Friday, August 31, 2012

Reading Through The Words

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I look at your letters,
And see the clear blue skies,
Leaping out of the corners,
Of your beautiful eyes.

Reading through the words,
Some moist, others perfected with a smile,
Fake though, hiding the vacuum within,
Realization of me turning into a sudden vile.

I count the syllables,
Or rather, that was what I thought I was doing,
When in reality, actually,
Those were your tears I was following.

Beating against the bush, muted words,
Walking down the storm, bruised and battered,
Loneliness crept from behind, gripping me tight,
The diamond beating within, now badly shattered.

'Yours forever' - that's what you wrote,
The ink now fades, at a sickening rate,
I lock the closet, the promises safe inside,
Cursing won't help, perhaps that's my fate.

I will look at your letters again,
And see the clear blue skies,
Leaping out of the corners,
Of your beautiful eyes, yet again
I can't evade the ritual,
'cause 'm bounded in your chain,
The rough ones, cutting through my skin,
Inviting this glory of joyous pain.

This Poem is shared with Poetry Jam and the Prompt is Letters.

Shadows By The Fireplace

                                                        (Image Source:

Shadows by the fireplace
Illuminating dreams and dusts
Running through the courtyard
Gathers in my shoes
I bend down
To dust them off
My back aches
I stand straight
Try again
Bending down
And I remember
I haven't exercised since a long time
Blame my laziness
Or whatever
Can't play blame game now
I bend again
And touch the ground
Only to realize
That I stand opposite
Vertically opposite
With the sky beneath me
As I look down upon the clouds
The room fades away
In oblivion, probably
Or that's the word they use
They, who?
Aha, the people who write
With the world and the room
Upside Down
I jump high and hit the ground
And lo, I fall off from the height
"Ouch," cried I
Looks of wonder
My eyes still heavy
As I clean my bruises
And realize, it was all a stupid dream
Having slipped off the bed.

This Poem is written for The Magpie Tales.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


                                                     (Image Source:

Love and caring,
Nor desperation and longing,
No more do I see,
Oh, where did you flee?
Or rather, is it the sorcery of your eyes,
Governed by deceit and lies?
Was everything a waste?
My Love, so pure and chaste.

Where did I go wrong?
Tell me, did I mess up our song?
Those nights of togetherness,
Promises myriad, lusty madness,
Your eyes begging me to kiss,
I surrendered to you, Miss,
Torturing, my body ached,
Yet, I never realized it was you who faked.

Traversing the dusty road,
Brimming with the bag full of load,
Rust accumulated on my gravel skin,
I bow to my fault, the eyes burning akin,
Listlessly humoring my bloody fate,
Love is lost, welcome sheer hate,
Annoyed skeletons beat hard against the wood,
Unraveling the betrayal of your mystifying hood.

This Poem is shared with Theme Thursday and the Prompt is Eyes.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bougainvillean Dreams

                                                            (Image Source:

Blooming dreams,
Paint the canvas pink,
Imagination flutters,
Waving dreamy wings.

This Shadorma is shared with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads and the Prompt is Extreme Close - Up.

Monday, August 27, 2012

So... What Next - Epilogue

Chapter 20

I was busy working in my office when I got a call from Sapna.

"Can you come home quickly today?" she said.

Never before had she asked me to come early in our two years of marriage. "Are you fine?" I asked nervously.

"Yes. Yes. I am absolutely fine. It's just that I want to spend some private time with you," she giggled like a child.

I liked her subtle display of romances. I wanted to run to her at the very moment. However, there was a crucial board meeting in the afternoon where I was to display a presentation. "I have a meeting today sweetheart. I will come immediately after that's over, OK?" I promised her.

The presentation went on longer than expected. When it was finally over, and the members were leaving the board room, I checked the wall clock. 5 PM, it said. I rushed outside and got into my car.

I reached home within 15 minutes. Sapna was sitting on the bed, watching some movie on TV. As soon as she saw me, she switched it off and came right in front of me, wrapping her arms around my shoulder.

"Wow. You seem to be in a romantic mood," I chuckled.

"Off course I am," she pressed my cheeks playfully, "and be prepared honey."

"Be prepared? For what?" I was surprised.

She hugged me tight, and whispered in my ears, "To welcome the new member in our family."

"What?" I shrieked in joy, "Are you serious?"

"Yes," she nodded happily, "The Doctor said I am expecting."

Nothing else mattered then. Life seemed to have given me everything that I had asked for, and more.

The End

Myriad Grains

                                                           (Image Source:

Myriad Grains. Grains those lie low in the oceans, beyond the depth of vast expanses of water, hidden from the mob. Grains those lie under our feet, brushing against the rough skins of beach people, travelers and nomadic creatures. Grains those fly up in the air, flowing via the thick rays of sunlight, through open windows in the early hours of the day, signaling with them the dawn of a new era, an era marked by hope and ambition. A day heralds that brings with it unparallel enthusiasm, zeal and the desire to succeed. Yet the grains lie low, far away from the crowd, in their own desolate world, uncharted and desolately safe.

High up in the sky my gaze goes, and I am blinded by a sudden gust of wind. I rub my eyes in pain; confusion and anger slowly rising in my body, traversing the entire length of my vast torso, till it finally rests at the back of my mind. Dust winds are frequent in this part of the country, and are at their mischievous best at dusk. I was standing on the beach, with my fists rolling over my eyeballs. Grains of sand, though tiny, can make you cry, as I realized now.

My vision blurred as water started flooding my eyes, in pain, despair and helplessness. I tried to look through the tiny holes created by the joints of my fingers, and my sight stuck on a stray dog barking aimlessly at the roaring waves. Towards another side of the sprawling beach, I could see a couple getting cozy in the sand, pretty oblivious to the prying eyes that pierced through them. Finally, after much rubbing, I was able to vanquish the last bit of dust grain that had invaded my eyes. My vision gradually cleared, and the perception of view that I had earlier, changed. The dog was not barking at the waves. Rather it was howling at an emaciated human body that had some how been washed to the shore by the cruel waters. I stepped ahead and looked down straight at the decaying mass. It was withered, like a dead rose crushed on the roads under the wheels of a speeding truck.

It started to rain. However, I was in no mood to return. I looked around, trying to fathom and decipher more meaning in this unspoken land. The clouds billowed, attempting to shake me off, but I was not willing to run away. The dog was now galloping ahead in full speed, perhaps too scared of being gobbled up by the deathly combination of rain and sea. I moved in the direction of the cozy couples, but they were gone. Gone were the people surrounding them, and also gone were the other passers by who were aimlessly strolling in the beach. I looked up at the sky, and it was dark. The rain had suddenly stopped, making a mockery of my derailed condition. There was no moon, no star, just a thin veil high up in the horizon, which engulfed the entire beauty of the night. Somewhere far I heard the distant chatter of monkeys, probably enjoying a hearty meal with their families, reminding me of the loneliness that I was dwelling in. I wandered in the dark, blindfolded by a blackness that I was unable to get rid off.

My legs slipped and I fell in the sea. Sea not of water, but of sands, distant sands that looked so close now. I didn’t realize when I had become a part of them. The transformation had come too soon, too fast to be true. I felt relaxed, my mind finally gaining its composure, attaining a state of rest. There was no fear, no worry, no greed, no desire, no anxiousness, just a distant light that peered through the darkness, commanding me to embrace its formless structure. It promised me a new world, a better earth, where dog won’t drag out decayed bodies from water, where people wont become animals for their little greed and hunger. It promised me a new territory where I would rule according to my wish, and I pledged to fulfill the expectations that it had on me. Slowly it asked me to close my eyes. I obeyed, and in a fraction of second, had become a grain; a grain among myriad grains, ready to explore a world of its won.

