Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After This Breaking Morn

pluck stars
and a few kisses
in hazel blushes
in breathing branches
in softening wishes
of tides rising
and falling
embracing sweet notes
of clandestine plays

no act
nor a story
to react
finds solace
in promises
as hands clasped tight
in moments
wrong and right

and the Moon Garden witnesses
those silent pleas
of dreams woven
in hushed murmurs

as we whisper tales
incomplete, and then descends the dawn
silently, we walk our separate ways
awaiting another rendezous of bliss and smiles
soon after this breaking morn

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When stories seek ways to be retold, writers are born - caressing the subtleties, playing with the words, and living the fictions. Perhaps, there is a writer in each one of us, 'cause we all love to dream and relive our lives, playing with the circumstances.

And that's how tales are initiated.

Are we just the letters of the alphabet, seeking redemption, curing our hearts and freeing our soul?

We start with A, but Z isn't a closure. Instead, it heralds a new dawn.

Let us all be that Z, uncovering what lies ahead, walking on, never to stop.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I was not supposed to be born, but I did.

The abortion couldn't take place at the right time, and my mom, wary of her unmarried status, decided to let go of her frustration, and I took birth.

Then, she sold me to a wealthy childless couple.

I never knew who my real mother was until she came to meet me that day.

We sat in silence, she cried, and I counted the ants on the wall.

"Yasmeen, someday you will understand," she said.

"There are a few things I wouldn't like to understand," and the ice never melted.

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Monday, April 28, 2014


Xavier had been dwelling here since the last several decades, having made Asteroid X1197 his home. The location was chosen with utmost precision, as he wanted a spot just outside the event horizon of the Black Hole, close enough to observe, but out of its pull.

Today, his research would reach its climax.

He directed his ship towards the horizon, moving in. Satisfaction dawned on his lips, as the lost colors of the world floated like a kaleidoscope inside the Black Hole. In a fraction of a second, the discovery engulfed him.

His research was complete, yet remained undefined.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Love, That Shit - Review

At one point or another, we’ve all said or heard someone say, ‘Life’s a bitch!’ and for the most part, they aren’t entirely wrong. We’ve all had that moment where we believe we’ve sussed out life and everything is going our way. Morning breaks and we slip our iPad under our arm as we head in to the toilet to conduct our daily ‘business’. Once done, we reach out to grab some soft, triple ply toilet paper except our fingertips are greeted by a rough, hollowed out piece of cardboard. Right there, that’s life. It’s you getting defecating on, while defecating.
'Love, That Shit!' (LTS) hopes to help you through the process of getting into, dealing with and even the aftermath of relationships.  While it offers a humorous take on some of the common episodes that invariably take  place in our lives, LTS also aims to provide a message and a unique look at certain situations. It highlights the importance of an individual’s mindset and perspective to help tackle the emotional and mental toll most relationships take on us.
Relationships don’t always flow as fluidly as the chapters of a book and it can be frustrating to have to read 87 pages to get to that message which speaks to you. LTS provides you with an alternative approach—you can simply read a chapter for its message before returning to your everyday life. In fact, you can even close your eyes, flick the pages and read the chapter that you land on. Think of LTS as a mix-tape; remember the excitement of popping it into your tape deck and not knowing what song was going to play next? With LTS, you don’t know what the next chapter holds for you; you can even fast-forward to a chapter without the need to know what was ‘played’ before! Imagine reliving that sense of mystery, excitement and discovery without the fear of the tape unspooling. 
The goal is that by the end of each chapter, you will not only realise that others are in the same boat too but would have hopefully obtained a new and more positive perspective on your situation through theirs—a funny Tiger Balm if you will. And before you embark on your ‘mix-tape’ escapade, just remember, at the end of the longest and darkest of nights, is always a new dawn. 

About the Author
Born in Africa, Chandru was raised between Nigeria, India and the UK. A columnist for the South Asian quarterly, Beyond Sindh, Chandru's first book, The Journey of Om (fic) was published in 2010 by Cedar Books. His short stories have been published in anthologies in China, India, US and UK. Chandru currently resides in London, UK with his wife and son.

