Swelling in the memories, inviting tears of rain,
The colors are disoriented, vague,
Locked away in a tightly knitted maze.

Somewhere down the memory lane,
I unearth the traces of the game,
Trying to learn, to not be a fool again,
Identifying a new me, a new life, away from this world of shame.

Tonight the canvas bleeds in pain,
Swelling in the memories, inviting tears of rain,
The colors are disoriented, vague,
Locked away in a tightly knitted maze.

This poem is written for Ekphrasis - Poetry Writing Contest - 2.

Thursday, July 05, 2012


                                                                           (Image Source: www.wikipedia.org)

Flying high,
Flapping its wings,
Violently, passionately,
Soars the kite, up, up, up in the air,
To the ocean of stars,
Fading away in the break of dawn,
Losing itself without a soul to mourn.

The kite gazes down,
Up, right and left,
Not a single feather in sight,
The powerful arch it so possessed,
The pride in its eyes, the blood in its beak,
Perhaps it was time to go down,
The kite had already covered the peak.

Perched on a branch, it noticed the clouds,
Inviting it to the valley of heaven,
Standing on the brink of extinction,
The days of glory lost, the lonesome beast thought,
"Is this my fate, the hunter becomes hunted?"
Tears flowing through its eyes,
But alas, birds don't cry, they are meant to feel the pain,
A dagger suddenly in sight, pierces its heart,
And the last kite falls, beauty lost in dust.

This poem is written for One Single Impression and the Prompt is Kite.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

'm Back !!!

Phew!!! What a torrid week it had been, without the services of my computer, away from the beautiful world of bloggers.

Yeah, life is tough when you are forced to change the daily habits that you have been so religiously following over the course of time. Talking about me, I have got into the habit of checking my blog every now and then, visiting the blogs of people I follow, and also finding new blogs that suit my taste (my taste changes all the time, though). Blogging thus has been a learning experience for me over the last few days.

Last Wednesday morning when I woke up to find my computer disobeying my orders to turn on, I received a massive blow to this learning curve that I was trudging along smoothly. The passage suddenly felt narrower, and the route longer.

The problems seemed aplenty, and the solutions scarce.

- What would happen to my blog? Will it die of idleness?
- The writing habit that I had developed by typing daily, will that fade in oblivion?
- Shadows, my first short story series, that too a genre that I always liked but never tried - Horror, was this the abrupt end to it?
- My blogging friends, how long do I need to stay away from their magical writings?

Haunted by these thoughts, my mind galloped, raced and dived. I had to write, or at least log in to blogger. I found a way out, using a low-configuration machine for the purpose. However, the problem was the slowness of the system. At times, I felt myself faster than that computer.

Somehow, I typed and finished my Horror Series - Shadows. Horror or not, that's up to you to decide, 'cause, I, along with many of my lovely readers would say that it's more about life than about ghostly elements. True, I had started this as a horror story, but midway through the plot, I realized I could do something different out of it. I didn't know then how it would turn out. Even now I feel I could have done a better job with the plot; but isn't that what learning is all about?

I am lucky to have such nice friends like you, who read and appreciated my work over the last few days. I am really grateful to you all. Never had I imagined that this story of mine will get 350+ page views. Never ever. I heartily thank you all for your moral support and encouragement, that motivated me to write and write.

I am glad I can read all your blogs too now. It wasn' possible using the low-configuration system. I love your writings, 'cause they teach me a lot, help me be a better person.

Thanks for providing me company in this world. I am now more confident about my writing than I was when I first made this blog. Kudos to you all !!!

Do keep writing your magical words.

And as always, love your life and live your life :-)

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Shadows - Chapter Last

Story so far:

Chapter 8
Chapter 7
Chapter 6
Chapter 5
Chapter 4
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
Chapter 1

Aunt Padmini squealed with a mixture of emotions that comprised of relief and wonder when she saw Sapna sitting on the bed, talking with Swapnil. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Just a few moments ago Sapna had disappeared, leaving behind her shadow. The shadow had gradually vanished, and Sapna was back with her.

