Saturday, November 26, 2016

Red And White

(Image Source: Amity Farm Batik)

three unicorns red
and a multitude of white
singing from the castle
on a winter's moonlit night
I look out my window
and smile at the sight
why not believe in magic
when it seems just so right

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Snowing Coupons This Winter

Winters are finally here. Oh, how much I love this time of the year. The feeling of warm blanket, and a steamy cup of coffee, with a favorite snack, completely defines this season. Also, winters are ideal for shopping, outdoor hoping and everything that’s associated with fun, ‘cause one wouldn't get tired easily. Now, add to this bundle, a spicy collection of deals, and man, can life get any better?

I was surfing the net this lazy Sunday, watching funny videos, and movie trailers, and then bored of the repetition, I hit the Zoutons link that’s listed in my browser’s Bookmark section. It’s surprising how Zoutons never fails to amaze me. The innumerable deals, the discounts and offers, and the vast range of packages are tantalizing, making me sit up and take notice. This time, my eyes got glued to the Nearbuy coupons section.

The best thing about Nearbuy is that it caters to all types of consumers, whether one is fond of traveling, or love to watch movies, or is planning for a therapeutic session in the spa, Nearbuy has a coupon for everyone. Browsing through the wide array of coupons, I singled out a Nearbuy coupon that offered Rs 50 cashback on Dominos voucher. Pizza and I, have always been the best of friends, and deals like these make the bond firmer.

In the current scenario of demonetization, I find vouchers and coupons handy. They come with added perks and discounts, and ease the transactions. Deals are an amazing way of lifting up the mood, and when there are so many of them, one is spoilt with choices. So, in a nutshell, if one is a keen fan of online shopping and transactions (like me), deals are the icings on the cake. Do try out for yourself, and share your opinions.

 And yes, have a pleasant winter!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fly With The Flying Jatt

A lazy Saturday and an entertaining movie makes a perfect combination. And if you want to relish it, do tune in to Zee Cinema on 22nd October at 8 PM.

Why should you listen to me and watch this film? The reasons are aplenty, and here I am listing a few of them.

1. India's First Flying Superhero

India’s first flying superhero – A Flying Jatt saves the day in the coolest way. Bestowed not only with this incredible superpower our man can also display some jaw-dropping martial art moves.

2. This Superhero has a Supermom

Most of the superheroes that we know pledge to save the world and have lost their parents to an accident. But this super hero has a supermom who constantly reminds him of his duties. A typical Indian mother, she scolds him every time he is reluctant to use his superpowers. She definitely is a supermom!

3. Powers + Killer dance moves = Legendary Superhero

You might be Superman or Batman but one thing our flying Jatt wins at is killer dance moves. Saving the world and burning the dance floor all in one - WOW! Now that is what they call a superhero. Let’s shake our booty on the beat with this superhero.

4. The youngest Superhero

Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan also had special powers in movies like Krrish and Ra.One respectively. But what sets Tiger Shroff apart is his age. At 26, he bagged a superhero movie as his third film while the others have had a longer run in films before their superhero ventures.

5. Jatt Fly Karda

As the name suggests, Flying Jatt is all about a superhero who not only goes all out to save his city, but also believes in his prime religious duty of helping mankind. He is the first superhero who has incorporated his human and religious sensibilities in saving his city.

6. Accidental superhero

Our very own superhero was not born with these powers but became a superhero by accident. A superhero at heart and and one who is courageous enough to fight despite being scared is what makes an ordinary man a true superhero.

7. Do your chores before you catch the ‘chors’

He is no ordinary superhero because at home, he has to do all the chores like any other child. From lending a helping hand in cleaning the house or buying vegetables, this superhero has to do it all. He might be a superhero for the world but at home, you have to do what your mother asks you to do.

8. A hero with a consciousness

We all have to give back to our society and the Flying Jatt definitely believes in this.  A protector of mother nature and a condemner of pollution, this superhero does all to protect the environment.

9. A child at heart

He might have a serious job at hand but he is a child at heart. This is what sets him apart making him a fun, relatable superhero. He has the superpowers but he also has a child in him who will touch your hearts.

