Sunday, June 30, 2013


firefly O firefly
will you light up my hut
with a hundred lamps

firefly O firefly
you know not my name
yet you shine my world

firefly O firefly
igniting the mystic pond
for weary travelers

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kolkata To Gurgaon

A journey is like a million stars, fascinating, and intriguing. We don't know what lies beyond those tiny spheres, and yet we dream of touching their warmth, somehow, perhaps.

Tomorrow I embark on one such journey, leaving my hometown Kolkata behind, with sweet memories filling my mind and serving as desserts whenever I am in need of one. The train would take me to Delhi, the capital of our nation, and then I have to quickly find a place to stay in Gurgaon. Uncertainties, uncertainties, but isn't that what makes life all the more exciting.

I have been transferred for work purposes by my organization, and am looking forward to the opportunities that come my way; lot to learn and experience.

Travel arrangements have taken a lot of my time in the last few days, due to which my blogging activities have reduced. However, I will be back with full fervor once I get settled there. Hopefully, it shouldn't take more than a week.

Do wait for me my friends; your companionship and wishes have always stood by me, and I promise to return to this amazing world of words soon, very very soon.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When Past Meets Present, And Future

The Sad Demise Of Nina’s Aunt’ – that’s how the tale begins, and then gradually progresses, through characters that come in and out of their shells, narrating their sides of the story, and the flow of events, as time silently listens.

Yes, time plays an integral part in the novel 'Not Only The Things That Have Happened', which takes place over a thirty six hours period, but also stretches wide through several decades to bring all the pieces together. Annakutty is the protagonist of the novel, and the plots, and subplots, revolve around her, and her attempts to reconcile with her loneliness. She fails, though, in coming to terms with the loss of her son, born out of wedlock, whom she had given up for adoption. The boy, becomes a man with the passage of time and destiny, and struggles to identify himself with an unknown past. It is this struggle, and the unfamiliarity ingrained deep in their lives, that form the crux of the story.

As we roll over the pages, we witness moments of subtle numbness that haunt as well as soothe us, tears and smiles walk hand in hand, and we are effortlessly transferred from the fresh promises of hope to the dusty terrains of despair. Mridula Koshy, better known for her acclaimed short story collection ‘If It Is Sweet’, presents to the readers a tale of longing that’s full of heart and soul, counting the absences, and often posting the unanswerable question – “What if.”

At a point in this novel, Annakutty tells her niece Nina, “If it is real, you can remember not only the things that have happened, but also the things that are going to happen.” In a way, this belief confronts the facts that we have learnt to term as obvious, and instead gives us the power to bestow in all that we had wished to be true.

The story telling is immaculate, brilliant at parts, and accompanied with a beauty that is raw and divine. Each of the chapters narrates a different perspective, and we, delve deeper into the words, transforming ourselves into the characters of the book. The description is spot-on, with the Kerala villages painted in an absolutely stunning manner; the idiosyncrasies and the traditional norms highlighted that reflect the true picture of the society.

The characters rise and grow beyond the pages, transcending the immortality of words. You identify with them, and learn to live with them, so much so that even their unnatural behavior seems justifiable. Mark my words; characterization is the biggest strength of this story. Annakutty, Asa, Saramma, Tessie, Nina, Gretchen, Marge and Juice Uncle sneak into your mind, and stays within you long after you have finished this novel.

Like a work of art this novel narrates its tale, and you are drawn hypnotically towards its innate charms. Do not disengage yourself; rather, drift with the flow, and delve deeper into the trance. This book is about emotions of love, loss, trust and more, and once you are done unraveling the numerous tales hidden within the pages, you ponder over the firm faith that served as Annakutty’s strength throughout her life - “If it is real, you can remember not only the things that have happened, but also the things that are going to happen.

