Saturday, March 27, 2021

Shaping Beauty With Comfort

Shapewears have seen a growth in demand in the recent years. The desire to look good and in shape has been one of the primary reasons for the same.

Often, one might buy a dress on whim, simply because of how beautiful it looks. It might also fit the person perfectly. However, the opposite scenario might also be possible. The dress may not fit as expected. And one can simply not say no to a costume that has tickled her fancy to a large extent.

So, what can be the solution here? Shapewear, indeed.

Girls, in case you are interested, you might take a look at Loverbeauty. They provide some unique designs for Shapewear and cater to all body sizes, and every age. After all, there can never be any limitation towards looking beautiful.

Loverbeauty has a catalog comprising a variety of Shapewears, Bodysuits and Waist Trainers, among others. They offer free shipping based on your order value, and a 10% discount code just for Signing Up. Refer a friend, and you end up bagging a discount too. Isn’t that great?

The Spring Sale is currently on which offers a delightful discount of up to 60%. One can choose from over its wide range of Shapewears, and avail the discount. Moreover, there are several designs that you can look into, and choose the one as per your liking. They are trendy, comfortable, and suitable for all body types. Once you use any of the products, you would surely define it as the best shapewear for tummy and waist.

Loverbeauty also offers plus size body shaper. They are handcrafted by expert craftsmen so that the customer has no room for complaints. The fabric is soft and guarantees full comfort, and can be worn on every occasion.

The pricing is pretty affordable, keeping in mind the quality on offer. The added discounts are like icings on the cake. If you are looking for good shapewear, look no further. Try Loverbeauty and indulge in inner comfort.

After all, feeling beautiful is also being comfortable.


Thursday, March 25, 2021


whirling on toes
arms placed on waists
her eyes are calm
swaying sans haste

adorned in white
as pretty as snow flake
she reminds me of swans
and peace in a lake

her nimble feet create
a world that feels divine
the one with music
the one with rhymes

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Blend It Like HerBlend


I love to experiment with the unconventional forms of tea. They bring with them new flavours, while also cleansing the inner self 😇

I was thus pleasantly surprised on receiving this wonderful tea hamper from HerBlend  ☕

The jars of Floral Summer and Vintage Autumn come infused with the fragrance of fresh herbs. The sachets of Lemon Tea are sure to tickle the taste buds, while adding the much needed sip of refreshment 🌺

And I love chocolates 🍬 The Dark Chocolates that came with the pack were simply irresistible 🤤

Thanks for the beautiful postcard with the personalized note. This made the entire package all the more special 👌


A Note To All The Tea-Lovers : If you are looking to try out something new, do get in touch with HerBlend ✅ They offer a wide range of products, which I am sure will cater to your taste-buds 😊

You can get in touch with HerBlend in the following ways:





Contact No.: +91 8493057690

Wednesday, March 03, 2021