Tears of joy filled her eyes, and the warm drops flowed through her cheeks, soothing her skin that had turned cold and numb with fright. The children sat talking as if nothing had happened. They were giggling, laughing and joking. Aunt Padmini finally could smile.

“Are you fine, children?” Padmini asked, just to confirm she wasn’t dreaming.

The children answered in unison without looking at her, “Yes aunty, absolutely fine.”

So that was it. It was all probably a bad dream, a nightmare that she had evolved in her mind. There was no need of sacrifice, no need of worry. The kids were safe, hale and hearty. Aunt Padmini turned around, and walked towards her room. It had been a strenuous day. She needed rest.

Things were finally back to normal according to Aunt Padmini. If only she had looked closer, she would have known the truth.

“What happened?” Swapnil asked in a low voice, once he was sure Aunt Padmini was nowhere around their room.

Sapna looked back at him with her big red eyes, “I do not know. Somehow I found myself transported to the world of humans when the lights went off. It was difficult there. People stared as if they had never seen a dark creature. Some even ran in fear, thinking me to be a ghost. At the same time, the human Sapna was transported to our world.”

“Ha ha ha,” Swapnil laughed. He found it very amusing. There had been instances when he too was transported to the human world, and had noticed his complexion turning all black. People had gazed at him in wonder. But before they realized anything, he was transported back to his own world – the world of Shadows.

They belonged to the world of Shadows, where they lived with several other beings of their kind. However, when humans played with their shadowy forms, some entities from the Shadow world were instantly transported to the human world, and their human substitutes took their place in the Shadow world. The switch lasted for only a few hours, and the shadows and the humans exchanged their places to get back in their own surroundings soon after. The humans never realized that they were moving from one world to another, as they visualized this as part of their dreams.

Aunt Padmini had accidently invited the shadows to her house through her act of misdeed. The shadows used it as their key station now. Every now and then, a new shadow would come and live in this house with Aunt Padmini, some visible to her, some she chose to ignore.

Padmini had suffered a major mental shock when her mother died. She never recovered from it. She couldn’t differentiate between dark and bright, between real humans and real shadows. Every day her mind framed new stories, and she imagined the shadows to be her human relatives and friends.

Sapna stood up, and walked towards the mirror. The room came into view. “Humans use this to view themselves,” she said. “So ignorant of them to consult their shadows regarding how they look.”

Swapnil got down from bed and held her hand, “Where are the human forms of Sapna and Swapnil?”

Sapna looked at him, and smiled, “They are fine. They are in their home, sleeping.”

That was true. The humans Sapna and Swapnil had never come to live with Aunt Padmini. They were safe with their parents, at their own residence. The kids were sleeping in their bedroom, with Sapna tossing and turning as if she was seeing a nightmare. When her shadow was transported, she had taken its place in Aunt Padmini's house. However, she comprehended being in Aunt Padmini's house as a bad dream, just because humans tend to conclude what they couldn't explain as mere figments of their imaginations.

Things would have been so much simpler if the humans didn’t interfere with their lives. Why do they play with shadows when they want to and then treat them as non-existing objects the next moment? Shadows have life too, they too live and survive. Each day, they have to fight alongside the humans in their struggle to achieve their dreams and goals. They stay with humans when it’s dark, but do they get enough respect for that? Don’t they deserve to receive their due for the constant companionship they provide to humans?

The clock struck twelve. “Let’s go Swapnil,” she said, “the other shadows are waiting for their turn to enter the house. And we also need to prepare for our Shadow School on Monday. We will come again, soon.”

"And humans shouldn't play with us. We are not toys," added Swapnil, a bit annoyed.

Aunt Padmini was lying on her bed. Her eyes closed, she muttered, "I need to prepare for tomorrow. Meera's children Mukund and Anand will be coming in the morning."

The End (Or The Beginning) !!!