Sunday, January 26, 2020

January 26

I was introduced to Civics in Middle School, probably in the sixth standard. I remember folding the center page of my History notebook, so that the second half of the exercise copy could be used for Civics.

The significance of Constitution and Republic became more prominent thereafter to me. We were told to memorize the Preamble by heart, and were quizzed about it during exams.

Time has passed but the Republic lives on.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Your social media account is less about you and more about the lives of your contacts. How many times have you felt, scrolling through their profiles, that they are living in a far more adventurous and exciting zone than yours? How many moments have you spent wishing to be in their shoes?

Social media has got you connected to them, but unfortunately, it has also made you feel disconnected with your own self.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


This is what is happening today. You turn on the news and you find news anchors with their 'elite' panelists passing verdicts on issues that even the judiciary is yet to decide. Social media takes it forward, unearthing their own truth, and not hesitating before declaring anyone a criminal. How many lives have been lost, how many homes have been destroyed, we have no count.

And once we are bored with one 'news', we quickly move on to the new one, eager to pass our judgement again.

Friday, January 10, 2020

3 AM

Have you ever witnessed a 3am horror?

When the lights are out, and you can visualise, in the darkness, your fear taking shape.

Have you ever felt it to be real?

Was it ever, in fact, real?

Tuesday, January 07, 2020


You are knocking on the wrong door, darling. It doesn't deserve you, or the light that you possess.
You are a burning flame, magical and powerful. You deserve better.

Sunday, January 05, 2020


You've been wanting this winter never to end. The fog is soothing.It's comforting.

More peaceful then what clarity could ever be.