We all know what love is, and yet we fail to understand it on so many occasions. Relationships start beautifully, and we are elevated to a world of bliss and happiness, only to stumble and fall at times. We feel scattered and lost, swept away in the sea of sorrow and guilt, not knowing what to do and how to do. It’s in moments like these that we need to deeply introspect on what could have been the result had we behaved in a different way. Relationships are good teachers, teaching us valuable lessons through chapters of hardships so that we are able to confront with the uncertainties that lie ahead. This fact is well illustrated by Chandru Bhojwani in his book ‘Love, That Shit.’

‘Love, That Shit’ revolves around the dynamics of a relationship, which moves through various phases. It’s easy to fall in love, but to sustain that feeling is a completely different ball game that requires lot of patience, perseverance and trust. But having said that, rationalism doesn't go hand in hand with love, and often in relationships heart rules the mind. We do not consider the effects of our action and reaction, and then regret later.

The book is divided into various chapters, dealing with topics that are often the problematic areas in a relationship. For instance, drunk dialing and its hazards isn't really a secret, but we can so easily fall prey to it. The author advises against it, saying that it would be best to have friends around who can stop one from drunk dialing as it’s a sure shot sign of an impending doom. Matrimonial pressure again is a common concern for many unmarried people, with family, relatives and friends often chasing them to know when they are going to tie the knot.

The book also provides an insight into how to know a person by carefully observing him or her. The Facebook and Twitter profiles do help, but just relying on them wouldn't suffice. The author points out the different categories of Mother-in-law and Father-in-law a person might come across in his quest for love and relationship, highlighting their characteristics and providing suggestion on how to deal with them in a humorous manner.

Humor in fact is a big plus point of this book. It isn't easy writing a self-help book, as too much wisdom may make it sound preachy, and the reader might prefer skipping a few pages. However, with ‘Love, That Shit’ that’s not the case. The author manages to make us laugh at places, turning it into a light-hearted read that’s based on a serious topic of relationship. And that’s where Chandru Bhojwani excels. Also, the characterization of ‘Anonymous Ravi’ was well thought of, and executed brilliantly. Ravi comes up with his own life experiences, the snippets and anecdotes making this book a fun and interesting read.

However, there are a few areas that needs improvement. The cover page, showing two pairs of feet facing towards opposite directions, indicating discord in a relationship, seems a bit dull, and a brighter cover would have made the package all the more beautiful. Secondly, often I felt that the focus is mainly on the male perspective of a relationship. I would have preferred point of view in respect to both the genders.

The book is crisp and suave, and does point out the mistakes one makes in love, and tries to answer queries that we have in our minds. This is a quick-read, and will surely keep you occupied for a few hours. This book isn't just about love, but also explores the nuances of life.

Title: Love, That Shit!
Authors: Chandru Bhojwani
Publisher: Om Books International
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Self-Help
No. of Pages: 144
Price: Rs 195
My Rating: 4/5

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Three high profile deaths in five days, and the city was in shock. Interestingly, all three were businessmen and key accused in Walter's murder case. Lack of evidence set them free.

Walter, their associate, supposedly had got hold of some dark secrets that would have exposed their wrongdoings. Unfortunately, before he could reveal their evil activities, his decomposed dead body was found.

A smile passed his lips as he watched the News. Judgement was meted out, and the three punished for the innocent lives they had harmed.

Walter had done the job, his fake death being a perfect alibi.

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Friday, April 25, 2014


"I knew this was the end. I wished it was not."

Viki re-read the last lines. She had reached the conclusion, but like life, it was vague.

"Hey, have you read 'Viki's Story'?" she heard someone say.

"Yes. Total crap. Don't know what the author was thinking," pat came the reply.

Viki stifled a sob. Was it only the writer's failure, or would she also be blamed for her incompetence as the protagonist of the novel? The author would get another chance, but the character? Never.

