Sunday, October 29, 2017

Vodafone #CelebratingSuper In Delhi NCR

Delhi has always been a story – historical, mythological, fantasy. There are tales revolving around the Indian Capital right from the time of Mahabharata. We have kings and queens, princes and princesses and brave warriors. We have Mughals, their conquests, the rise and fall, and the subsequent dynasties, and across the time line, we navigate through the British empire, their rule, and the Independence struggle, the freedom fighters, valour, and sacrifices. Delhi, to me, thus has always been a book, a conglomeration of snippets and stories, which enrich and inspire us.

Thus, when I decided to shift to Delhi a few years ago, my joy knew no bound. This was an avenue I had looked forward to, and was excited to explore. The historical sites, monuments, and the innumerable sightseeing venues lured me. And here I was, right in the heart of the Capital.

However, over the years, there have been changes. Change is inevitable, and with time, both good and bad changes have surrounded the city. It’s our tendency to generally complain of the bad changes, and we have fretted over the increasing pollution level in the city, the congestion, and the likes. The most alarming of these has been the rise in pollution, and several initiatives have been launched by Delhi Government over the years to bring a check to it. Some were accepted, some debated, and some discarded. However, the aim is to make Delhi a cleaner, better place to live.

Vodafone, a renowned brand in the Telecom industry, has come up with its own sets of cards to transform Delhi into a smart city and a better city. With multiple projects running simultaneously all over Delhi NCR, we can aptly term the initiative as #CelebratingSuper.

One of the most innovative campaigns by Vodafone was launched during Diwali this year. With the Supreme Court announcing a ban on firecrackers in Delhi NCR during the festive season, Vodafone came up with a healthier and environment friendly alternative. During the four days of festivity (from 16th October to 19th October), Super Crackers were being sold at 52 Vodafone stores across the Capital. The Super Crackers are eco-friendly water soluble papers in shape of crackers, containing soya or tulsi seeds. Thus, there won’t be any harm to the environment. In contrast, it would rather help in decreasing the pollution level of the city. When one uses these Super Crackers, the seeds of soya and tulsi will get deposited in soil, giving rise to more trees.

For those away from family and friends during the auspicious festival of Diwali, Vodafone has brought forth E-Phuljhari. The E-Phuljhari is a one of its kind personalized GIF greeting which can be designed and sent to the loved ones via social media. One has to visit the Vodafone store and design the E-Phuljhari as per his own customizations. The joy of Diwali can thus be shared even if you are far away from your own folks.

The current generation loves to dream big. They have a passion to excel and the desire to achieve. They have goals which they have set, and aspire to achieve them step by step. Several start-ups have come up in the last few years, paving way to innumerable employment opportunities. Vodafone, too, is playing a perfect role in helping these start-ups grow. It has launched a ‘Ready Startup Kit’, which creates solutions and provides help to start-ups, so that they can grow and establish themselves.

Who doesn’t want to breathe fresh air? Unfortunately, we are used to inhaling the harmful pollutants while waiting for public transport on roads. Thanks to Vodafone, this is going to change.  Vodafone has constructed an Air Purifying Bus Shelter in Safdarjung’s bus stand, one of Delhi’s busiest locations. People can now wait for their buses and inhale pure air. Vodafone is planning similar bus shelters in other parts of Delhi NCR.
Not just Diwali, Vodafone had also taken care that people enjoy Durga Puja by visiting pandals with ease and comfort. The Vodafone team had ensured wheel chair and support for differently abled people and senior citizens so that they do not face any hassles in pandals. The team distributed free water bottles to visitors and pandal hoppers in some of the prime locations in Delhi like C. R. Park, Sector 22 Dwarka and Indirapuram.

We want to stay connected all the time. Our smart phones are nothing without internet connection. Sometimes, we need to be connected on the go. For such purposes, Vodafone has setup free wifi hotspots in many parts of Delhi NCR. Now, even if you do not have mobile data, you can still connect to these wifi hotspots whenever you are outside and in need of internet connectivity.

Vodafone has been putting immense effort in making Delhi a beautiful place to live in. The #CelebratingSuper motto has been staying true to its name. However, that brings me to a question. Can’t we, as citizens of Delhi, also imbibe the culture of #CelebratingSuper within ourselves? Can we, as responsible residents of the state, and country, ensure proper hygiene around us? Delhi, or any other state, can become Super by our combined efforts. Let us pledge for the same, so that Delhi can shine gloriously and be the beauty that it deserves to be.

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