This Prose is shared with Sunday Scribblings and the Prompt is Explore.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Woman Was Peeved At Her Mate

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A woman was peeved at her mate,
Neither would he love, nor could she hate,
She tried the unique pills,
Which, she believed, heals,
And lo! He soon asked her out on a date.

This Limerick is shared with Limerick Mate (Limerick - Off Monday).

So... What Next - Chapter 20

Chapter 19

"You two talk, I am going to get some snacks," my Mom left the room, smiling.

The presence of Sapna in my room, chatting pleasantly with my mom, had left me stunned. True, this was something I had dreamt of so many times in the recent past. However, when your dream suddenly turns to reality, you are left standing shell shocked, forced to believe that somewhere the boundary between dream and reality had turned blur.

"Come sit down. Don't be afraid, consider this as your room," Sapna mocked.

"What ... How are .... I mean what are you doing here?" I tried to construct a meaningful sentence.

She nodded her head, "You are still so immature. Are you the only one who has the right to win back his love? Don't I need my love too?"

I sat down on the bed beside her. Every time I saw her, I fell in love with her. This time too it was no different. My eyes traveled towards her fingers, and the urge to hold them tight overpowered me with an unrelenting force.

I took her fingers in my hand. They felt warm and smooth. I brought them to my lips, kissing her slender touch. Her eyes beamed.

"I came to your house as soon as Mom and Dad returned home. They told me what happened in the Court, and how cordial you were. It didn't take me much long to realize that you were trying to impress them, to gain back the trust so that they happily agree to our marriage. Now, since you were trying so hard, didn't I have a duty too? I called up your sister, and she told me about last night. However, I knew that I would be able to win over your parents' hearts, and thus I showed up at your place as quickly as I can. Your mother was surprised too, she even started crying on seeing me. Perhaps, our parents had also wanted to see us married, but the past had left a deep scar on their minds. I hope things work well this time," she sighed.

Things would definitely work this time. "I am sorry about the past Sapna. I regret what I did. Every day and every night, your smile came looping in front of my eyes. You have been my Lady Life, my Love, and without you there will be no meaning to the air I inhale, the beats that my heart undergoes, or the pictures that my eyes behold. My world will be vague in your absence, as it was in the last few months. I want it to be colored, by the paint of your love, in the canvas of our trust. I am sorry Sapna, and I love you," I said everything in a single breath.

Sapna laughed, "You don't have to prepare a movie dialogue now. Cheer up. We are about to win. I am sorry as well, and yes, I love you too." She pinched my cheeks

Perhaps this was the best moment of my life. "Can I get a hug?" I asked. I really needed it.

"No. That will be your marriage gift," she chuckled naughtily.

She was still the same. Her habit of teasing me romantically had not changed. "What about your parents? Will they agree?"

"Yes. They will," she affirmed, "In fact my parents know I am here. The good thing is they didn't stop me from coming over to meet your parents. Once I return, I will convince them to talk to your parents, probably tomorrow or day after. After that, a date for our wedding will be fixed, and then, you will be all mine." She winked happily.

Life had indeed taken a sudden turn, to a much happier avenue. However, one thought suddenly struck me.

"What about your scheduled wedding?" I asked.

"Oh that? I had already called off the marriage the day you first came to talk to me outside my office. Perhaps, deep down in my heart I still trusted you, and I knew you would turn my belief into reality. Finally, love won. You did it," she was elated.

"I didn't do it. It's we who did it. There isn't any I or you now. It's all about we," my heart leaped in joy.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 19

Chapter 18

"Now I understand why you wanted to come with us. Were you able to win over her mom?" Shahbaaz chuckled.

We were dining at the Azad Ganj Restaurant, which was famous for its Mughlai cuisine. Shabaaz was keen on treating me as their meting with Mr Ray had gone very well, and he would be soon convincing their families so that they agree to the marriage.

The ambiance was filled with aroma of delectable delicacies. Hot fragrance of various food items brushed against my nostrils, as my senses rose to the feeling of desperate longing for Sapna. This was the place we had come to so often, bunking our colleges in the past, and then our respective workplaces. I promised to come here again after I married Sapna.

Nandini ordered, while we chatted.

"I don't know buddy. I tried my best," I replied, "not sure if I was successful in my effort or not."

"Don't be stressed. True love always wins, irrespective of the situation. You really love her a lot, isn't it?" Nandini tried to comfort me.

Yes, I really loved her, but couldn't reply. The dimension of love can never be measured, its strength can't be rated. It's a call of your soul, eager to find a mate who will prove to be an able support through out your life time. Perhaps, that's why your partner is referred to as soul mate.

I smiled back at them. They were one lovely couple, made for each other, on the verge of realizing their unified dream of being together, forever. When would my dream turn to reality too?

Nandini dropped me home after the lunch. She thanked me for accompanying them, while I returned back the thanks for the wonderful treat. The food, indeed, tasted awesome, and thus my spirits were sky high, even though I had no clue about my next step.

"So... What next?" I thought, as I entered my house. Neither my mind, nor my heart, could provide any answer. However, somewhere from within, I heard voices of laughter and friendly talks. Perhaps, some guest had come to visit my parents. As I took few more steps, the sound rose, imitating the union of long lost friends, the companionship in the voices too obvious. Suddenly, I realized that the guest's voice sounded oddly familiar. I ran towards my bed room from where the laughter had risen.

"You?" I was surprised, and pleasantly shocked, as I saw Sapna, sitting on the bed, chatting and laughing with my mom.

Chapter 20

Alien - Haiku

                                                               (Image Source:

Eyes big, wide open,
Emanating crystal glow,
Shadowy welcome.

Power in its boots,
Alien, lost within the maze,
Wandering, aloof.

A visitor here,
Unraveling mysteries,
Is life possible?

These Haiku is shared with Haiku Heights and the Prompt is Alien.

Friday, August 24, 2012


                                                        (Image Source:

Leaning dangerously,
Dust clustered,
Through the narrow lanes,
Evil ruling the roost,
Honesty paving way,
For dishonesty,
Unruly natives,
Now joining hands,
Monster still strong,
The balance in its favor,
Clinging heavily,
The Earth tilted,
With the weight of the sins,
The Devils who reside,
Peeping into the core,
Digging deeper,
Aah, miracle awaited,
A much needed blessing,
In disguise, or whatever,
Save our planet,
And our souls.

This Poem is shared with One Single Impression and the Prompt is Lopsided.

So... What Next - Chapter 18

Chapter 17

"What is he doing here?" Sapna's Mom asked her husband coldly, staring at him like a butcher.

Mr Ray's gaze turned from me to Nandini to Shahbaaz, and then back again to me. His eyeballs were definitely avoiding the one person whom he had to answer. Being married was scary. Marriage wasn't all about honeymoon. The real story started after that.

True, there was a hell lot of iceberg beneath the surface. Would I too have to live in fear of Sapna's queries after marriage? God save me and all the current and future husbands of this world, from the piercing gaze of their wives.

Somewhere I had read, Love is blind and Marriage is an eye-opener.

"Well, you see, he is accompanying these two young people. They are currently facing a problem regarding their relationship," Mr Ray tried to explain.

Sapna's mom got up to leave, "Ok. I am waiting outside."

I turned towards her, and requested, "No aunty. Please stay. Your advice would also be beneficial to them."