"I knew this was the end. I wished it was not," she sighed.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Uncle George

Uncle George was an ex-army officer who now spent his days jogging and chatting with others at the neighborhood park. That didn't matter to me.

What mattered was that he had a lovely daughter, prettier than pretty and more beautiful than any adjective that can ever be used to define her grace.

I wanted to marry her.

I met Uncle George one evening and started a conversation. He seemed pleased with me.

Gaining in confidence, I asked innocently about her daughter.

He laughed, "Oh ya. Do come home next Sunday. It's her engagement."

Ok. Time to find another uncle.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


"It must be tough, right?" I asked Ted one day.

"Yes man, it indeed is. I go for farming, then cook dishes and sell them to customers. Once I am done with these, I have to hunt down criminals."

Now that was exciting. Ted surely seemed to be a multi-talented individual, contrary to everything else that I had heard about him from others.

"How do you manage?"

"You got to have everything on your fingertips dude," he said, and then added, "I need your help."


"Please accept my Facebook game requests for Kitchen Scramble, Farmville and Criminal Case."

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Ramayana - The Game of Life : Rise of the Sun Prince (Book 1) - Review

Ramayana: The Game of Life (Book 1), one of the world's great literary masterpieces, skillfully retold for modern audiences. Epics like the Ramayana have been recounted infinite times. Is there a need for another chronicle in the presence of so many? How is this one different? And is it relevant to our ever-changing modern lives? 
Yes, there is a need, yes this is different and yes, it is relevant. This new series of books, each following one khand of the Ramayana, decodes the eternal wisdom of that poetic scripture through gripping narrative and thought-provoking instruction. In the time-honored custom of spreading wisdom through tales, every fascinating story in the epic is retold here and every character unfolded to captivate your heart and open your mind to lifes deepest questions.
The narrative closely follows Valmikis Ramayana, gently weaving in folk tales as well as the beautiful analogies of the Kamba Ramayana. The first of this six-volume series, Rise of the Sun Prince, takes you through the divine story of Lord Rama from His birth up to His marriage. Through these pages are revealed the tales of Dasarathas leadership, Vishwamitras quest for power and the intriguing story of a little-known stone maiden. Ramayana: The Game of Life has all of this and much more - food for contemporary thought drawn from an enduring masterpiece.

About the Author
Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law with specialization in Patent Law. His leadership seminars are popular with top-level management in corporate houses. He also helps individuals deal with modern-life situations by applying the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and other dharmic traditions.

If epics are to be retold, this is how it should be done. Most of us would already be familiar with the basic plot of Ramayana, having heard the stories as bed time tales during our childhood from our parents and grandparents, elder siblings and relatives. However, it’s the treatment meted out in this book that really makes it stand tall among several other modern interpretations.

‘Rise of the Sun Prince’ is basically the ‘Bala Kanda’, or the first part of the epic Ramayana, and deals with fighting grave internal battles and overcoming great odds to emerge victorious and become exemplary. It incorporates the principle of humility, and how pride should be swallowed to focus on your ultimate goal. As humans, we have the tendency to be selfish and self-centered, not caring about the rest. However, the purpose of life and existence is not to just think of your own self, but also the world around us. The book teaches us to let go and surrender to the Supreme One, and always walk towards the path of righteousness. This book doesn't just tell stories, but also guides us in emulating the lessons learnt in our real lives.

Author Shubha Vilas does a great job in presenting the mythological tale in a fresh and unique manner. The narration is crisp, making this book an absolute page-turner. What’s engrossing is the fact that the author has not only stressed on the primary characters, but he seems to have done extensive research to have brought out several other stories that are related to or have lead to the Ramayana. There are stories of Gods, Demi-Gods, Kings and Queens that form an integral part of this narration.

The front cover is striking and colorful, and immediately catches your attention. It depicts Rama and Lakshmana protecting Vishwamitra’s rites from Maricha and Subahu, which is an important sub-plot in this book. This incident, like many others in Ramayana, symbolizes the victory of good over evil, which again is an important lesson in life. It teaches us to be strong, and walk on the path that leads to truth, even though it may be tough, ‘cause evil never persists for long.

