Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Fear Sleep (An Old Poem Of Mine)

Hey guys,

I was just going through an older blog of mine (that I don't use anymore), and came across this poem that I once wrote. In fact, you can say it was one of the first poems that I had written, way back in 2008. I wasn't much of a writer then but ya, sometimes you do crazy stuffs. I too never knew I could write, until I started with this poem.

I agree it's simple and naive and childish, but very close to my heart...

Do let me know your thoughts on this :-)

                                                           (Image Source: Internet)

I fear sleep
‘Cause it shows me dreams
Unreal dreams
Dreams too fascinating to be true
Dreams about me and you.

It was the last time we met
The last time we held hands
The last time we kissed
The last time you said I will be missed
The last moment of joy
The last pathos, the last cry
The last drop of tear
Falling from your eyes
And disappearing in my lips.

We promised to meet again
We promised to be together
To be inseparable, forever
I promised you the moon
And you replied too soon
"No I want the sun"
I tried bringing you the star
But you went away too far.

The summer heat
The September rain
The intense crowd
In the metro train
The long queues
The ticket counter
The myriad movies
We saw together
Those long hours
With hands clasped
Resting your head
On my shoulder
The silent whispers
Filling my ears
With countless dreams
I shudder to remember.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Power of the Curse !!!

How many of us think our life to be a curse? How many feel that the repeated failures are unfair obstacles on our quest for success, when there are hell lot of other success stories around?

How many visualize their lives to be portraits of complete loss and despair, failing to recognize the solutions but rather dwelling on the unwanted questions?

It's quite normal to be dejected when you fail, quite obvious for you to shed tears when your heart breaks, and very true of you to admit your losses when you can't kiss victory.

It's then that the question arises, "What next?"

I was, in this sultry lazy summer, watching a movie yesterday named Penelope. I am not a crazy movie buff, but yes I love to watch movies that are good and engrossing on quiet Sunday afternoons. While surfing the net for movie titles, I somehow came across this name which was sort of unheard of. The story looked compelling and I got a DVD of it to savor the motion picture.

The point I would like to illustrate here is the same that was depicted in the movie. Towards the end, it really gave a very nice message that went something like this - "It's not the power of the curse - it's the power you give the curse."

So true it is. We all think of our problems as troubles, why can't we think of them as bubbles, which we can swiftly blow away whenever we want?

Life in itself is a delicate moving bubble, we don't know when the bubble will be pricked and in an instance it would all be over. Why are we then burdening it with heaps of  miseries, doubts and problems? Why can't we ignore the curses that we believe to be possessing, making them powerless?

We know the answer to all our problems, don't we? However, we ignore the solutions 'cause they appear to be impractical and unrealistic at times. They seem naive and childish and useless.

But aren't they worth a try? Don't we all deserve to live peacefully and happily? We earn money, we buy riches, we do what we want, then why can't we eliminate our problems and troubles that haunt our lives?

Problems grow only as big as we let them grow. Ignore them, and they will leave.

Try it. Trying is free :-)

P.S. The movie I am referring to is linked below. It may not be a great one, but it did give me the message that really struck a chord in my soul.

                                                                                     (Image Source: Internet)

After all, It's not the power of the curse - it's the power you give the curse.

Live your life, and Love your life :-)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Hare and The Tortoise - Again

This is a chronicle we have oft heard and read,
It's etched in our memories, as smooth as butter on bread,
And yet I try to revisit the tale,
Please forgive me if my efforts do fail.

And here goes the story that we have loved always,
Even though in reality its lesson may not be the case,
Or could it be, perhaps we are too slack in judging,
So rid away all apprehensions and do start reading.

There was a Hare, as white as snow,
A hare or a rabbit, whatever you like, 'cause I really don't know,
I always wondered what differs these two,
Both look the same, its confusing who is who.

So lets get back to our White Little Hare,
Who ran as fast as the stallion and his mare,
The speed being his forte, he loved overtaking others,
I hope you are still engaged in the story, brothers and their sisters.

The Hare was a winner in all major contests,
Competitions where you run and conquer the fortress,
Gifts of carrots he received quite often,
Munching on one, when he suddenly heard the Raven.

"Stop eating and get going Hare,
For I have news that I guess you will care,
Awaiting you on the banks is the Smiling Grey Tortoise,
You can't race her is what she said, with confidence and poise."

The Hare sure stopped biting the red vegetable,
He realized he had other tasks to accomplish on the table,
Thanking the Raven he sped to the banks,
And stopped once he reached on the shore with sands.

