Saturday, April 30, 2016


The train was crowded. I was worried because my bag's zip was not working.

I noticed a middle aged man eyeing my bag.

The train entered a tunnel. When there was light again, a few clothes were missing. The man was going towards the other side. I shouted. A crowd gathered and beat him up. However, he managed to escape.

At the next station, as I was about to get down, I noticed something stuck at my shoes. They were my clothes, which had fallen from the open zip of the bag while the train was crossing the tunnel.

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Friday, April 29, 2016


When the rain stopped, he ran outside. A stream had formed on the street, on which he kept his paper boat.

'This is my yacht,' he wrote on it, and the boat sailed.

After a while, the boat returned. He was surprised, and picked it up. Below his writings were scribbled the words, 'Am I welcome on your yacht?'

He wrote 'Yes', and let the boat down again. It came back with a smiley.

The newly wed couple laughed and giggled, relishing the memory of their first meet, fifteen years ago, on a rainy day, by their childhood yacht.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016


The pain was increasing gradually. The doctor suggested X-Ray.

"Why did you jump from the roof like an idiot?" He asked his son.

He kept quiet. He had failed the exam. However, he didn't inform it yet to his parents. They had high expectations from him. He felt guilty of disappointing them and breaking their hopes.

"We will get your X-Ray done tomorrow."

The report came out. A few ribs, and the right leg were fractured. "You will recover soon, and we will celebrate once your result comes out."

The X-Ray showed his broken bones, not his bleeding heart.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I was running late for the interview. I looked at my watch. 10:05.

Suddenly the bus stopped. This interview was crucial. "Why isn't the bus moving?" I asked loudly to no one in particular.

And no one replied.

I waited. It seemed almost fifteen minutes had passed. I looked at the watch. 10:05. Still!

And then I realized. The people around me were asleep. The driver and conductor too. The front of the bus was badly damaged. Another mangled bus stood nearby.

A collision.

I got down from the bus, not noticing my dead body lying in the seat.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The ball hit the vase. It fell and shattered into pieces.

Sapna entered the room and shouted, "How many times have I told you not to play inside. Who will pay for it now?"

Rahul replied, "Mom, it's not my fault. Hari hit the ball hard," shifting the blame on their maid's son.

Hari's eyes welled with tears. Sapna screamed at the maid, "Don't ever bring your son here, again."

That night, Hari kept crying with guilt.

Sapna was happy because a diamond ring, thought to be lost, was found inside the broken vase. The vase didn't matter anymore.

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Monday, April 25, 2016


As I descended the bus, it started to rain. Thankfully, I had an umbrella with me.

The young lady who got down at the same stop, didn't seem to carry one. I decided to help.

"Madam, would you like to share my umbrella. I can walk with you till your house."

All of a sudden, she took out a small bottle from her purse and sprayed on me. My eyes burnt, as she ran away crying for help.

She thought I had wrong intentions.

Alas, due to a handful of bad men, good people suffer daily. Just like today.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016


"Hold the tray properly. You are shivering."

As Sheena started walking out of the kitchen, holding the tray of snacks and tea, her mother prayed, "Lord, please let them say yes this time."

Kapil and his parents had come to meet Sheena. Kapil was looking for a life partner, while Sheena's parents too were eager to see her married.

Sheena, wearing saree for the first time, suddenly slipped, the tray about to fall, when Kapil stood up and held her.

"Are you fine?" He asked, she smiled, and love blossomed.

"She can't be a perfect housewife," Kapil's parents thought.

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Friday, April 22, 2016


He kept washing his hands with soap.

"What happened?" I asked.

He was crying. I held his shoulder.

"I can't get the blood out of my hand. It is red everywhere."

I had never seen my son like this before. "What blood," I was worried.

"Out, damned spot!" he kept mumbling to himself.

Suddenly he looked at me and said, "Duncan died because of me. I am the killer."

I got scared. What had my son done? What was he talking?

The entry pass to the theater where my son attended the play 'Macbeth' was lying on the table.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Click Your Business With ClickExcel

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In a recent statement released by the company, it stated, The company is on the move to strengthen its team by hiring people in technology, operations, sales and marketing department.

Competitors and differentiation factor :

India is a growing market and is welcoming of new concepts in recent times.
The startups competes with other online services marketplace players  such as Urbanclap, Localoye & Zimmber and many others that  have already got funded in this service sector marketplace for unique concept.