Another beautiful feature of this book is the footnote. There are footnotes comprising of anecdotes and key lessons in almost every page, relating to the events that the particular page comprises of. They explain the incidents and their relevance in modern perspective, and how we can adopt them in our lives and learn to live in a better manner.

This is one book that I would label as must read, for the beautiful presentation of the stories of the wonderful epic Ramayana. The style is engrossing, and you really wouldn't like to keep the book down. I am already eager to read the next book in the series – ‘Shattered Dreams’, and trust me, so would you. The magic of epic joins hands with the author’s brilliant story-telling prowess, and we have a book that will surely capture our minds and rule our hearts.

Title: Ramayana - The Game of Life : Rise of the Sun Prince (Book 1)
Authors: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Religious, Mythology
No. of Pages: 256
Price: Rs 250
My Rating: 4/5

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Sid wasn't just any other man. He was my guy, my love, the dreams which played alongside veiled fantasies.

And then he told me, "I am going to get married next month."

You know that sound when glass breaks. A hundred shards pierced my skin, and blood screamed aloud in salty tears.

"Why can't we ...," and he stopped me. We both knew the answer. Laws might have changed, but the society still remained the same.

"Let's forget whatever happened between us," he said, and I nodded.

We weren't straight, and life punished us with this cruelly twisted turn.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Rainbows High And Low

look how these fish swim
across clouds and painted waves
rainbows high and low

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"Don't waste paper," people told him, but Raja never listened.

"A King does whatever he wants," he laughed. "Cut all the trees to make paper and I will play with boats and planes."

The trees decided to teach him a lesson.

Next day, when Raja went to the forest, the trees held him in their branches, "Throw him up. He is our aero-plane. Then we will make a boat out of him."

He was tossed in air, and dipped in lake. Fear seized Raja and he apologized, "My acts would now be clean. My motto forever - Go Green."

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Saturday, April 19, 2014


"Don't you dare lie to me Quinton. Tell me honestly, where were you last night?"

"Trust me darling. It was just, just that she was a bit upset, and as a friend I thought to accompany her to her home."


"I told you sweetheart, she was lonely, and full of tears. A hug isn't that bad, right?"

"And what about the kiss?"

"Ya, a hug without a kiss wouldn't have looked good, so..."


"A little love game to cheer her up, just a little..."

"A little. Right. Goodbye Quinton."


A bullet raced. He fell. She giggled.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pizza Guy

"Two Regular-sized Classic Chicken Pizza with extra cheese."

"Sure Sir. The order will be delivered within 30 minutes, else you can have it for free."

And thus starts the race,
His Bike In Top Gear,
Our Pizza Guy steady on chase,
In destinations far, and near.

Even a minute of delay would make Pizza Guy bear the entire cost of delivery as per company's rules. He had to reach on time.

His bike shook, hit and then, numb. Cold blood. Deep black sleep.

"Where's the pizza, dude?"

"We are sorry, Sir. We'll be providing it to you for free."

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


"You want to be an actor, huh. What's your name kid?"


"A carefully chosen name I see. But name alone won't make you a star you know."

"Who said I want to be an actor or a star? It's Superstar for me, Sir."

Another failed audition, and yet that self-pride never abandoned him.

"I don't think we can be together, Orli. We should split."

"Yeah, I understand baby, but I am trying."

"No. You are not. Anyways, am getting late. Bye."

Love deserted him as well, but he stood firm.

"This Orlando too will bloom someday," he smiled.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


"God, this cell phone sucks." With the mobile switching off again in the midst of their conversation, anger rose in his veins. Niraj threw the device hard on the wall, the impact leading to a thousand pieces of metal.

"Time for some action." Niraj collected the pieces and ran towards the kitchen. In a kettle of hot water, he poured the junks, waiting for them to dissolve. A bluish solution formed after a few minutes, and he gulped it in one go.