10. He is coming to meet you soon

This superhero has no airs about having special powers and is very down to earth and humble. So, he has decided to meet you and save his beloved city of Amritsar with the World Television Premiere of his film, A Flying Jatton 22nd October, 2016 at 8PM (

Sunday, October 16, 2016

03:02 - Review

At 03:02 on a Sunday morning, the world as we knew it came to an end. Mumbai suddenly went black - no electricity, no phones, no internet and no working cars. It was as if someone had turned off the master switch of our civilization, turning us back hundreds of years overnight. We learned that it was not just Mumbai, but much of the world that had been impacted. We also learned that it was no accident. A deadly enemy was behind it. An enemy that was now in our midst, seeking to conquer us and destroy our way of life. This is how our war for freedom began. A war that was to be waged not on the borders or by the Army, but in our homes and streets, with us as the soldiers. This is our story. '03:02 celebrates fictional heroes who fight for our freedom, but to give back to the real heroes who do so every day, for every copy sold, a contribution from author royalties will be made to the National Defence Fund, which takes voluntary contributions to help armed forces service members and their families.'

About the Author
"After finishing his schooling at Modern School, Barakhamba Road and his under-graduation at Hindu College, Delhi, Mainak Dhar graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has spent two decades in the corporate sector - starting with Procter & Gamble in India. He spent eighteen years with P&G, fifteen of them outside India across the Asia Pacific region. In 2014, he moved back to India as the CEO of the India operations of a major consumer products multinational. A self-described cubicle dweller by day and writer by night, Mainak is also the author of over a dozen books, some of which have been bestsellers in India and abroad. These books have been translated into Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, German and Portuguese. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Puja, and their son, Aaditya. When not at work or with his family, he can usually be found working on, or thinking about his next book.

When I received the book, I was instantly drawn towards its mysterious cover - smoke soaring over high rise buildings, and a man holding a gun. Could this be an action packed novel revolving around bullets and war? I quickly turned to the back cover, and the first line of the blurb, bold and in large font, caught hold of my attention -   “At 03:02 on a Sunday morning, the world as we knew it came to an end.”

The first few pages revolves around corporate policies, ambitions, dreams and designations. Aadi is happy, he is ecstatic, celebrating his promotion with colleagues. He realizes he has come a long way in his career, stepping up the corporate ladder, and possessing a respectable position in his organization. Little did he know that the next morning would render all these meaningless. Every target he had tried to achieve, the spreadsheets which kept him awake long nights, and the innumerable meetings conducted to finalize business deals, would no longer hold an essence the following day.

’03:02’ by Mainak Dhar jolts you, shakes you, and makes you sit up and think. This book is an eye-opener for most of us. In fact, the blurb stands true when it states ‘This is our story’.  How many of us use electricity and electronics gadgets on a daily basis? Most of us would raise our hands, isn’t it? Again, how many of us can survive without these means for even a single day? The thought itself is scary, something we would never imagine even in our worst nightmare. Mainak Dhar brings this fear to us through this paperback. The city of Mumbai all of a sudden faces the worst outage when electricity, mobiles, cars and other gadgets stop operating at 3:02 am on a Sunday, and nobody has any clue as to how this happened. Lives threaten to come to a standstill, and people have no idea when their devices will start working again. Food and water become the primary concern, and matters take a darker turn when goons start causing disturbances in the neighborhood. However, the worst is yet to come. Through sources, people get to know that this is a terror attack, and the terrorists have already set foot on their city.

This is when Aadi steps in. He analyzes the problems in hand, and with his sharp mind, and help from others in the society, he chips in with able solutions. He even confronts the goons and terrorists, and knocks them off on a few occasions. It is good to see him take crucial decisions at times of need, and the society hailing him as their leader. However, I would have preferred if the author had focused more on the plot instead of Aadi’s heroics. Aadi turns out to be almost flawless, which dilutes the realistic tone of the novel to a certain extent.

