Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Spoonful Of Delight

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a spoonful of delight
sinful savoring
inhale deep
let your mind whirl
in the pond of desires
this dusky dark chocolate
kissing your lips
lick it
submerge in the aroma
the scented bliss

close your eyes
divine submission

another spoonful waits

This Poem is shared with Theme Thursday and the Prompt is Chocolate.

A Chat With Shubham Choudhary

To read the full interview of Shubham Choudhary, the author of My Ex Fell In Love, click here.

Check my review of Shubham's debut novel My Ex Fell In Love here.

Ice Melts

ice melts
streaming down her cheeks
his lips interrupt

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

बिखरी निगाहें - Scattered Gazes

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बिखरी  निगाहें 
ख्वाब  में डूबी 
कलम की स्याही से 
ली है करवटें मैंने
दर्द भरे  इन घावों को 
हैं आज उड़ने की ख्वाइश 
काश होते पंख मेरे भी 
पूरी  करता मैं तेरी सारी  फरमाइश

This is my first attempt in writing a Hindi poem. Thank You Meenakshi for helping me out with this :-)

 The English translation is as follows:

scattered gazes
immersed in thoughts
scribbling fate
I turn around
wounds hurt
they wish to fly
I long for wings
to fulfill all your dreams

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caged bird
sings song of clouds
free bird winks

free bird
sings song of golden cage
caged bird sighs

breaking dawn
cuckoo plays the flute
time for school

soothing dusk
melodious birds gather
seeds of peace

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Birdsong.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dark Delight

dark delight
melts in my tongue
eyes closed, senses numb
chocolate bar
bliss redefined

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Monday, January 28, 2013


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children in school
brag about adventures
teacher smiles

his icy stare
scared the playing children
they run back home

polite words
she tells them stories
children love her

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wolf Moon

silent moon
wolves scale the night
a story unfolds

a story unfolds
vast anonymous stretches
blooming white

blooming white
land of magical wolves
skirted majesty

skirted majesty
royal throne guarded by prince
palace of mist

palace of mist
valley curved in horizon
moon bathes in lake

moon bathes in lake
a wolf drinks water
through plastic straw

through plastic straw
teeth too sharp
tattered edge

tattered edge
wolf joins the pack
shepherd chimes

shepherd chimes
scattered herd rushes home
time to sleep

time to sleep
she looks at the mirror
he looks at her

he looks at her
love raw and delicate
musical escapade

musical escapade
wolves sing the dawn
silent moon

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"If You Believe In Your Work, Doors Will Eventually Open"

I am in conversation with Smita Shetty, the multitalented and vibrant author of Untruly Yours. Smita has been in the creative field for over seven years, and is also a keen participant in community work. She is originally from Mumbai, India.

Smita currently resides in the United Kingdom with her family. Untruly Yours is her first novel.

To read my review of Untruly Yours, click here.

Congratulations on your novel Smita. It was indeed a pleasure reading it, and I hope to read more from you in the near future. Do provide us with the opportunity to know more about you and your book.

Before we start discussing about the book, tell us about yourself. We would love to know about your educational background, family and hobbies.

Thank you for the fabulous introduction Amrit. I am well and ‘truly’ humbled and so glad you enjoyed reading Untruly Yours.

After graduating in Science, I studied Advertising. However a career in Advertising went down faster than a lead balloon. My plans are not always foolproof and thought through. Long hours at work equates to disapproving looks from conservative parents. I eventually ended up with a post-graduation qualification in Systems Management.

I do enjoy some weekend baking. I love travelling and taking arty shots with my SLR. By ‘arty’ my family might say – “She means ‘uncomplimentary’!” That’s family for you (!)

How did Untruly Yours happen? How was the entire process of thinking of an idea and finally converting it into a published book?

If I am being perfectly honest, a friend cajoled me into writing. I was going through a rough time in my life and thought this would be a pleasant distraction. My first chapter was shockingly awful. I gave myself a break and started over, this time it was an earnest effort. I shared a couple of chapters with friends who thought they were great. And that’s where the journey began.