Title: Not Only The Things That Have Happened
Author: Mridula Koshy
Publisher: Fourth Estate
Publication Year: 2012
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 360
My Rating: 4/5

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Painting The Skies

painting the skies
red, blue, green and purple
and orange too

~ o ~

stars shoot skywards
smiles of joy, togetherness
flashing silken wings 

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Under Green Shades

under green shades
farmer munches silently
bread, warm with love

bread, warm with love
his wife brings to him daily
under green shades

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vision Of The Redeemers

Corruption, with a capital C, is rampant in our country. Scams are on the rise and all possible attempts to stop these malpractices have been rendered futile, either due to lack of a common direction, or the scarcity of motivation to follow strict principles and moral values. Corruption has been deeply ingrained in our society, and whether we agree or not, we all are a part of this evil, in one way or the other.

‘The Redeemers’ is a story of four individuals, Vikram, Yuvika, Manisha and Akshay, who are close friends. Their fathers had been the best of friends, and this bond was imbibed seamlessly among their kids. They come together on a vacation to spend time and enjoy with each other, and that proved to be the turning points in their lives. They confront situations that question the moral integrity of the county, and its people, and they, referred to as G4 or Gang of Four, resolve to take matters in their hand. However, they do so in a methodical way without resorting to any display of violence.

G4 carves out a plan to rid the country of corruption, and immediately starts working towards achievement of its objectives. Their young ages do not deter their confidence, and as they gradually taste success in their endeavors, their self believes rise. They march ahead with determination, convincing youngsters and the adults of the country to free themselves of corruption and lead a life of truth and honesty. They highlight the benefits of leading life in a true manner and urge people to let go of their greed and unnecessary hunger.

Suresh Taneja, the author, is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He is looking after the financial affairs of a listed company. He writes regularly on a variety of issues, which are generally influenced by real life events. However, he is also keen to experiment with different genres and aspires to make full use of his storytelling abilities. Suresh wishes that this book is read by maximum number of youths and adults in this country, so that they can assess the gravity of the situation and play a constructive part in evolving the system and rescuing it from decay.

The plot is constructed in a beautiful way and as you turn over the pages, your conscience grows along with those of the characters in the book. You too start to identify the corruption that’s prevalent all around you, and take a firm resolve to do something about it. However, though presented beautifully, the story doesn't really outline the serious challenges faced by the protagonists. True, there have been references to a few people who were not pleased with the movement, and thus had tried to belittle the intentions of the G4 team. However, their change of hearts came rather soon, which I would term as more of an idealistic case than a real life example. However, this again is solely my personal view, and things can be quite different in real life. We do not know yet, and thus can not comment judicially, on what would happen in future if such an event actually takes place.

‘The Redeemers’ is an attempt by Suresh Taneja to probe the issues that give rise to corruption. Not only that, this book also provides some feasible solutions, which if properly contemplated upon, do have the potential to provide desirable results. Yes, by solutions I mean real solutions that can effectively be put into practice. As wisely mentioned in the book, corruption is a double edged sword; it might be beneficial for us today, but can eventually turn against us in future.

I loved the author’s visualization of India two decades from now, and would love to see that happening in real. However, for that, combined action from all of us is needed. Shun all evil and corrupt practices, and embrace the path of truth, honesty and integrity. Trust me, the country, and we the people, would live in greater happiness and peace if we can get discard our dishonesty.

Suresh provides us the vision. It’s time for us to turn that into reality.

Title: The Redeemers
Author: Suresh Taneja
Publisher: Frog Books
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Number of Pages: 229
My Rating: 3/5

But this book here.

Time To Say Goodbye

I walk on musical notes, sometimes, to feel the rhythm my life undertakes in this dusty sulfurous weather. Acid prickling my mind like glistening raindrops, evaporating against the wheatish contours, a touch too sharp, rendering me futile, paralyzed against the shearing pain that I am supposed to experience. Yet, I trudge along gently, carving music with every step, C major, A minor and B flat obeying my commands.