However, full credits to Mainak Dhar for the brilliant and unique concept and making us realize how much we have become dependent on technology. It’s as if the technological gadgets are controlling our lives, a thought we wouldn’t like to believe, and yet, is definitely true. '03:02' is a fiction, and we hope it remains so. It is a mirror of the modern times, and for all enthusiastic book lovers, comes packed with its own buffet of thoughts.

Title: 03:02
Authors: Mainak Dhar
Publisher: Westland
Publication Year: 2016
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Action
No. of Pages: 342
Price: Rs 295
My Rating: 4/5

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Tale Of Online Coupons

If we compare the number of online buyers in India today with respect to a decade ago we would see a phenomenal rise. This is a result of the technology boom and the massive awareness associated with it that has enveloped us globally, and we are more open to the idea of monetary transactions over the web. Some would argue that online shopping does not give them the benefit of a trial (in case of clothing) or the feel of the article before buying, but many sites have come up with Virtual 3D trial that does serve as a suitable (if not better) alternative.

People get all the more thrilled when ‘discounts’ and ‘offers’ come bundled with their shopping experiences. After all, who doesn't like to take advantage of such deals? With numerous online shopping stores doing the round, wouldn't it be great to have a site dedicated completely to the idea of providing discounts and bargains for anything we buy from the web. For the dedicated buyers, it would add to the fun. For those who are still not a firm believer of online buying, these sites can provide the right incentive to lure them into this avenue.

One of my friends was purchasing a laptop via, a renowned shopping portal, and that was when I got acquainted with By logging into Zoutons, and then purchasing the laptop, he got an additional cashback of 5%. His words instantly got me hooked. When I returned home, the first thing I did was logging into, and true to his words, I was greeted with a huge array of unbelievable coupons and offers.

Recently, I was suffering from a bout of cold and cough, and a friend studying Homeopathy suggested me a medicine. To my utter dismay and confusion, I wasn't able to find the medicine in the chemist stores located in my area. I had heard of online portals for medicine, and browsing through I came across 1mg coupons (1mg is an online medicine store). I searched for the medicine and easily found it there. The icing on the cake was the 25% discount that offered for purchasing the medicine from that site.

Sites like is a boon to all online buyers. It is hassle free and easy to use, the interface is clean and one wouldn't feel lost. Moreover, it gives us the scope for some savings on our buying, which is always a drool worthy proposition.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Getting Started With NEET

Competitive exams were a hassle not so long ago. I remember how a friend of mine used to travel from one state to the other, almost every week, to apply for the medical entrance exams of the respective states. He used to tell me, “I wish there was a centralized examination for admission in medical colleges all over India. We wouldn't have to spend our money, time and energy in traveling to different cities, and instead focus more on studies.” He did become a doctor by qualifying through one of the state examinations, but the entire process of getting admitted into a college did have its shares of potholes.

However, times have changed, and with the introduction of NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test), admission into Medical and Dental courses have become smoother. Now, a student can invest a larger share of his time on studying and preparing for the exam. He wouldn't have to experience the fatigue that creeps within when one has to appear in entrance exams in different parts of the country. Moreover, this centralized process of admission will grant a greater transparency and visibility into the entire process.

We have often heard reports of corruption in admission procedures. NEET aspires to remove them, which is a welcome move in our education system. We not only need doctors, but we require quality ones, and a uniform admission system does raise our hopes. The NEET Syllabus follows the CBSE curriculum.

More details about this selection procedure can be fetched from the CBSE NEET Website. As usual, every change comes with its own share of resistance. NEET aims to make life easier for all medical aspirants, reduce their inconvenience, and give them more time to  study and become the country’s torch bearers in medical and dental fields in the near future. This is a welcome change, something that we should all learn to embrace.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Entertainment At Your Fingertips With Online Bingo

As a bingo lover, doesn't it feel impressive to be able to access all your favorite games of bingo anywhere, anytime; with one click of a button? Gone are the days when playing bingo meant driving down to a bingo hall. All you need now, is a smart phone or tablet with Internet access. That’s right. No more carrying your laptops too!

Mobile bingo is the latest trend! You can pre-buy your tickets to the game you have selected and do pretty much everything you could do on your laptop. You can even play all of the slot games, casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, etc and even chat with your online bingo buddies. This feature however isn’t available on all mobile versions.