The final manuscript was shared with an established author who also happens to be a good friend (that helped). When you’ve invested so much time and effort into something, you invariably make things happen. Rejections from publishers for an aspiring writer should come with a statutory warning. Having said that; after you’ve had your fair share of brutal rejections, you become resilient.

 If you believe in your work, doors will eventually open.

Your book deals with the life of a female protagonist, Natasha. How did you create this character? Were you inspired from any real life person?
I think we all have a bit of Natasha in us. She has a demanding personal and professional life. Don’t we all?

My work is pure fiction. If I have created believable and relatable characters, I need to take myself more seriously as a writer.

How did you come up with the title? Was this your choice of title from the very beginning or did you also think of other alternatives before finally settling in with Untruly Yours?

Finding a title was so nerve wracking. The plot was devised as I was writing the book (not much of a planner, me). I thought a title will spring to mind when I have finished writing the book. There was a very questionable title that sprung to my mind, first. Untruly Yours was the second. It felt magic and decided to stick with this one. Although I didn’t want a negative title for my first book, I thought it was a fitting title as this book does have shades of grey.

What do you like the most/least about being an author?

I love being able to make people smile with my writing. I have had a few non-readers sending me requests to keep writing. That’s such an unimaginable high.

I don’t particularly enjoy reading bad reviews. Although to be fair, I have only received one. And it was harsh! It scarred me momentarily. My hard work blown into smithereens, it was soul destroying watching it go up in cyber smoke.

Who is your favorite character from the book? Which character did you find the most complex?

 My favorite character has got to be Steve’s - his vulnerability caught up in the middle of our very distinctive Indian idiosyncrasies. I would love to have explored more but there is always a danger of sounding monotonous. Ricky’s character was a bit hard to explore, as he sadly turned out to be one dimensional. Pity!

How do you write? Do you plan out the whole plot in advance or do you let the story take a shape on its own?

Amrit, I am legendary at making things up. Why break the habit of a lifetime?

Who are your favorite authors?

I am a rom-com junkie. For me it’s Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinesella and Wendy Holden all the way.

Which book do you wish was written by you?

The Charming Man by Marian Keyes.

What were your first thoughts when you realized your book was going to be published?

I had a few professional and personal priorities at the time. It hadn’t hit me until the cover design was shared with me. And I thought; Gosh! There is no turning back from hereon. What if it’s rubbish and people hate me for wasting their time reading it? Now looking back, I am glad I took the advice from all my friends who believed in me.

How do you handle negative criticisms?

Unfortunately it comes with the territory and is a bitter pill to swallow. I’ve come to realize, you have got to take onboard all the comments. It’s the only way you’ll evolve in your writing.

How different is your book from other novels and stories?

Although it’s a book packed with humour, I have attempted to touch on grim social issues.

Are you currently writing anything?

Yes, I am making a start on the second one. I am sticking with what I know best…writing romantic comedies.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

I am just one book old, not sure if I qualify to give advice. However here goes…keep it real and the rest will follow.

What would be your message to your readers?

Enjoy the ride!

Thanks Smita for taking out time for this interview. It was a pleasure talking to you. All the best for you future endeavors, and may you taste all successes in life.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eye Story

innocent eyes
playful and jovial
beaming smiles

naughty eyes
winking at neighbor
inviting home

lavender eyes
aromatic laughter
tears hide within

eyes of the sun
lighting up this world
we fear darkness

eyes of the moon
guarding world in sleep
soothing darkness

man with eyes
prefers to be blind
under dark glasses

blind man
wishes he had eyes
behind dark glasses

sharp eyes
wandering across land
hunting for prey

sharp eyes
wandering across land
do not be the prey

mystical eyes
speak a thousand words
do you listen?

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Eyes.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Party Anthem

Play to the beat
Dance to the rhythm
It's Friday night
Party Anthem.