                                               (Image Source: Internet)

Standing in the shade of the old palm tree,
The Smiling Grey Tortoise emanated joy and glee,
With hands folded and voice raised, she posed the question,
"Oh dumb Hare, would you mind changing the equation?"

The Hare was confounded, it was a matter of his pride,
The fame of his ancestors, would he let it slide?
Yet he knew it was just going to be one last time,
"And," he thought, "after that she would be mine."

The Hare loved this Tortoise, her sweet smile ruling his heart,
But in order to win her, the Tortoise had commanded, "You got to play the part."
Tomorrow he would be running against her brother,
A race if he wins would take her away from him forever.

"I want my brother to win," she commanded with feverish breath,
"I cant see him lose, watching him disappointed is what I hate,
Ohh my Dear Hare, please do this for me,
I promise to marry you, and have kids named Ree, Jee and Lee."

The offer was too lucrative for our White Little Hare,
So occupied was he in the thought of forming this pair,
"Ok," he said, "but you got to promise,
After I lose this race, do abide by my wish."

The Tortoise kissed him goodbye, and walked away in joy,
The Hare dance in merry, and devised a ploy,
He would sleep in the middle of the race,
And let her brother overcome his pace.

Day turned to night and night to day,
Yes, as you have calculated, the race will be today,
Jackal the Referee blowed the whistle,
And thus started the race among the spectators' hustle and bustle.

As he had planned, the Hare slept midway,
Letting his sweetheart's brother walk his way,
This loss would be a victory in disguise,
She would indeed be his greatest prize.

An hour passed, and then two and more,
Yet he couldn't hear the sounds of crowd galore,
Didn't the Brother Tortoise yet cross the line?
Or was he not hearing fine?

Had the Tortoise crossed, he would have been appreciated,
Guns would have fired, and crackers bursted,
The skies would shine in this light,
Then why weren't these happening all right?

He opened his eyes and gulped in surprise,
Standing in front was his Dear Grey Tortoise,
"You don't need to lose, you don't need to rest,
This was a game, and you have passed the test."

The Hare gazed in shock, not deciphering what she said,
He looked at her smile, and the red bow in her head,
"Please tell me oh dear what's this happening?
I may be foolish 'cause I do not understand what's coming."

The Tortoise laughed and hugged him tight,
"You are my man, I knew you are my Mr Right,"
Saying so she held his hands,
And pointed to her brother, who clapped hard from the stands.

"This was a test I wanted you to take,
To see if your love was true, not fake,
I wanted you to lose the race for me,
I am delighted you didn't think about you, but you preferred we."

Saying so she put the garland on his neck,
So happy he was, he hoped this dream wouldn't break,
And yet this wasn't just another dream,
His bride stood in front, joyous to the brim.

Her brother came forward, patted his back,
"Put the garland on her neck, marry and pack,
Your honeymoon is on the cards, so do not delay,
Just promise me that with her forever you will stay."

Our Hare looked at her and took the pledge,
"This seems so perfect, me and you on this stage,
Whatever be the case, I will stand by your side,
Never ever will you feel my absence in this new ride."

"I will hold your hands never to leave,
Forever will I safeguard you from all sorts of grief,
I have won a princess, I will make her a queen,
I promise our marriage will be one beautiful scene."

And here goes the tale of Hare and the Tortoise,
Neither had to lose to win their choice,
A perfect ending to this tale of love,
Hope you have enjoyed it,
If not, then please bear with me till next time, 
Do not yet wear your boxing glove.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Moon Will Shine, One Last Time

Tonight the moon will shine one last time,
Showering me with her silken glow,
Amid the myriad clouds that float,
Within the long lost maze of towering shore,
The rays will dance in the silent dark,
I craned my ears and heard a weeping lark,
Hooting at a distance, crying of its solitude,
Confined to its fate of poverty and destitute.

Tonight the moon will shine one last time,
Hugging the glittering dusts that fly by,
The leaves are dry, yet full of mirth,
Basking in the pleasure of this new found worth,
Droplets stream down the frozen flakes,
Myriad tears that find no escape,
And yet the valley walks its way,
And yet the mountains rise and sway.

Tonight the moon will shine one last time,
Over and above the reddish jewels,
The flowers announce their passion play,
Bees and birds resting on the petals, and paving the way,
The bright red glow disappears thereafter,
The tinge of darkness inviting the hunter,
Tomorrow the land will turn out barren,
The scent of daisies will be a poisonous terrain.