She was surprised by my sudden intervention. I walked over to her, and touched her feet as a mark of respect. This shocked her further, and she took a few steps backward.

"Happy Birthday Aunty," I smiled.

"Its... Today is not my birthday," she was still in the process of regaining her composure.

"I know. It was exactly twelve days ago, but I couldn't wish you that time," I kept my smile intact. Sapna used to say I had a killer smile, and I thus tried to use this weapon tactfully.

"Oh thanks," she replied. She sat on the sofa.

Mr Ray was busy talking to Nandini and Shahbaaz. I sat on the sofa besides Mrs Ray.

"How are you aunty? Did you get rid of the pain on your knee?" I tried to engage her in small talks.

She was apprehensive of talking to me, and answered in a few syllables, "Hmm. Somewhat."

"My aunt is a well known doctor. I am sure she will treat your knee a lot better. Wait, let me book an appointment for you. Will tomorrow be fine?" I asked her.

"What ... tomorrow? But won't that be a problem? I mean it's ok, I can manage," she replied hesitantly.

"Don't worry Aunty. You should take care of your knee first. I heard Sapna's marriage is about to happen soon. If you are inflicted by this pain, who will look after the arrangement?"

She was silent. Me talking about Sapna was definitely a sensitive matter, and she had nothing to say in this regard. Rather, there was nothing she could say. I took that opportunity to fix an appointment with the Doctor.

"Tomorrow at 6pm sharp, ok?" I told her.

"Ok," she nodded, and after a few minutes, added, "Thanks."

"No thanks Aunty," I laughed, "You and Uncle are like my own family. Perhaps things didn't go right in the past, but I still respect you all a lot. That's one reason why I came to Uncle seeking help for my friend's problem." I pointed towards Nandini.

It was time for us to leave now. "How are you doing?" Mrs Ray asked finally, as I bid her good bye.

"I am fine, Aunty," I smiled, "Just trudging along alone."

Chapter 19

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 17

Chapter 16

I got into Nandini's car near the Petrol Pump. Shahbaaz was already with her. We shook hands and exchanged greetings. This was the first time I was meeting him.

Shahbaaz was a well built guy with a good physique, about six feet in height, and looked nothing less than a movie star. He possessed a pleasing personality that would draw anyone towards him. I could see why Nandini was crazily in love with him. While conversing, I also came to know that he had completed his engineering from BITS Pilani and then pursued Management studies from IIM Kolkata, premier institutes both. Some one with such high credentials and good qualities would easily be a sought after bachelor. The real problem lied in his belonging to a different religion.

Religion, caste, creed, so many parameters one has to take care of before falling in love. These are all creations of the human mind, and the heart has to follow suit. Why can't the heart and mind be left alone in their respective fields. Heart is made for love, why pull your mind in this same business too?

"Petrol prices are sky high. Don't know what the Government is doing," Nandini complained.

"That shouldn't be a problem when you have an IIM grad as your hubby," I teased her, and Shahbaaz started laughing.

"Are you mad? Shahbaaz is a real miser. He doesn't even give me any gifts," she replied in mock anger.

"What gift shall I give you?" Shahbaaz answered, "I have already laid down my life in your service madam. Can there be a bigger gift?"

Love is too beautiful. The feelings associated with it are innocent and pure. Their love fights reminded me of the happy moments I had spent with Sapna. I was now more determined to re-live those times. Winning Sapna back was the objective, and there was no way I could let her go.

We reached the Court, the place where Uncle Ray worked. It was a red building, buzzing with numerous forms of people, each seeming busy and preoccupied in their own train of thoughts. The advocates walked with an air of importance and pride. Life was one big rush here, but isn't that the case everywhere.

We climbed up the stairs and reached Mr Ray's office. We knocked at the door.

"Come in," Uncle Ray's voice invited us inside.

We pushed open the door. Uncle Ray was sitting behind his work table as we all expected, and Aunt Ray, Sapna's mom, was sitting on the visitor's sofa at the corner of the room, as I had expected.

Her mouth opened wide in surprise as I entered the room, and she looked at Uncle with a gaze that demanded an explanation. Certainly, I was the one person she would never approve of, neither in this office nor in her daughter's life.

Chapter 18

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amuse - Excite - Sincere

Amuse, Excite, Sincere,
Prompts for Today,
Nothing could be better,
Than Three Word Wednesday.

A lovely challenge,
Playing with the mind,
Words re-arrange,
Give a meaning to their kind.

My heart all dull,
After a hard day's work,
Careful my vacant skull,
Stay sincere, be perk.

Compose a song,
Amuse them all,
Just don't be wrong,
Rise after the fall.

Excite the lovers,
Hidden in the bay,
Delve deeper in their covers,
Let them have their way.

Nothing dawns on me,
Phrases elude the brain,
Time for me to flee,
'Cause I gotta catch the train.

This Poem is shared with Three Word Wednesday and the Words are Amuse, Excite, Sincere.

So... What Next - Chapter 16

Chapter 15

"Can I call you?" I messaged Sapna. I didn't want her parents to know that we had started talking to each other. That would spoil everything.

After a few minutes my cell phone buzzed. "Yes, you can call now, but I won't be able to talk for long," came her reply.

"Hi Sapna," I started the conversation.

"Hello," she answered.

"I love you." There was silence.

"Ok. Forget all these now," I realized this was no time for romantic chit chats. "Is your mom at home?"

"Could I have called had she been at home? She has gone to Dad's office."

"What?" I squealed. This meant that I couldn't meet his dad today. It would be tough facing both mom and dad at the same time. I had planned to talk with each of them separately, but if they were together, there was no room for a one- on -one discussion.

Sapna seemed surprised by my reaction. "What happened? Any problem?" she queried.

"Nah. Not a problem. I will talk to you later. I just remembered there is an important task at hand."

I disconnected the call and thought for a while. When Plan A fails, you should always revert to Plan B. The problem in my case was, there was no Plan B. I was so sure of Plan A that I had ignored the probability of it failing.

However, if there was no Plan B, I had to device a Plan C now.

I called Nandini, "Hey, are you going to meet Mr Ray today?"

"Yes. I am going with Shahbaaz," she replied.

"Ok. At what time?"

"We will be leaving in an hour," she answered.

"Cool. I will go with you too," I said.

She hesitated, "Thanks Nitin. You are really a great friend, but we do not want to be a burden on you."

"It's not a burden. I will accompany you, that's no problem for me," I had to go.

"Ok," she agreed, "Let's meet in an hour near the Petrol Pump. I will pick you up in my car."

Chapter 17

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aurora Borealis - Haiku

                                                       (Image Source:

An artist's canvas,
Dripped in colors myriad,
Splashing the heaven.

Brushes stroke the plate,
Look, Aurora Borealis,
Northern sky glowing.

Down in the valleys,
Relaxed soul submerged in waves,
Eyes catching the stars.

This Haiku is shared with Tackle It Tuesday and the Prompt is Aurora Borealis.

So... What Next - Chapter 15

Chapter 14

I woke up in the morning with a throbbing headache. The last few days had really been hectic. However, I couldn't relax yet. There was still work to be done, and the destination, though in sight, had to be achieved. I reached for my cell phone and there was an unread message, from Sapna.

"I don't know what to do. I am totally confused."

The message in some sense indicated that she was starting to trust me again. I had to preserve the trust now.

I replied, "Don't worry. I am there. Just stay calm. I will manage everything."

Now, what next? Today was Saturday, and Sapna's office was closed on weekend. She would be at home. There was no way I could meet her today.