One hand up
The other one too
Shake that head
Blue and red.

Get on the floor
Don't say no, no more
Relive the beats
Hey, jump out of the sheets.

Play to the beat
Dance to the rhythm
It's Friday Night
Party Anthem.

This Poem is shared with Theme Thursday and the Prompt is Rhythm.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


shepherd's flute
goats sing along
music of the heath

shepherd's flute
she listens, hidden
smile of the heath

shepherd's flute
clouds embrace the sun
glory of the heath

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Heath.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monochrome Monologue

monochrome monologue
I play my part
silent spectators

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sweet Memories

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buried in pages
sweet memories lie untouched
fragrance of her rose

black and white
memories filled with colors
lost in my album

my school diary
beauty and innocence
sweet memories

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Sweet Memories.

"Never never never give up. Eternal quest, Eternal faith."

I am in conversation with S.V.Divvaakar, who recently came out with his latest novel, Beaten By Bhagath. The book has been receiving wonderful reviews and positive responses ever since it hit the stores.

Congratulations on your novel Sir. It was indeed a pleasure reading it, and I hope to read more from you in the near future. Do provide us with the opportunity to know more about you and your book.

1)         Let’s start with the most basic question first. How did you come up with the idea of Beaten By Bhagath?

Writing my first book, I realized there are many easy- to- believe misconceptions about books and writers. I realized through the journey of the book that many of us do not even pause to think about all that goes into making that small object we notice or ignore, spurn or acquire, and eventually cast out of our lives, moving on to others. But a book also has the soul of the writer trapped inside, a soul that seeks expression and at times acknowledgement of its existence, if not its acceptance.

As for the story, I wanted to portray the crowning glory on the one hand, and the unfulfilled aspiration on the other, through the journey of two people who start with similar backgrounds,  even pursue the same goal but produce completely different outcomes. And that is the reality of life.

2)        The story revolves around the struggle of a debutante author, BB. Do you identify yourself with BB?

I identify with BB of course.  My guess is that most writers would identify with BB until they become a KB. However, the BB in me is also a friendly bloke being carried away on a stretcher, who instead of just groaning in pain, actually sublimates by warning all other passersby to watch out for the big potholes ahead on the road.
There is a big world of loners out there who are not interconnected. BBB is an attempt also to string the unsung BBs of this world, and give them the warmth of camaraderie. A reinforcement that we are not alone!

3)        When and how did you start writing? What was the inspiration that motivated you to write?

I used to write since childhood, mostly poems, later on short pieces, I have kept a diary journal for eighteen years now. I am a prolific writer in my profession: I write tons of reports for clients and governments (that part of BBB is true) But I never ventured to write a novel until I turned fifty.  It happened when I resolved at fifty to give expression to my creative interests and re balance my workaholic life. I then made a fledgling attempt with The Winner’s Price. The real inspiration was: I don’t know how long I am going to be around. Let me fulfill all my inner yearnings when I have the energy!

4)        Your book also deals with the competition between the traditional publishing industry that produces books using papers in hard-copy format, and the modern e-book mechanisms which promise to be environment friendly. What do you personally prefer?

I am a great believer in putting back power where it should be: with readers and writers. Everyone else is a middle man in the ultimate sense. I believe that gateways should not end up becoming gate keepers.
I am all for the e-experience, and am also following up on technology. We will soon have solar-powered e-book readers which will be fold-able thin plastic LCD films which feel and fold like paper, and can download direct. The price will eventually be around two thousand rupees. I plan to buy and demonstrate prototypes with BBB sometime.

5)        Tell us about your background, education and family. What are your hobbies?

Born in a south Indian family, living in Delhi. Did well at studies, went to do Engg at IIT Delhi, worked in the corporate sector, spent few years as quasi entrepreneur in Dubai, returned and set up an advisory service aimed at bringing foreign companies into India. I also do a lot of international monitoring and evaluations for UN organizations.
Hobbies: passionate about food, travel, music and books. Also, some occult stuff: feng shui and numerology. More on my website

6)         How has your journey as an author been till now? What are the pros and cons of being an author?