"Who needs a phone now?" He dialed the numbers in his mind, and got connected once again.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


"What's your name?" I asked the little girl sitting by the roadside, selling flowers, wearied in the oppressive summer heat.

"Meethi," she replied, her voice barely audible.

"That's a sweet name," I smiled, and handed her the packet of books. As a social worker, I had always advocated the need for education of poor children. Distributing books had thus become an essential  part of my mission.

She took the packet and ran towards the other children standing nearby. I gaped in shock as they tore the pages and gobbled away in delight.

Perhaps, poverty craves food more than education.

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Monday, April 14, 2014


The plot reverberated in his mind, the words as clear as crystal. Excited, he reached for his laptop, and then, as realization dawned on him, warm tears froze in the lump of his throat. An accident last year had led to immobility of his fingers, and he cried in hopelessness.

"Let me be your pen, and you be my words," Latika, his wife, sat beside him.

For a moment he was dumbstruck, and then, his renewed zeal narrated the story to her, as she typed it fervently.

Needless to say, it turned out to be the best story ever.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Her copper lips, smeared with rust, invited me, and I, blindly obeyed.

I have been smitten by Keira's charm since the first day of college, fantasies finding way through unspoken sighs. Today, it was real.

"First time?" she asked. I blushed.

Her fingers burnt against my skin, softly circling the uncharted territories, and finding a way through the maze. As she devoured me in virgin nooks, ecstasy gripped me tight.

She licked and bit me, and my submission erupted in throes of pleasure.

Little did I know that this encounter would mold me into a vampire, just like her.

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Friday, April 11, 2014


Jeevan was my schoolmate, but gradually we lost touch. I came to know that he had become a spiritual guru, and laughed at the thought. A monk? Huh!

We met at a reunion, and he exhibited an aura of calmness.

"You seem so satisfied. Doesn't anything bother you?" I couldn't stop asking.

"Life is a celebration. Success, failure, love, loss, everything encompasses it. Why should we give prominence to just one feeling, and ignore the rest? Relish when you are happy, cherish when you are sad, but always make sure, to differentiate between good and the bad," he smiled.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Wait So Sweet

his fingers count
days left to return home
a wait so sweet

a wait so sweet
tunes of songs familiar
rains upon him

rains upon him
minutes, hours pass, teasingly
his fingers count

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The Celsius soared forty. The sun turned naughty.

"Here melts my ice-cream," the little child would scream.

Tired of heat the people prayed, and thus, the God obeyed.

Brushing past the clouds, gliding like a star, emerged the superhero, from somewhere very far.

Dressed in white, and goggles dark, he wasn't Peter Parker, neither Kent Clark.

With a flash, he produced ice, people smiled, and said he was nice.

"Who are you, Mr Hottie?" asked a young cutie.

"Don't call me hot, that I am not. I am cold, I am bold, with an anti-summer plan, my name Ice-Man."

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014


"Is that a deal?"


A consignment of hash, meth and ecstasy was shipped the following day, and Henry received them at the port, his bag filled with hard cash.

"Genuine, right?"

"Yeah dude. Wanna crack a joint?"

"Aye. Sounds good."

The smoke, rusty and filled with the familiar taste of submission, sank through his veins, and within a few moments, he was stoned.

"What next Boss?"

"I guess he isn't in a condition to stop us now. Let's flee before anyone else appears. And ya, take the money, and drugs too."

"What to do with Henry?"

"Shoot him."

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


"It's not possible you know?"


"I mean, think of it. Guddi wouldn't even be living with us forever. She has to marry someday, and with that, she will take whatever I have earned. Hefty dowries and all. You know very well how difficult for us it is already."


"And why should we need a daughter when we already have three sons. Yes, they will grow up, and become engineers and doctors, and free us from poverty. Yes, they will."


"Tomorrow, just before daybreak, leave her besides the well. Gods will take care of her, don't worry."

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Monday, April 07, 2014


"Fawad I'm. What's your name ma'am?"

Though blessed with conventionally good looks, all his attempts to flirt failed to cook.