Perhaps, the moment is near, anticipated, yet dreaded, the time to say goodbye. How much I may try, I can not control fate, and the intricacies of destiny. Stuck in this web of constant motion, I flow with the tide, waiting to catch a glimpse of that elusive shore, where lives would dwell in music, dancing with the birds of glee.

Goodbye, today, as I embrace tomorrow, a new dawn, with yet another sun, floating on the lake, where rows my boat.

PS: This is just a piece of fiction. I am not going anywhere, and am here to stay ;-)

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Colorful Kaleidoscope

Click on the image below to read my review of Kaleidoscope, an initiative of SpringTide.

Title: Kaleidoscope
Author: Various
Editor: SpringTide, Pawas Jain
Publisher: Parlance Publishers
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 248
My Rating: 4/5

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"Swimming Against The Current Is Always Difficult But Never Impossible"

A 2008 graduate in Zoology Honours and holding a diploma in Hardware Engineering, Chandan Sharma started his career as a technical specialist and has worked for companies like IBM and DELL. While working with the IT giants he continued to pursue his passion for writing as a freelance writer. He has written for many local magazines and has also participated in programmes of Akashwani Patna. He has been an active freelance writer and has helped a few companies to develop their content. He has an instinct for observing different things going on around him and hence the art of writing comes naturally to him. 'Me and She 2: A Story of Romance, Remorse and Reincarnation' is his first novel and is inspired by people working in different MNCs and BPOs. It has a very close and tentative look towards the life of a common out-station boy working in a so-called IT company.

Congratulations Chandan for your debut novel ‘Me and She 2: A Story of Romance, Remorse and Reincarnation.’ I would really love to know more about you and the book.

In case you find any question offensive, you can skip it. I apologize in advance for such instances.

“Zoology Honours graduate - diploma in Hardware Engineering – MNCs – freelancer.” – How did writing and the wish to become an author fit among all these different roles that you have pursued?

I know it’s a bit jumbled up. A person does lots of things in his life but his main goal is only one. So, apart from the fact that my different studies and roles give me experience, ideas and chance to interact with different people, my main aim is to concentrate on my writing.

Please tell us something about the plot of this novel. This surely looks unconventional, and pleasantly so. How did you come up with this plot?

I don’t know whether it is unconventional but it’s a little different than other stories. The story is funny and it embraces all the odds and bitter facts of society. The latter half is embedded with intense emotions and few messages. 

Stories reflect society and the world we live in. How much of your story is based on real life experiences?

This story is very much close to the reality of daily life. In fact, while I was writing the story, I was bit confuse with the social issues part in the story but as I headed to the end of it. They were pretty much complimented the story, and being a writer, giving right message to the society is something I always try to do.

How was the entire process of writing this novel?

It was quick. I started to writer the story in December 2011 and it was finished in May 2012. People may think that it’s a big period of time but when you talk about a novel, its quick. I relived many parts of my life and talked with different people working in BPO and other MNCs to research about the subject. Overall, it was a good experience.

If you had the chance to change anything in your novel, what would you choose?

There is nothing which I think I have added in the story. It has fun, love, action, emotions, humor and it’s a quick read. In today’s life when time matters so much. I have written a novel which can be finished in a day or even less. But yet it gives you everything which you want from a story.

What do you do when you are not writing? What are your other hobbies?

I do like playing cricket, traveling, playing video games, cooking and watching movies with friends. 

Would you like to write a sequel to this story?

Definitely, it is a good story which gives win-win situation to everyone who reads the story, disregards of religion, community or gender. Feel-good stories are always loved. I may come up with a sequel as well.  

Who are your role models?

I like and admire ‘Shaheed-e-Azam’ Bhagat Singh a lot. His ideologies towards life are still relevance. In writing, I like everyone who writes well. I admire established author to aspiring writers. I don’t think there is someone specific. 

Every writer encounters that dreaded “writer’s block.” How do you deal with it?

Reading and visiting new places always work for me. There are times when you cannot write anything for months but inspiration/motivation has no doors or windows, they can pop-in anytime. 