Racently, Food delivery service startup Raincan Raised Rs 1 Crore funding from Dr. Aniruddha Malpani. UrbanClap raisesed $25M Series B funding from Bessemer, SAIF, and Accel Partners. Home service market place Zimmber has raised around $2 million in fresh funding from IDG Ventures and Omdiyar Networks. LocalOye which  already raised $5 Mn from Tiger Global and Lightspeed Venture Partners, 

"Differentiation factor  is that this startup focusing & targeting only website & mobile apps services instead bulk of all catagories like Urbanclap & Zimmber, so that able to provide services to clients more excelent ways",  said Pandit Kadam, founder at

Funding and growth  plans:

The platform is self-funded till date. The company is not aggressively looking to raise funding right now. However they will start looking for funding after 2-3 months to expand operations and offer more services. Once we have a decent footprint, we will go for funding which we intend to use to expand further.

Currently Company have started operation in India only, plans to receive 100 orders a day in the next one year.


It was scary to see a rope hanging by my balcony when I returned home after a long vacation.

Did a thief enter the apartment in my absence?

I unlocked the door, and quickly scanned all the rooms. Much to my satisfaction, nothing was stolen.

Why was the rope there?

I touched it, and it felt somewhat different. I looked at it closer, and my heart jumped out of my mouth. I had just touched a huge python.

The creature hissed and stared at me. How I wished now that it was a rope some burglars had left behind.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016



"I don't know why I have to go through this over and over again?"

"You? What about me, you bitch?"

"Don't call me that bastard."

"I swear I will kill you."

"Try it."

The little kid could hear his parents fight in the other room. He wished they would stop, come to his room and kiss him goodnight.

The quarrel kept growing, and so did the tears in his eyes. He pulled the quilt on top of his face, and sobbed silently.

The quilt was now his only companion in this house, who hugged him to sleep every night.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The wall clock ticked, but the hours seemed meaningless now. Their world had just turned lonely. They had lost their only child.

Major Sunil Pratap died a martyr, fighting for his country.

The doorbell rang. Mrs. Pratap went to the door. A soldier from the regiment, who had earlier handed over their son's belongings, was back.

"Madam, I forgot this."

It was a postcard, from Sunil, "Mom and Dad, I love you, and I love my country too. Wherever I am, I will be with you, always, in your smiles. So don't let tears hide me. I love you."

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Monday, April 18, 2016


 "I am a die-hard foodie."

"I love cooking. I will make tasty dishes."

"What do you like?"


"I will take you on romantic trips on bike."

"Wow. Do you have a bike?"

"No, but will buy one."

Immediately she started looking for a bike. They were engaged, and slated to marry. How happy he would be when she gifted him his first bike.

He booked a microwave oven, as cooking was her hobby. He dreamt of the pleasant surprise on her face.

Only if they had told the truth. He didn't know riding bikes. She didn't know cooking.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Shankar had a simple life. Being married to Kamla when he was nineteen, he had started his own business of garments which satisfied their basic needs.

However, there was one dream he had always harboured - to be featured in a national daily.

As his eyes scanned the newspaper, he felt pride swelling in his chest for the first time in his life. There he was, on one of the pages. He leapt in joy and called his wife, but got no answer.

He kept staring at the newspaper for hours.

The obituary column marked his first death anniversary.

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Friday, April 15, 2016


He was the magnet. She was attracted to him.

"Why don't you come with me?" he asked.


"To the world of tomorrow, where jewels adorn the horizon."

She looked at him and replied, "I can't. I have to stay, to serve this world. The people need me more here."

He was dejected and decided to stay away from her. However, after fourteen days he came back, and said, "We can't be together, but we are inseparable too. Let us meet every fourteen days?"

The wave was happy, and so was the moon, and the magnetic tide was born.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016


It was raining.

Little Sujatha unfolded her umbrella, trying to avoid water seeping through the holes. Fourteen lampshades were still unsold, the ones she, and her ma, made with their hands. She urged the commuters to buy, but in vain. Finally, the streets turned empty, the lights in the apartments were lit, and the rain subsided. Sujatha collected the lampshades in a bag and walked towards home.

"Maa, no one buys what we make. Why don't we use these lampshades in our own house?"