A see-saw, no, a roller-coaster of emotions. But thereafter, a sea of calm. The journey has been therapeutic and of late, hopeful.

7)         How do you deal with negative criticism?

Grin and bear it. And resolve to do better next time.  But it is never easy to forget it. When it feels really bad, I draw comfort from Clint Eastwood’s dialogue in Dirty Harry: ‘Opinions are like a$%holes, everyone has one.’

8)        Should an author write stories for his readers or for his own satisfaction?

I might consider that a tautology. No author can be satisfied if his readers are not satisfied. An author’s barometer is the readers’ satisfaction; I don’t mean the numbers, but imply the spontaneous reactions that a reader provides. An author should strive for the satisfaction that he has done his best to do justice to his reader’s faith, time and money put in the reading of his book.

9)        Which book are you currently reading? Who are your all time favorite writers? Which authors do you think have made the maximum impact in recent times?

I read quite a lot but I am not a ‘heavy stuff’ reader. My all-time fiction favorites  chronologically: Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Harold Robbins, Alistair Maclean, Arthur Hailey, Sidney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum, Ken Follet, Frederic Forsyth, Jeffery Archer, Dan Brown.  Unfortunately, I can only pick favorites among books, not authors. Each of them is unique and I love that uniqueness and diversity. Unlike marriage, it is not an exclusive relationship between reader and author, and promiscuity is not necessarily a bad thing in reading. The more the merrier!
I am currently reading many books simultaneously. A rather diverse list: The Indian books I am reading: The Anza Deception by P R Ganapathy (debut writer), Patriots and Partisans by Ramchandra Guha; and The Subtle Art of Dharma by Gurcharan Das.

I do not wish to judge any one by their impact, as it is counter to my very approach in BBB.  I love the garden of flowers, not an individual rose.

10)      If you are given the power to change anything in your book, what would you like to modify?

I believe I do have the power to change things in my book. In fact, I have been getting inputs from independent people who have cared to read and review the book. If there is a second edition, I would like to flesh the e-book part a bit more, and dive deeper into BB’s tryst with it. But I was constrained by size as well as conscious not to make it too esoteric for the general book lover as opposed to aspirant writers.

11)      How different is Beaten By Bhagath from your first book The Winner’s Price?

They are about as different as chalk and cheese. The Winner’s Price is a tech-rooted business-political thriller based on the lives of IITians who meet at a reunion event twenty years after passing out. It is a serious book that presents a case that ‘For Justice to be served, Truth must bear its own witness.’        
As my first book, The Winner’s Price is very dear to my heart. The second, revamped edition is under preparation, and a Portuguese translation is almost complete, done by an award winning author in Brazil, due for publication in 2013.

BBB is more my attempt to share the story of the journey of the writer beyond the writing. It is a deliberately simple, down to earth, ‘Charlie Chaplin’ type story.  Good guy, but .. Life moves on…    

12)      What are your views on marketing via social media like Facebook and Twitter?

I think that FB, Twitter and Google are all wonderful tools and have the potential to be great equalizers between large and small entities. Today’s author has the best of technology on his side. However, tools can be put to good or bad use again by human greed and ego. So, the eventual results of social media campaigns- whether genuine or faked, are in the hands of humans that operate them. A great vacuum exists in our understanding of how these tools work. That needs to change. And even social media makes its money from ads.. so it will become a money bags game like all others.

13)      Are you currently working on any new plot?

I have willed myself one book per year. My third manuscript is in its first draft, and going through major changes following good advice from my editor/mentor. I hope to have it ready by end 2013. It is, again, a first-of-its-kind story.  I am also already plotting my fourth book, which is a political thriller based on our Constitution.

14)      Did you learn anything from writing your book? What is it?

Never never never give up. Eternal quest, Eternal faith.

15)      Finally, what would be your message for all aspiring authors?