He thought he rhymed well; but, his words could never sell.

"Don't worry, why hurry? Today you refuse, tomorrow you will be sorry."

He set to write a better song, verses that would woo without going wrong.

"Fawad means heart, I promise not to part. Girl, let's just start. Why you still playing dart?"

He kept failing, ailing, but still, he didn't stop rhyming.

"Your eyes blue, let's kiss like glue. Why not baby? I don't have a clue."

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

One Hard Hitting Stage

and a few strands of grey
floating shadow
seeking its way
black eyes lock
in placid turbulence
a struggle it reflects
amid imbecile imbalance

smiles, and fits of rage
stories hidden in whispering cage
tears tell tales of gallows
myths busted, hearts swallowed
truth and deception scurries across the ledge
beware friends, this mirror is one hard hitting stage

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In Pursuit Of A Lesser Offence - Review

Avinash Vyas is a married man who meets a young divorced lady, Sangeet Mishra. They both share a similarity in their past. That being, both have made similar felonies that they are unfinished with. But when they meet, an unexpected relationship begins between them. They eventually develop an aversion for each other and eventually part ways. The book tries to understand the complexities of human relationships as the story of Vyas and Mishra continues. In the modern day life, marriage and relationships are taking various shades and degrees of importance. The novel tries to understand the pulse of today’s people in this context. Sujata's extremely inquisitive mind tries to capture the overwhelming spectrum of emotions that whirl around love and marriage in In Pursuit of a Lesser Offence. A must read for ardent fiction aficionados.

About the Author
Sujata Parashar is an Indian novelist, social activist, poet and a short story writer. She has been writing to many magazines, newspapers and also websites. She is also recognized for her extensive NGO work, and is an Executive Board Member of a Delhi based NGO called Empowering Minds. She is also the editor of the Organizations newsletter Inside Minds. Sujata is also the author of books like Poetry Out and Loud, In Pursuit of Infidelity and In Pursuit of Ecstasy.

Is it wrong to define relationships in a way that we want, and not how we have been taught to? Often, for the sake of societal acceptance, people tend to flow with the norm, in the process compromising their happiness and dreams, something they would have preferred to follow, but bound in rules and conventional beliefs, they fail to break out of the shackles. What is more important then – going with the flow and training your heart to accept things that are not up to your liking, or challenging the set notions and leading your lives on your own terms? Love and relationship is always a complex topic to ponder upon, and that’s exactly what Sujata Parashar does in her new novel ‘In Pursuit Of A Lesser Offence.’

Avinash and Sangeet meet in various circumstances, and as destiny rolls the dice, they start developing warm feelings for each other, resulting in an intimacy that they love and fear at the same time. The mutual trust often borders around the underlying anxiety of the past showing up its ugly face again. Avinash is married to Latika, and Sangeet to Kushal, the compatibility with their partners unquestionable, when suddenly dark secrets tumble out from their nuptial bonds, and unresolved questions are hurled at them from every corner. Their strengths fatigued, Avinash and Sangeet embrace the weakness of each other, dreaming, hoping for a renewed life. However, fate can be cruel at times, and when things seemed to be going oh – so – perfect for them, they are pushed towards a new crossroad of dilemma. How they wade through the paths, and reach their destination, is what holds as the backdrop of the story.

Sangeet’s character as a wife, blindly trusting her husband, vulnerable, yet possessing a strong mental belief that things would be fine someday, is perfectly sketched. Sujata takes utmost pain to bring out her shades and emotions beautifully, and Sangeet becomes just another woman trapped in infidelity and despair, yet holding her head high and walking ahead. Avinash, the other protagonist, performs the role of an able support, holding her hands when she is lost, and promising never to leave her side. Their romance is sweet, but also filled with the doubts of an extra – marital relationships.