The contributing factor to online bingo’s tremendous success is the convenience that it has brought to the lives of bingo enthusiasts. The software that online bingo sites use is highly sophisticated and that is how players are given an abundant number of choices when it comes to selection of games and the user interface is extremely easy to use as well. Players can navigate through the website peacefully.

Other than being able to easily access bingo anytime, anywhere, the game has additional features such as bonuses, promotions and other freebies like free bingo tickets, free spins, cash vouchers and more. All of these freebies are given out on GameVillage Bingo and if you would like to read a full review of the site, then click on this link.

The additional bonuses that players get, enables them to play games for a longer time thereby giving them more chances to win prizes. There are welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses in either bingo or casino that can be made use of.

So, keep collecting quick bonuses and make use of them adequately for a fun and worthwhile time online.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


 (Image Source:

beneath the stories
that I have penned
a few ghosts rested
asleep, unearthed

the closet was locked
I had thrown away the key
then came the knock
I was no longer me

why bury what haunts
the memories of the past
the skeletons screamed aloud
the cupboard wouldn't last

whispers were heard
and echoes in the room
the light was turned off
and then, a sudden 'boom'

I woke up with a sweat
no, this wasn't a dream
a connection was made
with a world beyond my realm

I could feel her touch
my body shuddered, froze
the icy glare, the sharp nails
I shut my eyes close

the moon peeped scared
the silhouette now in sight
"What is your name?" asked she
I screamed with all my might

 This Poem is shared with Prompt Nights - Ghost Stories.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Zee Classic Premieres 'Gandhi'

A gift for all Cinema lovers, with its proposition of 'WohZamaanaKareDeewana', Zee Classic is India's only Hindi movie channel that endeavors to recreate the magic of iconic classics and new age cinema by showcasing not just the films that shaped Indian cinema but also acquaint viewers with the creative talent who were a part of that timeless era.

In order to mark the occasion of India’s 70th year of independence, Zee Classic premieres one of the most iconic films of all times, Gandhi (1982). Gandhi was produced and directed by Richard Attenborough and written by John Briley. Starring Ben Kingsley, Rohini Hattangadi, Edward Fox, Roshan Seth, amongst others, the story is that of an Indian lawyer who returned from racially segregated South Africa to drive the British out of his home country through successive acts of non-violent protest. The movie portrays how simplicity and the power collectivism can throw over a whole British empire bringing them to their knees.

As Zee Classic gears up to premiere ‘Gandhi', this Saturday, on 13th August at 8 PM in ‘India’s Finest Films’ and on Monday, 15th August at 9:30 AM, they came up with a list of who would be a part of this classic if it was to be re-made in 2016! Interesting!


1982 : Sir Richard Attenborough had the ability and talent to accommodate a person’s entire lifespan in a couple of hours. He did a phenomenal job right from the research to bringing alive the legacy of the father of our nation on big screen.

2016 : Ashutosh Gowarikar, known for his love for historical films and bringing lost eras to life with Lagaan, Jodha Akbar and Swadesh, is undoubtedly our choice to direct this film today.

Mahatma Gandhi

1982 : Ben Kingsley played the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the movie.

: Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is the man for the job. Known for his chameleon skills to adapt to various roles and characters combined with his attention to detail, Aamir Khan should play the role of our beloved Baapu.

Kasturba Gandhi


1982 : Rohini Hattangadi, beautifully portrayed Kasturba Gandhi, wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. 

2016 : Kajol, one of India’s most acclaimed actresses can easily pull off the role of Baa.

General Dyer

1982 : Edward Fox is etched in our minds as the dreadful and shrewd General Dyer who was hated by all for his infamous Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

2016 : Tom Alter with his international looks and versatile talent can be General Dyer in ‘Gandhi’.

Jawahar Lal Nehru

1982 : Roshan Seth played the role of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to perfection.

2016 : The Nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan wins hands down with his charming royal looks.

Sardar Patel

1982 : Saeed Jaffery pulled off the role of The Iron Man of India, Sardar Patel, flawlessly.            