Perhaps, I could use the time more effectively. I had conveyed my feelings to her, and to some extent, I thought she was responding back well. It was the right time to get her parents into confidence.

This was the tough part. I had to make my parents understand too. Last night's incident had left a bad taste in everyone's mind, and I was not sure when I would be again able to have a healthy discussion with them about Sapna.

Meanwhile, I had to get the story moving. I dialed Nandini's number.

"Hi Nitin. What's up?" she picked up the call.

"I am doing fine. What's going on with you?"

"Not that fine with me dude," she sighed, "My parents are refusing to accept Shahbaaz. I don't know what to do."

"Hey listen. Don't be sad. I know a very good advocate, Mr. Pankaj Ray. Why don't you go to him? Take your parents along. I have already informed him about you, and he has agreed to make your parents understand. Trust me, he is really good," I told her.

"Thanks Nitin. You are so helpful," she seemed relieved.

"Don't say thanks Nandini. Anything for Love," I smiled.

I had to wait till Nandini met Uncle Ray. I hoped that things go well during their meeting.

It's too easy to love, but not that easy to fight for your love.

I got up from my bed and took my bath. My parents were sitting in the other room. They saw me, but didn't say anything.

I walked back into my room, trying to find out what my next task should be.

Chapter 16

Monday, August 20, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 14

Chapter 13

"Here, have this son. I prepared your favorite dessert," my mom served some kheer on my plate.

It was dinner time and all four of us were enjoying a delicious meal cooked by my mom. Since I had come home after several months, she kept it in mind to prepare some of my favorite recipes, and true, they tasted awesome.

Mom and dad were sitting on the opposite side of the dining table while my sister was sitting beside me. It felt good to be with my family again. "You have grown so thin, eat some more," my mom forced me.

I waited for everyone to finish their dinner. I didn't want them to stay hungry tonight. Breaking the news would surely spoil their mood, and when you are upset, you lose your appetite. It was best for all to satisfy their appetites before I could spoil their mood.

"Mom, Dad, I have something to say," I started once we all finished eating.

"What is it son?" my Dad asked surprised.

I turned my head and looked at my sister. She smiled at me and urged me to go ahead.

"Actually," I cleared my throat, "I came here all of a sudden for a purpose. There is something I need, something I want, but it has been eluding me since a long time. However, I never lost hope. I kept trying on and on, and now finally, the time has come when I find myself standing on a crossroad. Either I should go for it, or abandon it completely. I have decided to go for it."

Dad beamed proudly on hearing these words, "This is like my brave boy. See how responsible he has become. You should always chase your dreams. Good to know you are doing it. What's your dream, by the way?"

"Dad, and Mom, my dream is Sapna," I said.

A shadowy silence dawned in the room, punctuated by the tick - tock of the wall clock. I wished some one would say something, but wishes seldom turned to reality. Finally, it was I who had to break the eerie silence.

"She is a really nice girl, and we both love each other. We can't be happy otherwise. I know we broke up once, but I admit that was a mistake. Mom, Dad, I haven't come across any girl who can understand me better than her. We are meant for each other. Please try to understand," I pleaded.

Mom left the table and went into her room. Dad didn't move. Probably he was too shocked to do anything. I waited for him to say something, and finally he spoke, "You are grown up, son. You live your life the way you want to. Who are we to say anything?" So saying, he too walked towards his bedroom.

I sat there, confused. I didn't want to hurt them, but as it so happened, I did hurt them. A sense of guilt took over me. Was I so bad that I can't keep anybody happy? Why did I land up hurting people?

The path of love indeed was strange.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. It belonged to my sister. "Don't worry brother. Mom and Dad will gradually understand. Go get your love," she smiled, "and make me proud."

Chapter 15

When Somebody Loves You

                                                       (Image Courtesy:

When somebody loves you,
And you don't really have a clue,
Time to check, time to find,
The girl who's gonna be just your kind.

The princess of your dream,
Smilingly pleasant, proper and prim,
She waits for you at the evening show,
But alas, so ignorant, you hardly know.

She sways and moves,
Oh, a perfect dancer she proves,
Trying to gain that single attention,
But then, you completely deny the equation.

Burns her fingers in the oven,
While listening to music of the Beethoven,
Yet for you she brings those cakes,
Come on, now look at the efforts she makes.

Open your eyes, lift your ears,
See her words, listen to her tears,
Waiting for you, myriad days and nights,
Embrace her tight, free her of all these fights.

When somebody loves you,
And you don't really have a clue,
Time to check, time to find,
The girl who's gonna be just your kind.

This Poem is shared with Carry On Tuesday and the Prompt is When Somebody Loves You.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 13

Chapter 12

Looking into her eyes, I started, "I loved you, but I never realized how much until you went away. It was only then that I understood what love is. Love isn't holding hands, nor kissing away in a romantic escapade. It's more than that. In fact, it's a lot more about mental embrace than a physical one. It's taking responsibilities, to stand for the girl who is ready to adapt in your family. Love is a prayer of togetherness, an oath of faithfulness, and a path of truthfulness. Love is the essence of life, the reason of our presence. I was so lucky to be in love with someone like you, and equally miserable for letting the love go away so easily."

Sapna was listening to my words intently, and I saw the pain in her eyes. There was something in her eyes that always pulled me towards them. Sharp and beautiful, they spoke when she didn't.

The coffee arrived. Hot vapors were coming out from the mugs, filling the ambiance with their sweet aroma, as they stood smartly on the table. I looked into my mug. The shape of a heart was created on the upper layer of my coffee with chocolate flakes. I wondered what was in her cup? I looked at her, and she was rubbing her fingers against each other, lost and dazed.

I continued, "Sapna, we all make mistakes, but shouldn't we get a second chance? I am not God, I am just a human, a stupid guy, who couldn't control his rage at the most critical juncture of his life, but, I have suffered all this while for that. One mistake, a terrible one, took away the biggest happiness of my life. All my dreams drowned in that single moment of foolishness. I lost you, and in the process, I lost myself too. Can't we get back to where we were, the same happy past, you and me together?"

She kept silent, and I waited for her to respond. The coffee was getting cold, but there were more pressing things that were going through our mind. Who cared for coffee?

Finally, she looked up, and neatly placing a strand of hair behind her ears, said, "Why all this now Nitin? It's too late. I am getting married in a few days. You shouldn't have come now."

"It's never too late Sapna," I was desperate to win her back, "we can again try to recreate the love we once had. I really love you a lot, and I know you still think of me, don't you?"

"My parents won't agree, and neither will yours," I could hear her voice breaking.

"Don't worry Sapna," I tried to be as reassuring as possible, "I will make them understand. You don't worry about them. I just wish that you are with me forever."

Her eyes were gradually adopting a reddish hue, and I could see how hard she was trying to control her tears. She stood up. "I have to leave now," she said, and quickly left the place.

The coffee had turned cold, but I was satisfied 'cause I had let her know what was in my mind. I needed to act responsibly now. What should be the next step, meeting her mom or convincing my parents, I was yet to decide, but somehow I sensed that victory was within sight.

Love is magic, and has the cure for every problem. You just need to keep this magic alive, always, forever.

Chapter 14

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Green - Haiku

                                             (Image Source:

Green, envy echoes,
Whirlwind sweeps the shredded heart,
Doubt, lies and distrust.


Safety belt in place,
Patience and Perseverance,
Green light signals, go.


Go Green is the call,
Initiatives developed,
Now seeking results.

This Haiku is shared with Haiku Heights and the Prompt is Green.