Tomorrow the moon won't rise again,
Neither will there be the setting sun,
The stars will rise and fall down in waste,
I had to hurry, I had to haste,
I was too late though, my world was falling apart,
Engulfing me in its failure, urging me to resign and depart,
The moon will shine but not for me,
'Cause I will be long gone, burning in the promises of thee.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just Another Poem !!!

Why did you break open the door?
Couldn't you have stayed just a few moments more?
Why this day when we had found our way?
Oh why, why, why you gave it away?

Why are the questions still left answered?
Why this hatred when it was love we had conquered?
Why did you decide all on your own?
Why were the flowers plucked off which we had sown?

The dreams lay bare, oh they can never be real,
Even though I may try, there won't be a result,
The day when we would have won was just so near,
Why did you then step back in fear?

Tell me today, I just wanna know,
What's the reason for this crazy show?
The future is for us, can't you see?
Why talk about me and you, aren't we "we"?

The sun slid morosely behind the lakes,
I never realized to win you back, what it takes,
Too tired I was, my frail body limping,
I closed my eyes and laid down dead,
Even though my heart was still pumping.

                                                                                (Image Source: Internet)

And thus it is...

Another of my poem comes to its abrupt end,
A work of crap, can someone please help me to append,
With a pinch of light mirth I read and write,
Am no God, so why worry about wrong and right?

The angels will be there to guide my soul,
Pulling me up whenever I slip into the deep dark hole,
Life is all about loving and living,
Be what you are, believe in trust and forgiving.

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Friday, May 18, 2012


Second day and a second chance,
Waging the battle with a depleted stance,
Yet fresh of hope and a handsome energy,
The Warrior goes on, declining the nature's mercy.

Ooops, I am not writing a war saga, if that's what you are imagining. Rather I am talking about the battle that's going on day and night in our lives, the battle of nerves, the battle of strength, and the battle of power. The lust to win has been inherited by the warriors of the modern era, leading to bloodthirsty war-fields all across the human existence. Isn't it unnerving to realize that none of us are happy, even though all stories are supposed to "they lived happily ever after."

Stories are fake, and so is life. Then why waste our peace of mind pondering over the matter of survival. Survive we will, 'cause the soul never dies. It's the soul that guides us on our journey, towards the eternal quest that we are finally destined to. Money, fame, power will come and go, they are mere obstacles in our paths to attain pure pleasure. Should we refrain from it?

And here lies the big question? Can we refrain from it, specially in this die-hard world of cut-throat competition. If we abstain ourselves from these material goods, wouldn't life tend to be meaningless and worth living? Wouldn't we be a failure in the eyes of others?

But should we look at the world from the eye of others? Why do we have two eyes of our own? Live your life the way you would like to. Forget the worldly ambition, and listen to the desire of your souls. Try to be happy, 'cause that's the greatest emotion gifted to man.

Live your life, and die for the life you would love to live....

And after this serious thought, here is an attempt to portray Green Speck on Paint.

Quite a novice concept you would say, but then life is all about learning. Probably, the next attempt would be slightly better.

Live your life and enjoy the day :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here and There

Here I come, back to this world,
Plunging in the depth of this uncharted sphere,
Amid the waves that rise up to the clouds,
And disappearing in the final lapse of glory,
Here I come, welcoming the shore,
The sea of sand passing beneath my toes,
I look around, and touch the ground,
I try to listen, but there isn't that sound,
The sound of passion, the music and this motion,
No, no, no, they elude me, isolating my thoughts in this uncharted nation,
I dive ahead, I fall flat,
I rise again, my back I pat,
And I jog forever in this desolate track.

This is me, a new beginning. A new sunshine that I traced beyond the horizon, the lights finally brightening the sky with its tinge of red. I stare ahead, and the  sun appears, the moon disappears. But hey, what do I see. This is not the sun that I have imagined all my life. There isn't a sniff of the golden aura that I have prayed since I learnt to join my palms. Instead, I see a tiny dot, slowly but steadily dancing up the star-studded blog-sphere. This is no sun, this ain't no moon, nor is this a celestial body. This ceases to be a stone from heaven, and yet it tries to find its way towards the land of fulfillment. Yes, it has promises, if not power. Its encapsulated in dreams, if not the means. It has a name, if not glory. It's a tiny speck of green. It's the Green Speck.

And here I come again...