2016 : PareshRawal is known for his diverse character roles and this makes him our choice to play the part.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah



1982 : Alyque Padamsee brought to life an important historic figure, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, popularly known as the father of Pakistan in history

2016 : Irrfan Khan, a global Indian, will surely cut ice in this role.

Lord Mountbatten

1982 : Peter Harlowe played the part with the sternness of a bureaucrat and an attitude on his face.

2016 : The suave, Rajat Kapoor has our vote to play the last viceroy of the British Indian Empire.

Whether it was 1982 or 2016, the story of the man who brought India independence needs to be told and needs to be heard!

Do tune-in to Zee Classic to watch Richard Attenborough directed ‘Gandhi’ this Saturday, 13th August at 8 PM and Monday, 15th August at 9:30 AM, a treat this Independence Day.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Do Not Hit, Do Not Run

When I first learnt to drive, a family member told me, "Driving is about being responsible towards the other people on the road, equally as you are responsible towards your own self." The words have etched into my memory till date.

Driving is powerful. After all, who doesn't want to storm through the streets, overtaking other vehicles. We are all fascinated by speed. We love to lead. We feel good when we are far ahead in the race. It's exhilarating to boast about your high velocity ride. After all, isn't this what we have all seen in movies? And then, as usual, we try to incorporate it into our real lives.

That's when a moment of thrill can, well, kill. That's how lives, other than you, who have nothing to do with your speedometer data, gets risked. That's how there is a hit, and then the subsequent run.

We all are aware of the numerous hit-and-run cases that are on trial for long. Whether justice gets delivered or not, one thing is for sure, the future of the victim is no less than a horror story, something that one would shudder to remember, and yet, can never erase from the memory. If the victim survives, it is only with multiple injuries which threaten his will power, his self confidence and his desire to dream. If unfortunately he doesn't, it's his family, relatives, and friends, who are left to fight the biggest catastrophe of their lives, uninformed, and unarmed.

We can't ban cars. We can't ask people not to drive. How do we then stop this growing menace of hit-and-run incidents?

As a start, we have to promise ourselves never to chase speed. We might be a little late to our destination, but that's fine. At least it's better than taking someone's life, the victim not suspecting what foul play destiny has designed for him. He may be walking home, where his wife awaits him for a romantic candle light dinner, or his parents keeping their sleep at bay until their son returns. It may be his birthday today, or his anniversary, or his parents' birthday, or perhaps just another day in his life, whether it has gone well or not, at least do not snatch the right from him of embracing tomorrow.

Secondly, we have to curb drunk driving. We often return from late night parties, drunk, yet believing ourselves to be sober, and driving in that state. We may have been doing it since years, and the fact that we haven't met with an accident till date has further re-instated our believes that we are fit enough to drive even under the influence of alcohol. DON'T. Never take your position behind the steering wheel even if you had a few pints of alcohol. Why should someone else suffer for your carelessness?

Lastly, do not run. If you hit someone, even accidentally, it's your moral duty to get things right. Take the injured victim as quickly as possible to the hospital. Make sure that your mistake doesn't prove fatal to others. After all, everyone, whether in a car, or not, has a right to live. Use the road, safely, responsibly.

That's why cars were invented, to drive, and not kill.

Sand Art

with bare feet
the dancer swirls at the beach
sand art and rain

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem - "Only The First Line".

Monday, July 04, 2016

The Tantric Curse - Review

On an amavasya night, eight-year-old Rhea mysteriously lands at the doors of Shaktidham, a Tantric house of worship, in a trance. Realizing that she is blessed with unusual faculties, the guru of Shaktidham, Satya, chooses her as a disciple over his own son, Krishnam, to carry on his lineage, a privilege previously bestowed only to males. But the lineage has been cursed for generations, and it is up to Rhea to either break the curse or perish in the attempt. Will she succeed in her endeavour? Will her love for Krishnam become an obstacle in her path? The Tantric Curse, an unusual story set in the world of Tantra that aims to dispel most of the myths about the practice, will keep you spellbound till the very last page.