Are you currently working on any new story? 

Yes, I am working on my science-fiction story called ‘Faceless Enigma- life beyond faces’. It has a very unique story line and around 7 month’s research had been done before writing it. I would not like to disclose many things about it. You will have to wait till it hits the bookstores.

What would be your message to the readers?

A lot of hard work is involved before writing any book. At times you get disappoint and many times you feel great after reading a novel. The only secret to enjoy reading is to leave the last novel you read with its last page…new novel, new start. 

Read my book, you will feel related and will enjoy every shade of the characters. If you are in a BPO you should read it to realize, how enjoyable your life is (you know what I mean). And people who are not in a BPO, then you must read it. It’s nothing like a place to chill and without skills. I have read description of a call-center in many novels and I feel, they have little idea of BPO life. 

What would you like to say to all aspiring authors out there?

There are many hurdles, obstacles and problems which would try to stop you and distract you from your goal. These problems are actually shape-shifters. Sometimes they appear as your friend, parents, wife, girlfriend or even you. Never forget what you want. Swimming against the current is always difficult but never impossible.  

Thanks a lot for your time. I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. All the best for your current and future goals.

I did enjoy a lot. And thank you for asking wonderful questions. Best of luck to you too.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kawasemi (Kingfisher)

the royal prince
adorned with rainbow
rules the seas

rules the seas
and skies, and the earth
the royal prince

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Lotus Blooms Here

monsoon nectar
pouring down from heaven
a lotus blooms here

a lotus blooms here
in the midst of that pond
where once we kissed

where once we kissed
now hopes filled with muddy drought
longing for rebirth

longing for rebirth
I tread along unknown path
a lotus blooms here

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Secret Meeting

in the old barn
behind the straw bales
a secret meeting

passionate playful delights
let there be no sun tonight

A Tan Renga is a form of poetry comprising of two verses, each written by different poets. The first one follows the 5-7-5 syllable count format while the second follows the 7-7 format. To know more about this form, click here.

Here, the first three lines are written by Kristjaan, while the last two lines have been penned down my me.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Her Rippling Dimples

her rippling dimples
carved across soft contours
of her silken cheeks

her rippling dimples
flutter many eager hearts
that long for her love

her rippling dimples
smiling with the joyous spring
and here comes the rain

her rippling dimples
fresh dew drops on rose petals
lady of my dreams

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hotaru (Firefly)

stars descend tonight
on the dewy garden grass
outside my window

a tiny firefly
shows me the way
this moonless night

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Samidare (midsummer rain)

first drops of rain
on dusty summer soil
sweet aroma

sweet aroma
dawns upon my senses
dancing to the tune

dancing to the tune
pitter-patter raindrops
I row paper boats

I row paper boats
ah, beauty of this moment
first drops of rain

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Together, And Soon

(Image Source:

Stars twinkle a thousand magical words
Weaved, bred, tuned, in sync with the angel's song
Swim and fly alongside the rainbow birds
A white packet of smile, red box of hope
This is the land where you truly belong
Hey, sway to the beat, hold on to the rope
Romancing the mermaids on silent moon
Sleep well dear, nothing can ever go wrong
Dreams we will make true, together, and soon.

Note: This is my first attempt in writing a Nocturna. The Nocturna is basically a nine line poetry form based on the nocturne theme containing three, three line lessons recited during the night. The subject must be nocturnal and it consists of three couplets linked by the rhyme of the center line. There are ten syllables per line. The rhyming pattern is "a. b. a. c. b. c. d. b. d."

This Poem is shared with IGWRT - Sunday Mini Challenge - Nocturna.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Vodka, Love And A Delightful Concoction

Click on the image below to read my review of Love is Vodka: A Shot Ain’t Enough by Amit Shankar.