So... What Next - Chapter 12

Chapter 11

Sapna inched closer, controlling her umbrella against the fiery winds, and forcing her way through the storming rain. The maroon t-shirt accentuated her beauty, rendering a prominent gleam that I failed to comprehend. My eyes were transfixed at this mesmerizing sight; she resembled an angel from the skies, dancing with all its feathery glory. My heart skipped a beat at the appearance of such an elegance.

I saw her lips move, but couldn't hear anything. She shook me hard by tugging my shoulder, and only then was I able to come out of my numbness.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she was shouting. She had to, else the sound of the rain would have drowned her voice.

"Nothing. I am fine," I replied, smiling stupidly.

"Idiot. Why are you getting yourself wet in the rain?" She looked irritated, but came nearer and shared her umbrella with me.

"What can I do? Had you come out earlier, I wouldn't have got soaked like this," I joked.

"You won't change," she sighed and looked at the opposite direction.

Rain. Umbrella. A boy. A girl. Wouldn't that make a fantastic plot for an emerging romance. However, this was the occasion of reviving the romance, and now that she was with me, I had to take the step ahead.

"Can we sit somewhere? You will catch a cold if we keep enjoying this rain," I smiled.

She looked at me, like a teacher scolding a naughty student, and retorted in mock anger, "Me? I will catch a cold? It's you who always catches cold, Mister."

It was nice to receive the same caring attention from her, again. We entered the Barista, a plush coffee and snack eatery near her office.

"What would you like to order, Sir?" a uniformed staff came to us as soon as we took our seats at a corner table. There were a few other couples, holding hands, talking, laughing and joking.

Love indeed is everywhere, you just need to find the right one.

I looked at Sapna. "Two cups of cappuccino," she placed the order, after hesitating for a while. Perhaps she was thinking exactly what was going through my mind.

Barista had been one of our favorite eating grounds in the past, just because of Dark Temptation. Whenever we came here, Dark Temptation was what we ordered. It was a delicious concoction of pastry and ice cream, with some toppings as you desired, and would really satisfy your love for chocolates. We used to order two of the same, with me gobbling mine first, and then quickly having some from her plate. Sharing is really fun when you are in love.

And it's totally out of question when you have broken up in love. We waited for the coffee to arrive. Not knowing where to start, I wished time would stop still, just this one day.

I needed more time than the clock could provide to let her know of my true feelings. Confessing love first time was pretty tough, but making her regain that lost trust was tougher. I held my head high, and allowed my heart do the talking.

Chapter 13

Friday, August 17, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 11

Chapter 10

I raced back for lunch. There was no way I would be missing home made food after being away for so many months.

I ate to my heart's delight after having a fresh bath. Meeting her dad had renewed my hope in the mission. True, her dad didn't hand over his daughter's hand to me, but at least we were back to speaking terms. I started planning for the next step.

"Where are you going again?" My mom asked as I was leaving.

"Going to meet a few friends, Mom" I replied with a smile.

Within a few minutes I was standing in front of Sapna's office. The weather was gloomy, but it didn't depress me. On the contrary, my spirits had lifted, and I hoped the day progressed in the same decent manner as it had started.

"Can you please come out for a few minutes? Just wanted to tell you something," I sent her a text.

There was no response, as I had expected.

"I do not want to disturb you. You take your time. I am waiting, not a problem," I messaged her again and placed the cell phone in my jeans pocket.

The road ahead was buzzing with vehicles - cars, buses, auto rickshaws. Everyone had a busy schedule to maintain, life had taken a hectic turn where being ahead in the race was the only thing that mattered. The constant honking of cars drummed against my ears, the smoke obstructing my gaze. Yet this was the time when I really needed to focus. I was just a few steps away from my destination. I had to walk steady, so that I did not slip away at this crucial juncture.

Standing at the crossroads, my mind was running a vague engine of dream and faith, when the first drops of monsoon fell on my cheeks. I looked up and the skies had opened, draining me in a watery embrace, with Mother Nature exhibiting her true power. The droplets soon turned into a fierce torrent, with winds blowing faster than a Ferrari. People scurried for cover. I stood at my ground. Love was my shelter, and I was yet to find it.

Perhaps, I won't ever.

Rain brought back memories, the umpteen times we had shared its joy, the past rendezvous, everything. There is something about this weather that really haunts the hearts, soaking it in the beautiful past.

And today, I was all alone, savoring its tears in the midst of an empty canvas of loneliness, an uncharted valley where love was in sight, but it always proved to be a mirage.

My spirit had quickly started to drown in the tide, when I saw her. She was coming out in this fearsome weather, controlling her umbrella with both hands. She was coming for me, atlast.

How pretty she looked, like a fairy flying with the rain, sweeping the earth with its natural beauty. I fell in love with her, all over again.

Chapter 12

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 10

Chapter 9

Meeting the girl's dad is an awkward moment, more so when the girl in question is going to get married within a few days, to someone else. Neither the boy nor the dad knows what to say, or how to say, or where to start the conversation. To a dad, his girl is his most loved possession, and there is no way he will like her to get hurt.

Sapna was very close to his dad, and I could see that same caring feeling in his eyes for his daughter as I sat across him in his office cabin. Not finding words to say, I craned my neck around the room, trying to count the number of places where the plaster had shed off the wall. I counted four such spots.

"Why are you here?" Uncle Ray started the conversation.

Sapna's dad was a notable attorney of Calcutta High Court. He had a great reputation in the society due to his commitment, and his hard-work had helped him rise up the ladder in a very short time. He had even served as the Judge of the Court in several instances.

As a person, he had a good sense of humor. However, the humor seemed to be missing today. Of course, had I been in his place, I wouldn't have appreciated talking to a guy who had broken my daughter's heart in the past.

"Uncle," I started, "I need a small help from you."

His eye brows rose up, and he kept staring at me, without saying anything.

I continued confidently, "Actually, there is a friend of mine. She is in love with a boy belonging to a different religion, and as you know how things happen when religions get involved. Neither of their parents are ready for their marriage. Now, love isn't something that can be sold and bought. It's a gift of God, a once in a lifetime experience. As I have taken advice from you in the past, I decided to turn up to you again. What should they do?"

Uncle's gaze of anger had now turned to surprise. This was definitely what he was not expecting, and I had successfully caught him off guard. However, he did a very good act of not losing his composure, and after thinking for a few moments, said, "According to the Indian law, a girl and a boy can marry on their own wish once they attain their respective ages of marriage. No one can stop them."

"But wouldn't marrying without their parents' permission defeat the very purpose of their love?" I pressed on.

"Hmm. You are correct. But look at today's generation. This is what they do, and some even don't care to continue their relationship, dumping the girl in depression," he looked at me as a tiger stares at its prey rabbit.

Now it was my turn not to lose my composure, "I was just thinking, if you can arrange for their marriage registration. Of course, their parents won't agree, but I would try to convince them. I just need your help. Probably your wise words could make them understand."

"Ok," Uncle said after a long pause, "Is that why you came here?"

"Yes Uncle. I don't want someone's love to be broken due to such trivial reasons. Love is pure, and it should be complete. I don't want my friend to suffer a heartbreak, 'cause that's one of the most painful things in life. The feeling of losing someone all of a sudden, when you had assumed that the person will be with you through out your life, is really full of anguish and tears."

I rose and started taking my leave, "Thanks Uncle. I will talk to my friend and tell her about you."

For the first time Uncle smiled. That was a good sign.

"Ok. And how is everything with you?" he asked, somewhat hesitatingly.