About the Author
Anupama Garg was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She has studied chemistry, business management and law. She has been training under her Guru, Baba Batuk Nathji, a renowned Tantric and head of the Bhoot Nath Charitable Trust, since the last twenty-two years. Today she conducts experiential workshops for corporates, hospitals, college and schools under the name 'Life by Choice'. She also devotes time at the ashram of her Guru, The Bhoot Nath Ashram. Anupama is married and lives with her husband and son.
If you stare at the cover for too long, you might, well, be forced to keep staring at it. Ah, don’t get scared, but the cover of this book seemed to have a hypnotising effect on me, and I was instantly drawn towards the two big eyes and the white silhouette of the girl. A good start one may say, signifying that the cover stands true to the theme of the story – Tantra.

Interestingly, Anupama Garg, the author, has been trained under a renowned Tantric, Baba Batuk Nath ji, which adds an altogether different dimension to the book. Tantra as a subject in India is surrounded by myths and controversies. It is often termed as dangerous to the society, a pre-conceived notion that does not tend to go away easily. The reason can be attributed to the fact that there are many practitioners who have used the knowledge of Tantra for their own selfish deeds, thus maligning the art. ‘The Tantric Curse’ intends to shed light on all misconceptions, clearing our thoughts and bringing Tantra to us in a refreshing and sacred perspective.

Rhea is the protagonist of the story. After the sudden demise of her parents, eight year old Rhea comes to Shaktidham. Satya, the guru of Shaktidham, allows her to live there and loves her like his own daughter. He soon realizes that Rhea is special, and has the power to foresee the future. He decides to make her his disciple, and imparts her with knowledge of Tantra that he possesses. Satya’s son, Krishnam, is a few years older to Rhea, and loves to spend time with her. The feeling is mutual, as they share their stories, dreams, desires and aspirations with each other. As time passes by, love grows between the two. Krishnam makes her feel like a woman, exploring her sexuality, and instigating a passionate fire between them.  Rhea wants to be with him, forever. When he leaves Shaktidham, her heart is still glued to him, knowing that he would always belongs to her.

Tantra is an art that should be worshipped. Anupama Garg brings out several facets of this art that most of us are unaware of. Through the protagonist Rhea, her teacher Satya, and her lover, Krishnam, the author imparts pieces of knowledge about Tantra. The use of meditation, the fruits of Sadhana and the meaning of Kundalini Yoga are briefly described, inviting the readers to learn more about them.

Rhea is a calm, level – headed and mature girl. The book depicts her journey from a little girl to a responsible adult, highlighting the challenges that she faced on her way, and showcasing the rewards that she deserved. She is there in almost all the pages of the book, which strengthens her character, but does not give much emphasis on the others, perhaps, apart from Satya. Krishnam disappears halfway into the book, and only makes an appearance towards the end. Other characters like Rhea’s and Krishnam’s friends come and go for brief periods of time, and are not able to make any lasting impression.

The author tries to introduce a few twists in the course of the story, like the moment when Rhea was attacked by the evil Tantric Bhairava. Though she braves the situation, and with the help of Satya and Krishnam she was able to save her life, I found it difficult to digest that the transformation of Bhairava came across quicker than expected. Dr. Vishnukant’s entry into the plot added another twist, as he slowly became obsessed with Rhea, trying everything to hold her back to him. I found it tough to comprehend that despite Rhea being fully aware of Vishnukant’s feelings towards him, and his sexual advances which she didn’t like, why did she still continue living with him. Perhaps, it was her own way to let him know that however he may try, she can never be his, as her past, present and future was devoted towards Krishnam. However, that doesn’t convince me much.

‘TheTantric Curse’ holds promises, with an unconventional backdrop. The initial chapters are riveting and don’t let you keep the book down. However, as the story progresses, the plot seems to drag a bit, and often sounds preachy. The book does have potential, but fails to linger on to you once you finish it. This is a decent one time read, and can be picked up for some valuable lessons on Tantra and the art of living life with love, peace and happiness.