This is Sangeet’s story all the way, and the author does a good job in highlighting the modern scenarios revolving around love, marriage and commitment. However, I would have preferred if these subjects had been delved in a deeper manner. At times, I felt that the author was rushing through the pages, which often lead to a slight inconsistency in the pace and the flow. However, that doesn't take anything away from the beautiful story telling. The twists were often introduced at the right junctures. Also, the narrative style helps the readers identify with the characters, which in a big way adds to the realistic appeal of the plot.

‘In Pursuit Of A Lesser Offence’ is a light read, and will keep the readers entertained. The story raises several relevant queries, the answers to which are clouded in ambiguity in the current scenario, but with the changing times, perhaps, true love will find its way amidst societal pretenses, and endure the tests of self - imposed boundaries, without any fear of offences, greater or lesser.

Title: In Pursuit of a Lesser Offence
Authors: Sujata Parashar
Publisher: Alchemy Publishers
Publication Year: 2014
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Fiction, Romance
No. of Pages: 263
Price: Rs 150
My Rating: 3/5

Saturday, April 05, 2014


He did it once. He resolved not to do it again.

Years of hard work and dedication saw him steadily rise to the top of the ladder.

It was time for the selection of the University Team.

"You have to arrange 5 lakhs," the team manager told him.

"But, how can I? I belong to a poor family," he was disheartened, his dreams ebbing away.

"Am sorry, Nilesh is willing to pay. If you can't, you have to quit."

He packed his sports gear, and left, perhaps, never to embrace his passion again.

Fate betrayed Eklavya a second time.

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(PS: Eklavya is a character from the epic, Mahabharata. After he was rejected as a student by Guru Dronacharya, the teacher of the royal princes, he decided to learn archery on his own, and erected a statue of Dronacharya, worshipping it as his teacher. When Dronacharya realized that Eklavya had turned into a great archer, better than even his favorite pupil Arjun, he asked him for his thumb as Guru Dakshina (reward to a teacher by his student). Eklavya silently obeyed, cutting off his thumb, even though he knew without it he couldn't make use of his acquired skills).

Friday, April 04, 2014

A Pebble Blushes

silver waves caress
moon dipped in blissful nectar
a pebble blushes


As I caressed her velvet contours, I could feel the warmth tingling against my ear lobes. She navigated, slowly, steadily, numbing my senses for a moment, and I, submitted to her salacious play.

"Shall I gobble you raw, Daisy?" she asked cheekily. I nodded, not willing for this wait to continue.

The floor rocked, and the room perspired in moments of fiery passion, as two souls tumbled, salivating, the nectar and bliss urging them through.

"That fool thinks he is smart."

He was a cheat, two-timing with us.

We giggled. "Another round girl?" I winked, and the sheets flew.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014


"What's your name?"


And I fell in love with her.

The very next day I greeted her with roses. "So you love me, right?" she asked as if we were talking about the weather, and I, like an obedient weatherman, replied "Yes."

We got married the next day.

"How many kids do you want?" she asked. "Three," I answered.

We had a boy the following day, and two girls in subsequent days. So, in five days, we were a happy family.

"Now what?" she asked on the 6th day.


"Wake up from your dream. 99 words over."

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014


They said name wouldn't matter. He didn't mind either.

A circus clown he was. People called him Bholu. "It suits you best," his manager told him once, "Why do you need your real name when Bholu is all set to make you special?"

People laughed when he fell from great heights. They guffawed when he slipped and hurt his back. They mocked at him, and teased at him when he enacted stupidity.

What was his real name? He couldn't remember now.

As he turned old, a new 'Bholu' replaced him. 

They said name wouldn't matter. He didn't mind either.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014


He didn't know how to read or write, having been devoid of formal education during his formative years; yet, under the shady banyan tree, when the cool breeze flowed across dusky summer farms, people flocked to him.

Ahmed was a brilliant story teller, his words lucid, resonating with a voice so musical that his narrations rhymed with a sweet undertone. Arshad, his cousin, was one of his daily listeners.

Years later, Arshad received numerous accolades for his debut book 'Life-A Collection', the world not knowing that the real brain behind those plots was still weaving tales, somewhere in oblivion.

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