"I am doing good Uncle. When God and Faith is with me, I can only do good," I moved out of the room.

It gave me a great satisfaction to realize I was doing something for Nandini's love. If my love didn't succeed, someone else's should.

After all, to win my love, I had to first prove that love was a winner.

Chapter 11

Sojourn - Haiku

                                                    (Image Source:

Melody unheard,
Sojourn; temporary dreams,
Cool breeze hums and sings.

Ripples on the waves,
Sojourning among my hopes,
Rising and falling.

This Haiku is shared with Sensational Haiku Wednesday and the Prompt is Sojourn.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 9

Chapter 8

I wish I could count the leaves,
That flow with the wind in fall,
Had I got a few tricks up my sleeves,
You would have still answered my call.

"Stop burrowing in your misery. No one will give a damn. Did you call her dad?" My sister asked.

I finished writing the poem, and looked up at her, "It's 9am now. Isn't that too early?"

"Yes. It's very early. Call him after 10 days," she pinched me hard.

She was right, once again. I had to face the situation. Now that I had made up my mind, there was no looking back.

I dialed his dad's number. The caller tone buzzed in my ear, and after a few seconds, I heard his familiar voice on the other side of the line.

"Hello, Pankaj Ray speaking."

"Hi Uncle. How are you?" I replied affably.

"I am doing good. May I know who is this?" He asked courteously.

I stayed silent for a few minutes. "Hello. Are you there?" he asked again.

"Ye.. Yes. Uncle, this is Nitin."

Now it was his turn to be silent.

"What do you want?" he asked coarsely. Strange how knowing someone's identity can change your attitude.

"I just want to meet you Uncle. Please. When can I come? Please uncle," I pleaded madly. I had to meet him to convince him of my love. Sentiments can't be conveyed over wires.

And probably that's why relationships have become shorter nowadays. People fall in love through chats and messages, and try to feel the words through wired and wireless networks. How can you feel the love if you can't see it in his or her eyes?

After all, love had to be felt, not told. It was to be seen through the invisible patches of human nature, and touched with the sugary innocence of your soul.

Technology redefined Science, but they can never define Love.

"Why do you want to meet me?" he asked.

I stayed silent. Probably he knew the answer. I didn't want to say something that might enrage him.

He remained quite for a few more seconds, and then said, "Ok. Come to my office within an hour."

"Thanks Uncle. I will be there," I replied, with relief.

The time to prove my love had arrived. I had to win her parents. I had to win her.

I had to get my love back, and give her the love she deserved. I disconnected the call and went to take a bath. I got ready in a jiffy, and combed my hair neatly. The next hour was going to be the most crucial hour of my life.

Mission Dad had begun !

Chapter 10

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 8

Chapter 7

"What do you think? Should we go ahead and fix the date?" my mom asked as soon as we returned home after dinner.

I knew this question would crop up, and I needed a good reason to ward it off. Both our parents had mentally arranged the union of me and Nandini, and were just waiting for our consent.

"I need some time to decide mom. Give me a few days to think," I replied.

"Come on son. Nandini is a good girl. You will be happy with her. What's the problem? Oh, is it that you are still stuck with that Sapna?" Her tone hardened.

"No, no, no mom," this wasn't the right moment to say yes, "It has nothing to do with Sapna. It's just that I need some more time to set my priorities right."

"Priorities? Ok. As you wish. Let us know soon." When you are losing a debate, use business jargon such as priority, crunch time, paradigm and bottleneck. They save the day on most occasions.

I heaved a sigh of relief as my mom left. I was lying on the bed, thinking of the next step, when my sister entered.

"So you won't marry Nandini. That's fine. She is too good for you anyways. What do you plan to do about Sapna?" She inquired.

"What? Too good for me? She has a boy friend, stupid. They want to get married. That's why I will be refusing this relationship. Now, what do I do about Sapna? I can't stalk her all the time," my mind was confused.

"You don't need to stalk, just talk," she smiled.

"How the hell will I talk if she doesn't want to," I felt lost.

"Fine. If she doesn't talk, make her listen. Let her know what you want. Send her an email. She will read it first thing in the morning, and the contents will revolve around her head the whole day," my sister suggested.

"Ok. But will she talk to me after reading the email?" I was curious.

"No. She won't. She hates you. But you have to show that you love her. And to love her means to love her family as well. Let her read your email, and in the meantime, talk to one of her parents, probably her dad. Moms are very finicky about their daughters. So ignore mom as of now. Try to focus on her dad," she reasoned with the air of a relationship expert.

Perhaps she was right. Even if Sapna still had feelings for me, she might be afraid to admit it 'cause that could mean a big blow for her parents. As her future husband, it was my responsibility to convince her parents too.

Wow. Future husband! The word felt so right.

"Stop dreaming Mr. Romeo. You just have 10 more days. So get up and write the email. And prepare for Mission Dad," she giggled.

"Yeah. You are right," I switched on my computer when a fear struck me, "Hey what if everything fails and she gets married to that guy?"

"In that case, my dear brother," she said, "always remember that life goes on. Time and tide waits for none. Perhaps, there is someone else, someone better, waiting for you. You can break up, but never ever break down."

Chapter 9

Monday, August 13, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 7

Chapter 6

The silence that followed chilled the room. I didn't have the courage to look towards her. Probably she didn't deserve it. Nandini was a good girl, and a rejection like this could dent her self confidence. I had not intended to hurt her.

I scanned the room, trying to focus on a way out, finding a mode to apologize for having blurted out the truth so spontaneously, when I heard her giggling. I looked at her, and she was laughing softly.

"Thanks a lot Nitin. You saved me."

I was confused. Why am I always left confused? I looked at her with a shocked expression.

"The thing is that," she spoke softly, not wanting her voice to travel outside the room, "there is a guy I like. However, my parents are against it, for he is from a different religion. They want him to change his religion.  But what has love got to do with religion anyways? Had you said yes to this relation, it would have been more complicated for me. Thanks a lot buddy."

Seeing her happiness, I smiled too. How beautiful love was, so heavenly, so pure. However, the hurdles always came in between, spoiling the essence. Why was there even something like breakup? Why can't first love be love forever?

I told my story to Nandini.

"Hmm," she replied, "Eleven days is a pretty short time, but then again, you got to try Nitin. At least, you guys belong to the same religion. There isn't any problem related to class or caste. Look at me, we are trying so hard. He will once again come to convince my parents tomorrow. It's so tough, but we are trying."

A sudden idea struck me, and I spoke it aloud, "And what if your parents don't agree to it?"

Nandini's eyes twinkled, and she replied with a chuckle, "Don't worry, we will make them agree. Parents, after all, want their children to be happy, isn't it?"

So true she was. I saluted her love. Despite all adversity, she is still holding on. I was such an idiot, blowing it all away in a burst of anger.

Anger and Ego are the worst enemies of love. Never, ever let them get hold of you.

"What should I do now? I don't even know if she loves me or not," I asked disheartened.

Nandini thought for a while and said, "It's really bad for a girl when the guy she trusted leaves her all of a sudden. Both of you are to be blamed for your breakup. However, you have to try real hard in convincing her of your love. Make her speak to you, and if she doesn't, well .... From what you tell me, I conclude she loves her parents very much. She wouldn't come back to you since she thinks her parents may get hurt with this decision. In that case, try winning her parents. This is all I can say."

A tricky advice, but I had to work it out nevertheless. Eleven days were what I had. I had to use them well.

"Thanks Nandini for such good words, and all the best for your love too," I said with a smile.

"Same to you buddy. Now let's get out, before the others come in, following their curiosity," she said with a wink.