Title: The Tantric Curse
Authors: Anupama Garg
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Publication Year: 2015
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Fiction
No. of Pages: 256
Price: Rs 295
My Rating: 3/5

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Ramayana - The Game of Life (Book 3) : Stolen Hope - Review

In the evil labyrinths of Dandakaranya forest, human values are put to test. Rama’s righteousness, Lakshmana’s loyalty and Sita’s endurance reflect our own sense of values and judgment in difficult times. The story unfolds the facets of human life – the conflict and the trickery, the praise and the slander and, above all, the hope and the despair in the eventful forest life of the Exiled Royals.
Stolen Hope is about extreme deception and extreme love. It is about arrogant power and deep devotion. With every twist and turn, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana find themselves robbed of whatever and whoever they value most.
Exploring the dynamics of human relations – between father and son, husband and wife, teacher and disciple – and the complex game of power and greed, Stolen Hope mirrors our own dilemmas in the modern world and teaches us how we must overcome them.
Seek courage when everything, including hope, is stolen.

About the Author
Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law with a specialization in patent law. His leadership seminars are popular with top-level management in corporate houses. He addresses their crucial needs through thought- provoking seminars on themes such as ‘Secrets of Lasting Relationships’, ‘Soul Curry to Stop Worry’ and ‘Work–Life Balance’ to name a few.
He believes that a good teacher, no matter how knowledgeable, always sees the process of learning and teaching simultaneously as an inherent aspect of personal and spiritual growth. He also helps individuals in different parts of the world apply the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and other dharmic traditions in dealing with modern- day life situations.

‘Stolen Hope’, the third installment of Shubha Vilas’s Ramayana – The Game Of Life series, serves as a mood shifter. You feel elated when Rama and Lakshmana defeat the demons in the Dandakaranya forest, relieved when beings under the spell of curse get freed by the divine touch of Rama; you smile when you know that Sita feels happy and contented in the forest solely for the reason that Rama has her full attention here, away from the hustle and bustle of his kingdom, and cry your heart out when she wrongly accuses Lakshmana and questions his character and intentions despite him serving his brother and his sister-in-law selflessly over the years. It’s anger that takes over you when Ravana flies away with Sita to his abode, Lanka, trying to win her love and trust through immoral means, and you start behaving impatiently when the book comes to an end, eager to know what happens next. At least, these are the emotions that travelled within me throughout my journey with this book.

The story of Ramayana isn’t new for most of us. We have read, re-read and listened to the various episodes of this epic from different sources. What then causes Shubha Vilas to stir the readers, engaging them to pick up his latest endeavor? The answer lies in the honesty and the clarity of his efforts. Though we know the basic premise of the Ramayana, we may not be aware of the subplots and the fine nuances that this epic has to offer. In fact, there are several segments, stories and characters which we haven’t heard of, or are acquainted with only a mild familiarity. Shubha Vilas tries to bring these points to the fore, enlightening us with the minutest of details. These pieces of information serve more like a jigsaw puzzle, and when we put the pieces together, we start seeing the Ramayana in a different light altogether, clearer and illuminating.

‘Stolen Hope’ starts where ‘Shattered Dreams’ concluded, in the Dandakaranya forest, highlighting the adventures of the divine trio – Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. As they move from one place to the other, we are introduced to several interesting tales and anecdotes. My personal favourites were the stories about Sage Agastya. Also, true to its essence, this adaptation of the Ramayana is wrapped in learning for our hearts and souls. The footnotes, and the pieces in boxes, are words of pure wisdom, raining the spirit of righteousness and knowledge, and leading us to the path of duty. What is interesting is that these fragments of luminance are relevant even today, and we can adopt them in our day to day activities, making our lives easier, and better.

The book begins on a positive and pleasing note. However, as it reaches its end, we are left enraged by the arrogance and evil of Ravana. As a dedicated reader of this series, I am looking forward to the next volume, where Rama would be able to free Sita from the clutches of Ravana, and punish him for all his wrong doings. Shubha Vilas’s words have magic, his narration simple and fluent, and his story-telling gripping. For all mythological lovers, this book is a must-have asset on your shelves.

Title: Ramayana - The Game of Life (Book 3) : Stolen Hope
Authors: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year: 2016
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Religious, Mythology
No. of Pages: 312
Price: Rs 299
My Rating: 4/5