Honestly, without actually self-promoting my wares, my sincere advice: read BBB. At least the first page and the last page. My message is all in there.   However, as for the writer’s quest, I would say that our love for writing for self-expression should be far more than our desire for recognition. Every one of us has at least one story to tell, in our own way!  So, we must be honest about our purpose: Why are we writing? What are we seeking? If that is sorted out, the rest is not a problem. And the options are only increasing to put your wares out there in the universal cloud!

I hope you had a pleasant time answering these. All the best for your present and future goals!!!

Thanks Amrit. I really appreciate your taking the time to read and even review BBB and I am gratified that you empathized with it. BB will always take up the cause of other writers, in times to come. Consider BB your friend for life.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Fellow Who Hated To Clean

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A fellow who hated to clean
Was thought to be lazy and mean
But no, they were wrong
His determination, too strong
And thus he invented the washing machine.

This Limerick is shared with Limerick-Off Monday.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


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winged angels
guard the sun tonight
shine tomorrow

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Angels.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Love Story

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on the moon
one angel sings
beautiful love songs

love story
wrapped with promises
faith and trust

the hermit preaches
peace and nirvana
love, a journey

hand in hand
they walk on thorns
love bleeds joy

mother's lullaby
baby smiles in return
story of love

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Love Story.

Smitten By Bhagath

Have you ever wondered how the current best seller you are reading made its way into your shelf?

Have you ever given a thought on how much the author had to toil in order to provide you with the story that entertains you as you flip through the pages?

How many times have you picked up a book from your shelf for a second or third reading?

And have you ever thought of all the other books that lie orphaned in the warehouses, unable to find their way to the readers?

Yes, this is exactly what Beaten By Bhagath does. It makes you look beyond the story and promises to take you on a trip across the life cycle of a paperback, right from its birth, through its nurturing stage and finally the ever-unfortunate death.

The author S.V.Divvaakar is an alumnus of IIT Delhi. He is an international Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and serves on the boards of several multinational firms. He does a fine task of re-balancing his professional life and his creative interests of writing and music. Divvaakar also composes music, sings and plays the keyboard.

Beaten By Bhagath is Divvaakar’s second novel. His first novel was The Winner’s Price.

Beaten By Bhagath is narrated by the protagonist BB, who works as a successful analyst in an MNC. However, when his boss, an attractive woman, compliments his writing style and urges him to try his hands in fiction, he is smitten by her words and makes up his mind to produce a top quality story that would take the world by storm. He is determined to be a better writer than K-10 Bhagath, the current phenomena who has penned several best-sellers, works on movie scripts, is a youth icon and thus a complete celebrity. What makes his determination egoistic is that BB and K-10 were friends at college, and he is all set to prove that he can go one step further than his old friend.

BB pen downs his story which he believes would appeal to the masses and make him an instant celebrity. However, he soon faces the rough sides of the book publishing business. As he tries his luck from one publishing house to another, rejection follows him everywhere, like a loyal shadow. Finally, when his book gets published, he finds the sale isn't as per his expectations. He is desperate to get the sales higher, making his book an instant best-seller, and thus leaves no stone un-turned in his quest to usurp the crown held by his celebrity friend K-10. From gaining and losing ‘likes’ on his book’s Facebook page, to book launches, to fraudulent publishers and scams, he faces it all. However, at the end of the day, he soon realizes the essence of writing and realizes that everything isn't bad as it looks.

Life can be beautiful if you feel it that way.

Beaten By Bhagath is an honest take on the life of a debutante author and his book. The narration is racy and crisp. It tells the story of every wannabe writer who dreams of making it big in the writing industry. More than the author, it is the story of a book, and several other books, who strive hard to make its presence felt in this world of cut-throat competition. This novel deals well with the sentiments of the author, and portrays his journey as he goes from door to door and tries every trick in the book to make his story read by the people. The struggle touches our heart strings, and we pray for the author, and his book, to be successful.