Chapter 8


                                                           (Image Source:

Souls unhook,
Passions reboot,
Hearts laid bare,
Piercing stare,
Aromatic session,
Going through the motion,
I don't wanna care what's wrong or right,
Bathing in your love in this moonless night.

Serving to your command,
You have me summoned,
Down to my feet,
That's where we meet,
Story so old,
Dare to be bold,
A new daily act,
Serving our pact.

I don't wanna care what's wrong or right,
Bathing in your love in this moonless night.

Sums up the journey,
Pleasure and Pain,
I am your muse,
Waiting to be slain.

Hidden in the cloud,
A cry so loud,
Meanders through my vein,
My thoughts insane,
Fearing I am lost,
Sold for a cost,
Yet, I silently witness the loot,
The ecstasy of plundering renders me mute.

I just don't wanna care what's wrong or right,
Bathing in your love in this moonless night.

This Poem is shared with One Single Impression and the Prompt is Bathing.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shallow Rain

                                                           (Image Source:

Shallow rain,
Crumble with pain,
Breaking at your glory,
My bitter memory.

Applause uninhibited,
Thanks prohibited,
Music to their ears,
Flow of my tears.

Drawn together,
Splashed in the river,
Of love and lust,
Now scattered in dust.

Those scented lips,
Blossom at their tips,
Dark hair blowing,
Dream boat rowing.

Fragrance lure,
Soul to the moor,
Play the game,
Devoid of shame.

Uneasy heart flutters,
Rain drop patters,
My window pane,
Funny how it is,
That this Pane invites Pain.

This Poem is shared with Three Word Wednesday and the Prompt is Crumble - Drawn - Uneasy.

So... What Next - Chapter 6

Chapter 5

"Smile. Don't be so grumpy," my sister Rachana whispered.

We were at Mr Sen's place for dinner. It was 8 pm. Snacks of various kinds were beautifully placed on the table top. The rooms were lined with flowing curtains, and the newly painted drawing room shone brightly and radiantly.

"Have a samosa (a small triangular pastry case containing spiced vegetables or meat and served fried), son," Aunt Sen offered me.

The arrangement resembled a round table conference. We all were seated in sofas around the table, each of us clearly visible to the other. Fixing of an Indian marriage was a complicated affair. In an arrange marriage, every member of the family was supposed to exhibit the same expression, nodding their heads in approval. The right dose of smile in the ladies, and a satisfied laughter among the gents, were the key ingredients to ensure that the match making exercise was successful, and the families could now finally start preparation for the wedding.

Left in the middle of all this conundrum were the boy and the girl, the would be groom and bride, who were strangers a few minutes ago, but now had to plan the future with each other.

"Nandini, why don't you show your room to Nitin," Uncle Sen suggested. This, in a way, meant that we should spend some time together, though, you were not supposed to do anything that you wished to do when you were alone together with your prospective bride.

In my case, I was completely lost in yesterday's event. I didn't want this distraction called Nandini at this moment. The harsh response received from Sapna, and the eventual sadness gripped me tightly since I woke up today. An alternative plan to get back Sapna was what I needed now. However, since I had come, I had to follow the rules. I got up and accompanied her.

Her room had a pinkish tinge to it, and was well decorated. The lighting was neat, and the air conditioner provided the right degree of coolness. We sat down on the bed, a bit far from each other.

This was the first time I properly noticed Nandini. She was wearing a turquoise blue saree (the traditional dress of women of India consisting of a very long narrow piece of cloth elaborately swathed around the body), with perfectly complimenting gold earrings and necklace. She hadn't applied much of a make up, and yet looked pretty. My sister was right, she had changed a lot since I saw her last.

But did that matter to me anymore?

"Hi," she started, her eyes searching the floor.

"Hello," I responded, "You know why we are here, right?"

"Yes," she smiled coyly.

There was a momentary pause, since neither of us knew how to take this conversation ahead. I decided it best to tell her the truth now. It would be risky as my parents would eventually get to know about it, and all hell could break loose then, but I had to take this step.

I broke the silence, speaking slowly, "You are a nice girl Nandini, but .... there is some one else in my life. You shouldn't be with me."

Chapter 7

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Soul - Haiku

                                                             (Image Source:

Haunted and creepy,
Besides the old banyan tree,
Stands the Snell Mansion.

Tales revisited,
Madam Snell crafted her art,
Pursuing dark magic.

Witch or Sorceress,
Left to imagination,
Wicked were her goals.

Lived beyond her age,
Died, her body disappeared,
Devils swept over.

Her soul still lingers,
Howling and laughing wildly,
Snell Mansion accursed.

Curse of the evil,
Languishing in Snell Mansion,
Beware my loved pals.

This Haiku is shared with Haiku Heights and the Prompt is Soul.

So... What Next - Chapter 5

Chapter 4

"You look good in this. I like it."

I was wearing the same black t-shirt that I had worn on our last Valentines' Day. She had appreciated it, and I wanted to have an immediate impression. I went to her office and waited outside the gate. It was 5, and as far as I knew, she wouldn't be out until 6. I had one full hour to myself.

I moved to the other side of the road to a local shop. "One Five Star please," I bought the chocolate that she liked a lot.

I used to give her a Five Star daily whenever we met. She ate, and I shared. We were such nice couple.

Why did it have to happen? Why did it all break up?

Suddenly, I saw her. She was there, coming out of the main exit. How beautiful she looked, in that maroon suit, elegant and pretty, her hair woven tightly behind her, and her smile stealing my heart all over again. I loved her, truly.

However, she was with a couple of friends. There was no way she would talk properly with me in front of them. I waited for them to leave, and hoped that they don't pull her with them.

By God's grace, they left soon enough, and Sapna started walking towards the bus stand. This was my moment. I had to talk to her. It had to be now or never.

"Sapna," I called her from behind.

She turned, and her first expressions of shock and wonder soon turned into those of resentment and hatred.

"You? Go away. I have nothing to do with you," she started walking briskly.

I ran and reached nearer, "Sapna. Please listen to me once. Please."

She stopped, and turned her face towards me. The love that I had once seen in her eyes seemed to have changed into burning rage. They seemed so strange and unknown to me now.

"Look Nitin. There is nothing more you have to say, nor do I want to listen anything. It's all over. I waited for you then, but not now. So please leave me. I have a very happy life, without you. Please do not spoil it, again."

I didn't know what to say. Her ruthlessness made me speechless, and I heard my heart crack and break into pieces. A whole year had passed, and her beauty still enamored me. Yet, her words had changed, the soft feathery touch now darted with a piercing force, injuring my soul and wounding the nerves.

I tried to find my voice, "But Sapna, that's why I have come here. I am sorry, and I still love you. Please forgive me. Think about us, the promises, our future. Please forget what happened. Let's start a new life." I pleaded.

She looked away from me, and probably I noticed a single drop of tear near her left eye, shining like a diamond. How I wished to kiss her now, hug her tight, ruling her of all pains, and making her mine again. "The truth is Mr. Nitin," she started, "I don't trust you anymore. I am sorry about my past, and I don't know why I fell for you. I don't want to lose my happiness all over again. I have my own future now, and I wish you all the best for your future as well. Please do not come in front of me ever again. I do not want to see your face ever again. I want my dark past to be buried forever, so please do not interrupt in my quest for happiness."

Her syllables left me stranded, as I realized my dreams were crashing down silently. I couldn't move, nor could reply, as she stepped in the approaching bus, and lost herself among the crowds.