Title: Love is Vodka: A Shot Ain’t Enough
Author: Amit Shankar
Publisher: Vitasta Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Number of Pages: 212
My Rating: 4/5

Buy this book here.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Evolution, A Revolution

Evolution, a revolution
of ideas accepted once
now defied amidst logic
conjured today
in well framed building blocks
that grow, and gain
length and width
circumference measured
with scale of time
knowing no bound

Evolution, a revolution
never stops
a steady pace
that makes the world
go round and round

Evolution is creation
and the path of continuation
and perhaps
the ultimate destruction

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Hatsugatsuo (first Bonito)

a silent ripple
I aim and the stones and catch
my first Bonito


I dine at my favorite place
Bonito dish

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013


"Can we be friends?"


"Trust me I have turned into a veggie."

"Huh! Your ritual of licking your lips when you eye us states it all."

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Come Out Of The Shell, Take Risks, Have A Dream, Have Faith

Sanket Ghag, born Piscean, is a happy-go-lucky guy since his childhood who never bothered about what lay ahead in the future; he lives in the own dream world. Studies being his last priority, he is a drop-out by choice in his last year of graduation from Bhavans College as he wanted to chase his film dreams. But on the persistent pressure from parents he studied Interior Design at Rachana Sansad and worked as an Interior Designer for 4 years. Since his heart was always in films, one morning he resigned his well- paying secure job as Senior Interior Designer and joined L S Raheja Film and Television to chase his dream and is now working in the Hindi Film Industry as an Assistant Art Director. Sanket loves writing and photography and wants to be a filmmaker.

To read my review of 'Chameleons', click here.

Congratulations Sanket on your debut novel ‘Chameleons’. It was a pleasure reading and reviewing it. Now, it’s time to more know about you, and your story.

In case you find any question offensive, you can skip it. I apologize in advance for such instances.

Let’s start with the basic question first. Tell us more about yourself than what is already mentioned in the ‘About The Author’ section of the book.

Ahh the basic question turns out to be the most difficult as I too know very little about myself. But if I need to tell more about myself, I have an imaginary friend whom I talk to most of the time, he guides me through good and bad times. His name is Sunny and he says “Hi” to everyone, I am a die hard believer of Love and Karma, And to confess I m a Dada’s boy. I love watching films so much that nowadays I cannot sleep without watching a film every night, I spend half of my salary watching films in theaters and to sum it up I am a ‘Filmykeeda.’

Interior Designing to novel to movies – how has been the journey like?

The journey has been a bumpy hell ride and still is. It wasn't easy for me to give up my secured job to chase a dream which looked like an oasis to everyone. But one has to take that leap of faith into the air to catch your dream, the landing depends on how strong your faith; if strong enough you land safe if not you break a heart. For me I have been lucky, I landed safe. But still a long distance is yet to be traveled and I’m enjoying each and every moment of this bumpy journey.

Writing novels or making movies, what appeals to you most?

This is a tough question, real tough question. If someone would have asked me this question before my book got published I would have definitely said “Making movies” but now after getting positive review about my debut novel “Chameleons” I m really in a dilemma . So I would say both. Writing and Filmmaking both give me satisfaction.

Who are your role models?

In writing I would say Mr . J. D. Salinger. I m amazed with his novel “The Catcher in the Rye.” In Films I follow Mr Billy Wilder of the past era. He has given some iconic films like “Double Indemnity,” “Apartment,” etc; Mr Christopher Nolan  for “Memento” and Mr Steven Spielberg from the current time and in life my biggest role model is my father Mr Sadashiv Ghag . He taught me the most important lesson of my life “Believe in you dreams.”

What are your hobbies? Tell us about them.

I love traveling without reservation, I love Street photography, Watching films and chatting on whatsapp, bbm and Facebook.

How did you come up with the plot and story-line of ‘Chameleons’? How much of ‘Chameleons’ is based on your real life experiences?