"Because, we can't afford a lamp. We live in shades, dark and lonely," Maa replied.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It was the Annual Kite competition. Thousands of villagers had gathered near the local temple. Red, blue, green - kites of various hues adorned the sky. But as always, their eyes were glued on Hari. Will he be able to win the competition again, third time in a row?

Hari's prowess in kite-flying was known all over. As expected, he emerged victorious, again.

The crowd erupted in joy when Hari rode on to the stage to collect his winner's medal, sitting on his wheel chair.

Hari could not walk, but that didn't stop him from flying, with his kite.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


he prayed and pleaded
and went on his toes
folded his hands
narrated his woes
their voices were rough
and ears all deaf
"Why should we care?
Their cries are all fake."

his demand was simple
just a jug of water
to quench his thirst
and his die-hard labour
the crops had dried
his dreams were dead
"Just go out from here,
the game starts," they said

the field so green
and stadium bright
he cursed his fate
being a farmer wasn't right
he continued to beg
for the jug of water
his wails lost
amidst sports and stars

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IndiPR - Where Business Meets Bloggers

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Caving The Web - Binary Caves

The dawn of the digital era has positively impacted India the most, out of all developing nations. By 2020, it is estimated that five billion people will be online, representing two-thirds the population of the planet. India is expected to be the biggest contributor to those numbers, for over a billion people in India still aren’t connected to the Internet! A plethora of start-ups, web companies and digital marketers have emerged through this decade of metamorphosis from India to Digital India. The redundancy of methodology adopted by 85% of these web companies has rendered a hideous display of design, development and content on the Internet. Those antiquated methods are conspicuous in legions of projects fabricated by the conventional, insipid ‘Infotech’ companies in India. Experience is a major strand of their sales. They sure are experienced, yes, but not in what it takes to craft the modernistic. Consider this- The manufacturer of the first ever mobile phone that came with a long antenna might be the most experienced man in that niche, but that doesn’t mean you will buy it now, does it?
Objective considerations of contemporary phenomena compel the conclusion that great web design exhibits the seamless blend of purpose, navigation, responsiveness, clarity and effects, all of which are deficient in most projects. Binary Caves, is a web, app development, social media and graphic designing firm constituted by accomplished professionals in Mumbai, that deliver a la mode and modernistic products.
Here are 5 factors that set Binary Caves ( apart from the rest and contribute to them becoming the fastest growing web company in India-
1. Content

An often overlooked yet considerable element that must invariably be taken into account is content. Content is to a website what an artist’s palette is to a canvas. The last thing you want to do is hire someone linguistically challenged penning what your consumer may read! Especially in India, the number of agrammatic websites lounging about the Internet is frightening. Binary Caves has a separate team that overlooks the content of a project with painstaking precision, simplicity, clarity and elegance.

2. Responsive Design (“Mobile Friendly”)

Have you ever opened a website on your phone to a miniscule desktop version and you had to zoom in to click on the buttons? The solution to that has long been found, even if it eludes some of our veterans. Responsive design basically means that the layout of the website will adjust itself to any device, be it a mobile or smart television, in order to provide optimal viewing by using fluid, proportion based grids, CSS3 media queries and flexible images. Binary Caves fabricates websites commensurate with the modern standards of responsive design, giving your viewers a great experience on all devices, be it phones, tablets or televisions.

3. Elements of Modern Web Design

Times have evolved since HTML was invented and you thought it was an achievement to know how to send an email. The elements of modern web design when incorporated thoughtfully render a spellbinding spectacle, accentuating the beauty of the Internet and improving the potential visitor’s experience. Binary Caves makes full use of these – from parallax scrolling,  j-query effects to large typographic elements. The image above provides a small look into their arsenal.

4. Custom Featured Images

Although it is commonplace to relate graphic design with print media, it is an essential aspect of effective web design. Products don’t sell, good images of products sell. Content is an intrinsic part of web design, but it can easily be brushed aside for a beautifully shot and edited photograph. Pictures induce emotion, which is worth its weight in gold. Binary Caves believes in effectively explaining the innovation you bring with tantalising pictures.

5. Free SEO and SMO for 30 Days

Fabricating a website doesn’t really solidify your business online, marketing it does! Binary Caves treats every project they undertake as their own and build an entire online presence of your business. From submitting your sitemap to search engines, to integrating all professional social media handles into your website, Binary Caves does everything to construct an online marketing foundation.