Beaten By Bhagath is a must read story for every book lover. There is a BB in all of us, who urges us to move ahead in the race and topple all the other competitors. However, isn't this competition a farce and mockery of our existence? Instead of racing against others, we should compete with our own selves, trying to constantly improve and become a better person. 

Do pick up a copy of Beaten By Bhagath, it’s a real ‘page-turner’ (no, not as per the definition in the book). Somewhere among the plot, you will find yourself trying to find your way out of your individual struggles, and eventually you would come across the solution, as the last pages slowly roll through your heart.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Why This Nose And Not A Beak

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Why this nose and not a beak?
Why why why, 'cause I hate to sneeze.

A dismal day it had to be
Water down my nose, my eyes, poor me.

Luscious dishes paint my plate
My taste buds betray, it's what I hate.

This bug of cold I always fear
My senses become numb, lost right here.

I waffle around, mindless vain
I have lost my mind, behaving insane.

Don't blame me for this piece
With folded nose I pray for peace.

And thus I ask, why this nose and not a beak?
Why why why, 'cause I absolutely hate to sneeze.

This Poem is shared with Three Word Wednesday.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cold Winter Blast

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cold winter blast
where are the nightingales
sooth my nerves

sooth my nerves
fireplace invites me
soak in its warmth

soak in its warmth
sun sets in white horizon
it's time to sleep

it's time to sleep
shivering chattering
warmer dreams

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Cold Winter Blast.


Danger Danger
Run Run Run
Little Jim is chasing you
With a bag carrying the gun.

He can hit, he can kill
Like a tornado's will
He smiles, and he shoots
The world, a grave, and he loots.

He lives in the past
Where dreams do last
The present is a fiction
Future not in his diction.

He plays with the gun
And aims at the sun
Dark glasses he wears
No, not to hide his tears.

He hates the ugliness around
He can't figure the worldly sound
There's so much noise in his plate
He promises to clean before it's too late.

He prizes himself a winner
But hey, you are just another sinner
Who came and shot and laughed and murdered
The naked souls lay helpless and shuddered.

You will be hung
A bell will be rung
Justice will hold strong
Punishments to all wrong.

But is this the end, or merely the start?
Thousands of Jims now playing the part 
There is one in you, and one in me
He is a Jim, and so is she.

The earth is a hell where danger lives
We commit the deeds before poor heart grieves
The angels dead, we play with the halo
Our minds vague, greedy and shallow.

Wake up from the slumber and open your eyes
The old hermit at the moon will help you get wise
Purify the lives that we have been granted
Let there be no danger, and seeds of peace be planted.

This Poem is shared with Poetry Jam and the Prompt is Danger.

Silence Teases

silence teases
my heart skips a bit
will she say 'yes'?

This Small Stone is shared with WOWH.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Revisit Pages

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revisit pages
scribbled with vigor of youth
learn to live again

learn to live again
dream castles under the sun
look at the mirror

look at the mirror
and you smile back at yourself
revisit pages

This Haiku is shared with Sensational Haiku Wednesday and the Prompt is Revisit.

Winter Chill

winter chill
blanket shared
untangle the knots
you and me
warm embrace
and the ice melts

This Small Stone is shared with WOWH.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


(Image Source:

burning within
you hold his hand, love
my heart, dying embers

charred glasses
go down the fireplace
black embers, or red?

evil deeds
soul now burning embers
ashes remain

I see the moon
divine beauty, sublime
in ember light

promises broken
vows dissolved in embers
a new life, perhaps

past burns
discard the embers
embrace dawn of hope

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem and the Prompt is Ember.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Naked Tear

Naked tear
Rid off your fear
The grief won't last
Don't dwell in the past
The present is right
Your future will be bright
The sun will shine
On the count of nine
Smoother road ahead
You crossed the thorny bed
Roses will bloom
Throw off this gloom
Uncover the new mile
With that red smile
The vision now clear
Let's not have any naked tear.

This Poem is shared with One Single Impression and the Prompt is Naked.