To be frank I was going through a rough patch in my life, when one of my close friends suggested me to write whatever turmoil that was going inside me. She said that it would help me keep calm. So this was supposed to be my diary of frustration, but when another friend of mine read the diary he thought I was writing a novel. He loved it so much and was telling how easily he could visualize all the events, which gave me an idea to convert this diary into a novel. I started getting ideas to make it more interesting and here today you are reading a novel. I can’t claim the whole book to be a work of fiction or totally my life story but yes there are incidents which I have taken from my life and converted into some chapters of this book. I would say the germ of the story is from my real life experiences but then I have added some spicy fiction to make it readable. Not everyone has drama in life; one has to create it and I created mine.

If you are given a chance to change something about the book, what would it be?

I m open to changes, I love and respect my readers a lot and I have got few suggestions from them regarding some repetitive chapters (Which was deliberately written because I thought it was important for the story’s progression). I would definitely work on them and to mention it would be the shower sequence where the Protagonist goes under a deep trance, everything else I’ll like to keep it as it is.

Are you currently working on your next novel? If yes, what would be it based upon?

Yes I m currently working on two novels First is a Story of three friend whose adventure picnic becomes nightmare. It’s a comedy of errors, little bit of drama and action. Second is a story of a father and son. It’s an out and out book of family value and relationship.

What is your message to your readers?

This is not my message but from my imaginary friend Sunny who always encourages me, so I will just be the messenger. Here is what he says, “Come out of the shell , take risk , trying something new , Have a dream , have faith in it , take that leap of faith and I m sure you will land safe. A man/woman without a dream is like a body without a soul. Live your live your own way.” And this message is from me, “Last but not the least don’t forget to read my book CHAMELEONS.”

What would you like to say to all the aspiring writers out there?

There are stories and inspiration everywhere- at home, your society , while traveling in train, bus , auto rickshaw everywhere . Keep yourself open to the universe you will find you story and when you find it ink it down.

Thanks a lot for your time. I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. All the best for your current and future goals.

I would rather thank you for such wonderful questions and yes I truly enjoyed this interview a lot. It was like nostalgia while answering a few questions. All the best to you too.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Shincha (New Tea)

(Image Source:

red glowing smile
served with new tea

morning wind brushes
against her dangling earrings
we sip new tea

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

A Story Of Ever Changing Human Nature

When trust turns to deceit, and hope evolves into failure, life appears to be meaningless. Weak hearts dissolve in this mist, lost in the dark oblivion. However, those with strength persevere, fight back, learn, and grow stronger. The sword, having endured the rough weather, turns out to be sharper, with a hunger in its will and a passion brimming in the soul.

'Chameleons' is the story of Sunny Ghag, an interior designer, who aspires to do well in his task and earn respect and love of his family and friends. However, things do not go his way. The girl he loves, Sania, leaves him without a proper explanation. His friend, someone who he looked upon as a business partner, betrays him when he is in need of support. His business too, isn't a smooth joyride, often leading him to situations that he finds difficult to handle. Moreover, even his mother, and sometimes, his father, blame him for idling away his time without doing any constructive work that would be beneficial to him or to others. Poor Sunny, he finds himself lost, and defeated.

However, Sunny slowly starts understanding the nature of life, and takes all the hurdles in his stride. He accepts the problems, and with a little help from others, finds out ways to counter them. He grows wiser with each experience, and learns to fight his way back to the top.

Sanket Ghag, the author, is a happy-go-lucky guy and this charming characteristic of his is reflected in the way he has penned the novel. He isn't worried about the past and enjoys the perks that come with the present. Studies were never his top priority and he dropped out by choice in his last year of graduation from Bhavans College. He wanted to be a part of the film industry, but had to study Interior Design at Rachana Sansad on his parents’ insistence and worked as an Interior Designer for four years. However, his dream of films took over and he resigned from his well paying and secure job of Senior Interior Designer and joined L. S. Raheja Film and Television. Sanket is currently working in the Hindi Film Industry as an Assistant Art Director. 