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Years of neglect had lead to suffering. Global warming was ruling the earth.

Fruits were destroyed. Vegetables too. The only thing that survived - Ice-cream.

Demands were high. "How could we afford ice-creams for all?" asked the lady.

"We will," assured the husband.

He braved the heat and went to the remotest place in the planet, where a few acres of ice were still left. He sprayed cream all over, and an ice-cream island was born.

He won accolades. People were happy. But soon, the island's supply finished.

"What now?" asked the lady.

"A new world," assured the husband.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Go Green With DOT

Pollution is a major concern in today's world. The high number of wastes deposited in air, land and water has lead to several forms of illness. People speak of drastic measures to curb the pollution, but we all know, it's not easy to implement them in a short period of time. We need proper planning that can save the environment gradually, and create greater impact, rather than a rushed solution that may not be feasible in the long run. In short, what we require is a dot by dot measure.

Speaking of dots, a green mobility startup based in Gurgaon, India, came up with its app MY DOT ( This can be downloaded via Google Play on Android smartphones. The question arises as to what does this app address.If you list the major polluted cities in the world, you will find Delhi NCR right at the top, along with many other Indian cities and towns. DOT aims to clean the environment by launching services such as ebikes, electric rickshaws and buses in various locations in India. In fact, DOT is the first ebike taxi service in India launched in August 2015. Currently, the service is operational in Gurgaon, and the company is focusing next on Goa and Delhi. The ebike service company recently completed 100,000 kilometers in its pilot phase in Gurgaon.

Vineet J. Mehra, the former India Executive Director of Stemcor, and the founder of DOT, said, "Sustainable pro-environment business solutions offered by DOT will change the landscape of India and hopefully, into a much greener one."

How is DOT different from the rest? The biggest plus is its use of electric vehicles that reduces carbon footprints of the whole automotive industry. The e-bikes are free of both air and noise pollution, which is a growing menace in big cities. The numbers may look small at the moment but the impact they will have on off-setting the pollution caused by conventional fuel driven vehicles would be incremental, once DOT services reaches all locations of Delhi NCR and Pan India. For example, by completing 100,000 kms, DOT saved the Gurgaon air from emission of carbon dioxide by 8 Tons and PM by 31 Kgs. 

DOT is launched in support of Make in India, Digital India and Swachh Bharat initiatives. For any further information, one can contact Heavena at or call 8510876554.

Saturday, April 09, 2016


I have been noticing him. Once chirpy and playful, he had lost the zeal to survive. Life couldn't have been crueler.

Tune back to the 80s. He ruled the roost in every household, field, school and office. Children used to hang on to his strong arm, and he cried in joy. He was respected and loved everywhere, a messiah to all.

And then came inventions. Doomsday.

Electric motors and water tanks annexed his empire. His fall from grace was swift, and before he could shed tears, they had dried.

The hand-pump was now left to rue his fate, alone.

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My A to Z April Challenge Themes Over The Years

PS: I was running short of ideas for this one. I was initially thinking of hammer, hat and the likes, but couldn't zero in on an appropriate plot. Thankfully, my wife came to my rescue and suggested me this particular topic. 

It's always a blessing when your partner is a creative mind herself.

Experience Movies With Flickstree

If you are a movie buff, and I am sure you are (after all, who doesn't love to watch good movies?), you need to bookmark in your web browser. You may be raising your eyebrows, and twisting your knuckles in wonder, because there is a high chance you haven't heard of this site before. Well, that is because Flickstree is a relatively new platform that is poised to be the next big thing in the entertainment and personalization space, redefining moving watching and satiating the thirst of the cinema lover in you.

In simple terms, Flickstree is a smart website and mobile app, so smart that it can recommend you movies based on your liking and taste. Yes, you heard me right. The algorithm uses an advanced machine learning, where every movie passes through a set of well designed critical lens of varied filters, before the suggestions are passed on to you. Also, the site informs you of the numerous platforms where the movie is currently available to watch and enjoy.

