Thursday, July 30, 2020

Little Birdie

 Ever wished for a good company while it rains?

Keep your doors and windows open, you never know who might drop in next.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

DesignCap - Your Perfect Partner For Designing

Have you ever wanted your Presentation for the next day’s client meeting to look more professional? Or perhaps you might have desired to create a brochure for your business that seemed attractive. If you are job seeker, you would definitely want your resume to catch the attention of the Interview Panel, isn’t it?

Let’s get to something where we invest most of our free time. Social Media. Wouldn’t you want your Facebook or Instagram Covers to look absolutely stunning, with a mix of your pictures, text and graffitti.

There are several Online Creative Tools on the Internet. A simple search on the browser would bring up hundreds of them. I did try a few in the past, but was not completely satisfied. Either they were too complex, which meant that I had to invest a lot of hours to only learn the basics of those tools, or they were too simple and did not appeal to me. While I was still looking for a good tool to gear up the presentation quotients for my work, I came across