'Chameleons' has a fresh young plot that doesn't adhere to the tried-and-tested-formula of mushy college romances. Though love plays an integral part in the story, the main focus is always on the protagonist, and his transformation with time. Sunny is real, and with dreams, aims, and aspirations, he can be any one among us. I also liked the cover too, that depicts myriad of colors, perhaps signifying the harsh reality of life that showcases how people change with time.

However, there are a few weak links in the story too, my top most concern being the editing. Some of the scenes in the story appeared repetitive, and the author, along with the editor, should have tried to find suitable fixes for them. Also, I am not much in favor of using Hindi dialogues in an English novel, but that again, is my personal opinion.

'Chameleons' definitely holds a lot of promise, and delivers on most front; and yes, it has a few magic moments too – my favorite being the poem towards the end, that displays the cataclysm of emotions in Sunny’s heart. Mr. Ghag, your poem is a real gem, and comes out with a life of its own.

I would surely recommend this book to everyone. 'Chameleons' successfully portrays the story of ever changing human nature. Read this novel guys, and follow your dreams.

 Title: Chameleons
Author: Sanket Ghag
Publisher: Frog Books
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Number of Pages: 208
My Rating: 3/5

You can buy 'Chameleons' here.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Warning Signs

Warning signs - we know them and we ignore them. Perhaps, that's the general tendency of most people. We wait for the symptoms to take shape before working on the solution. 'Prevention is better than cure' - they say, but then again, who listens?

We see warning signs all around us, both within our bodies and outside, encompassing the environment where we dwell. Why not, then, categorize them, to have a clearer understanding of the problems surrounding us?


  1. Intrinsic Warning Signs
  2. Extrinsic Warning Signs
  3. Societal Warning Signs
  4. Environmental Warning Signs

Intrinsic Warning Signs
  • Symptoms generating within our bodies.
  • Makes us weak physically, and sometimes mentally.
  • Signifies impending sickness or decay of one or more body parts.
  • Examples: toothache, blood on gum, vomiting, headache, muscle pain, etc.

(Image Source:

Extrinsic Warning Signs
  • Symptoms formed outside our bodies.
  • They may appear harmless initially.
  • These grow with time, gradually weakening the person's immunity.
  • Examples: lump, tumor, unattended wounds.

(Image Source:

Societal Warning Signs
  • Needed for smooth running of society.
  • Based on strict rules and regulations.
  • Implies general precautions while interacting with our surroundings.
  • Examples: Road signs, traffic signs, signs outside places such as schools, hospitals, etc.
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Environmental Warning Signs
  • Signifies impact of human activities on environment.
  • Correlation between man and nature.
  • Impacts on a larger scale.
  • Examples: fluctuations in weather, extremities in climate, uneven rain, increase in water level, etc.

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Warning signs ignored today can lead to greater distress tomorrow. Let us see how.

Intrinsic Warning Signs

  1. Eye, nose or teeth problem.
  2. Numerous types of  ailments.
  3. Diseases in different regions of the body.
  4. Mild or severe fever.

Extrinsic Warning Signs

  1. Disease spreading at the wounded area.
  2. Lump can grow to tumor leading to cancer and other serious sickness.
  3. Infections due to infestation of germs.
  4. Weakening of body.

Societal Warning Signs

  1. Accidents.
  2. Injuries due to carelessness.
  3. A cause of disturbance to people.
  4. Chaos and confusion in the society.

Environmental Warning Signs

  1. Depletion of ozone layer.
  2. Scarcity of natural resources owing to misuse.
  3. Questions survival of humanity.
  4. Natural hazards like flood, drought, etc.


A small effort would do us no harm. On the contrary, it would help us in identifying the signs and work towards curing the possible sickness or problem threatens to reduce our pace. Isn't it wise to get on with the job of keeping ourselves, and the world around us, safe and peaceful? We might not feel the consequences today, but if we keep on ignoring the warning signs, who knows, the future might not be as bright as we dream of.

Signs - not to be ignored,
Live life, a lot yet to be explored,
Be careful, and preserve what you get,
Don't wait for tomorrow, it might just be too late.

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