I am fond of watching quality movies, and discovering new ones. However, till recently, the only search mechanisms that I had to find movies worth watching were my friends, colleagues and peers, and a few websites. However, most of the them only provided names of popular movies, and the relatively unknown ones, though high in quality, were left unexplored. This utter indecisiveness also lead to wastage of time without any genuine result, and there were occasions when I had to simply abandon the plan to rent or download the film. Not any more, though. Flickstree promises to change that, and in a big way. The website is ready and roaring. In order to create a mobile site and an app, Flickstree is crowd funding on Indiegogo at

The funds that will be collected via this campaign will also help Flickstree expand its horizon. For example, it can then cater to more languages of cinema, run insight gathering and feedback program to improve the platform further. Flickstree as a concept has a huge potential, and the future for it looks really bright.

Friday, April 08, 2016


Jennifer was excited. Finally, she had found the perfect match for Roy, her darling son. She had heard about the girl from one of her friends, and was impressed by her profile. She called up the girl's parents and found them amiable. Tomorrow she would be visiting them with his son.

Roy took out his mother's wedding gown from the cupboard, white and pristine. He closed the room's door and tried it infront of mirror. How beautiful he looked.

"Roy," he heard his mother's voice.

He quietly opened the gown and placed it back in the cupboard, as always.

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My A to Z April Challenge Themes Over The Years

Thursday, April 07, 2016


She lived on the other side of the fence. We never spoke. Perhaps I was still a stranger. To break the ice, I sent her a friend request on Facebook.

We started chatting, slowly opening up. One day, I confessed my feelings to her. She typed a smiley.

I met her the following day, asking if she too felt the same. She smiled, and entered her house. I didn’t see her after that.

They had relocated.

It was only later that I came to know that she couldn’t speak; yet, her smile spoke words that I’d always dreamt of.

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My A to Z April Challenge Themes Over The Years

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


“Have you seen my gold earrings?” she asked.

“No darling. Did you check the cupboard?” replied her husband.

She searched everywhere, but couldn't find them. “It must be the maid,” she thought.

She accosted the maid, who didn't accept her guilt, and her month’s pay was deducted.

A week later, her diamond earrings went missing too.

She lodged a police complaint. The maid’s house was searched, articles ransacked, but in vain. Humiliated, she left work.

That night, at a nearby bar, her husband gambled with two diamond earrings, trying to compensate the loss he had faced with gold ones.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Little Johnie was basking in the sweetness of his favourite yogurt, as he walked on the streets. Suddenly, the bowl of yogurt slipped from his grasp and fell.

Johnie bent to pick it up, but his mother intervened, “No son. This yogurt is dirty now. I will buy you a new one.” She threw the bowl in a dustbin lying by the pavement.

After they left, three rag-pickers, barely in their teens, leapt towards the bin. They shared and savoured the discarded yogurt, a dessert they were not privileged to taste often.

“Yummy,” said one.

“Yes,” agreed the others.

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Monday, April 04, 2016


He lit up the scented candles one by one. It was their first night in Pattaya, their honeymoon.

Their parents had decided the match; he was glad they did. Sanjana was beautiful and friendly, and he had fallen in love with her. But where was she? He dialled her number.

“Honey, you won’t believe who I met in the hotel lobby. Remember Sunil? I am with him, catching up on old times. I shall come in a few hours. Ok?”

He just nodded. Sunil was her ex.

The candles kept burning the whole night. And so did his heart.

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Saturday, April 02, 2016


Three officers of the bomb disposal squad walked towards the bag abandoned on the railway platform. They opened it and found some clothes and two soft toys inside.

Just then, a young guy of twenty arrived there, “Hey, that’s my bag.”

The officers signalled, and two uniformed policemen grabbed the guy’s wrists.

“So the bombs are in these teddy bears?”

“No. Those are for my sister. It’s her birthday.”

Ignoring his plea, the officers tore apart the toys, only to find cotton inside.

Meanwhile, in the nearby town, a little girl awaited her birthday gift – her favourite teddy bears.

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Friday, April 01, 2016


She opened the almirah and placed the three envelopes inside. Locking it, she silently walked out of the house.

Raj returned home but couldn’t find his wife. He noticed the almirah, on which a paper was stuck – “Open Me.”

He found the envelopes inside. As he started reading them, fear gripped him tight.

“I hated how we fought last night.”

“I don’t think we can be together. I am leaving.”

With sweaty palms, Raj opened the third envelope, fearing the worst.

“April Fool honey. Don’t worry, I’m at the market and will be back soon. I love you lots.”

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