Drops of water fell against my cheek. Umbrellas came out and flooded the road. Were those my tears or the rain-water, I couldn't differentiate.

I didn't want to know.

What I knew now was that she hated me, bitterly. The black t-shirt didn't work.

"I don't trust you anymore," her words lingered in my ears, sharp and crisp. The Five Star melted in my jeans pocket, and was washed along with the melody.

Chapter 6

Friday, August 10, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 4

Chapter 3

"It never works this way, don't you know? You are totally hopeless. Where did you leave your brains? Back in Delhi?"

I felt stupid listening to her. She was hell bent on admonishing me as if I was a small kid; but then, I had to tolerate her outburst and let her prove she was the smartest. After all, when nothing works, and you have no one to go for help, it's your sister who can make you see the light in the tunnel.

"Ok. Leave it now. I always knew you were a bit immature, and that's proved. Fine. Forget her. Let's meet Nandini tomorrow," she suggested, with an air of superiority.

Nandini ! Nandini everywhere. She seemed to be on everyone's lips.

But it was Sapna who was on my lips, and mind, and heart.

I had dialed her mobile number a few hours ago, and after a few moments, she received the call.

"Hello," her voice sounded sweet as ever.

"Hi. Sapna."

She was silent for a while, and then said, "Is this .... Who is this?"

I understood that she recognized my voice, but she didn't want to let it out. I went ahead, "It's me. Nitin."

"Don't call me again." The line went dead.

I re-dialed her number, and heard the message, "The number you are calling is currently switched off. Please try again later."

Cell phones shouldn't have the switching off functionality. Oh God, why didn't I know telepathy?

With despair and desperation hanging at my soul, the only person I could turn to was my sister, who was a couple of years younger to me. She was a practical person, and we had always shared our problems with each other. Though I was older to her, I believed she could get me out of this fix and help me find a solution.

"What's the problem with Nandini? Trust me, she looks super hot. I just met her last month."

"Come on sis," I tried to explain, "forget about Nandini for a while. I have come here for Sapna. She is the girl I want, but I don't know how."

"Hmm. I understand brother, but it's too late now. Anyways, if you are so eager, why don't you meet her directly and talk to her?"

"Yeah right. How am I going to meet her if she doesn't pick up my calls?" I said frustrated.

"Stupid. Are you going on a date with her or what? She is never going to receive your calls or talk to you. You have to make her talk with you. Go to where she is, wait for her, and when you catch a glimpse, try talking to her."

"But how am I supposed to know where she will beat this very moment?" I asked.

"It's 4pm now. Don't you think there is ninety nine per cent chance of her being in office?"

So right she was. It never came to my mind.

"Now stop dreaming. Go wait outside her office. Do not call her again. Just wait, and wait for her to come out."

This was a good suggestion. I thanked my sister and ran out of the room. I had to get to her office as soon as possible. I didn't want her to leave before I reached.

"Hey. Listen. Do mom and dad know about this?" My sister called from behind.

"No sis. You do the favor later," I replied with a smirk, galloping ahead, with a smile blooming in my heart.

Finally, I was going to see her. And I would convince her.

I had to get the trust back.

I had to get the love back.

Chapter 5


                                                                (Image Source:

Riding on the past,
Sweeping my presence,
Dust wrapped in time,
Minutes, seconds ticking along,
A momentary gaze,

Sweet and bitter,
Quitter, the Winner,
Memories stagnant,
Eyes low,
Smiling curve,
Flickering nerve.

Parallel words,
Disjointed tales,
Lies, trust, love, betrayal,
Hugging me tight,
Sailing towards the light,
I, tired with my last fight.

This Poem is shared with Theme Thursday and the Prompt is Recollections.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 3

Chapter 2

"So... What next?" I thought, lying on my warm comfortable bed, as soon as my eyes opened. I had reached home early in the morning, and went off to bed straight away. I knew I needed a relaxed mind to make further decisions.

"You should let your parents know about your plan," my conscience spoke aloud, knocking at my brains. I took a deep breath and walked out of the room. It was half past twelve in the afternoon and my dad had already gone for work. I headed straight to the kitchen, where my mom was busy preparing lunch.

"Oh you woke up. Good. Go and take your bath and I will get your lunch ready," my mom spoke lovingly.

I stood there scratching my head, not knowing what to say, or rather how to tell her my plans.

"What happened? Oh God I forgot to mention. Mr. Sen and his family have invited us over for dinner tomorrow. Now that you are here, it will serve a double purpose," she said with a smile.

"Double purpose? Means?" I was confused.

"Meaning," she pinched my cheeks, "we want you to meet Nandini, Mr. Sen's daughter. She is a nice girl, and has just completed her Master in Arts. If you guys like each other, we can really go ahead and fix the marriage."

Now what was that? Where did Nandini drop from? I had met her a few times before. Mr. Sen was my dad's colleague, and we had greeted each other during dad's office parties and occasions. Our conversations never extended beyond how are you. True, she was pretty, and presentable, and charismatic. However, my heart was already stolen, and I didn't have a spare part.

I loved Sapna, and that was it.

I took my bath and had my lunch. My mother's words had put me in a dilemma, and I didn't want to ruin her joy just then by telling her about my plans.

And who knew, whether the plan would work or not. In any case, I wasn't going to give away without a try.

After all, Sapna was a dream worth trying and dying for. I had to start somewhere, do something. I picked up my mobile phone, and dialed Sapna's number. The ringing tone came up, and my breath stopped in anticipation of listening to her voice, after a drought of almost a year.

Chapter 4

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Convincing my manager was easy. The tough task was informing my parents about my decision.

"Hello," I heard my mother's voice as I dialed my residence's number. I had to let her know I was coming home for some days.

"Hi Mom," I replied.

"How are you dear?"

"I am fine mom. I will be coming home tomorrow morning." I blurted out.

There was a moment of silence, and then my mother's voice resonated in my cell phone, "Is everything fine? Why, all of a sudden?" She seemed worried.

"Well, I am coming for the marriage ... " I started, trying to be honest with her, telling her about my intentions, but my voice slipped off midway, giving way to hesitation and fear.

"Whose marriage? Any of your friends'?" She asked.

I was perspiring profusely. I had to stop the conversation now. I guessed it would be much easier if I told her about my plans when I was in front of her.

"Yes mom. A friend's marriage. Ok mom I have to go now and start with my packing. The flight is tonight."

I disconnected the call. The next step was to book a flight. I wished I would get a seat. I had to get a seat.

I was lucky enough to get a booking in Jet Airways. The flight was scheduled for 12:15 AM departure, reaching Kolkata in the wee hours of dawn.

I reached the New Delhi Airport at 10:30 PM. The lights shone brightly, and I sat at a corner with my luggage. Several thoughts criss-crossed my mind at that hour. Was I doing something mad and foolish? Her marriage was scheduled to happen in a few days from now, and I was intending to be a hurdle in all these. Probably she even loved that guy, and had forgotten about me totally. Even if she had not forgotten, I was sure she hated me to the core of her heart. I might be badly insulted if I went there, by her, her family members and friends. I may not get anything out of it, except more heartbreaks and sorrow. It would be more unfortunate to witness her exchanging marriage vows with some other guy.

I knew it was sheer madness.

But what was love without madness? After all, I didn't have much to lose, I had already lost her love and trust. However, if God was with me, I had the whole worldly happiness to gain. The desire to get her back was too strong. I had to try, try one last time. I had to win her back.

With a smile, I stood up, picked up my luggage, and walked on, ready to board the flight to my destination, the destination called love.

Chapter 3