Sunday, August 12, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 6

Chapter 5

"Smile. Don't be so grumpy," my sister Rachana whispered.

We were at Mr Sen's place for dinner. It was 8 pm. Snacks of various kinds were beautifully placed on the table top. The rooms were lined with flowing curtains, and the newly painted drawing room shone brightly and radiantly.

"Have a samosa (a small triangular pastry case containing spiced vegetables or meat and served fried), son," Aunt Sen offered me.

The arrangement resembled a round table conference. We all were seated in sofas around the table, each of us clearly visible to the other. Fixing of an Indian marriage was a complicated affair. In an arrange marriage, every member of the family was supposed to exhibit the same expression, nodding their heads in approval. The right dose of smile in the ladies, and a satisfied laughter among the gents, were the key ingredients to ensure that the match making exercise was successful, and the families could now finally start preparation for the wedding.

Left in the middle of all this conundrum were the boy and the girl, the would be groom and bride, who were strangers a few minutes ago, but now had to plan the future with each other.

"Nandini, why don't you show your room to Nitin," Uncle Sen suggested. This, in a way, meant that we should spend some time together, though, you were not supposed to do anything that you wished to do when you were alone together with your prospective bride.

In my case, I was completely lost in yesterday's event. I didn't want this distraction called Nandini at this moment. The harsh response received from Sapna, and the eventual sadness gripped me tightly since I woke up today. An alternative plan to get back Sapna was what I needed now. However, since I had come, I had to follow the rules. I got up and accompanied her.

Her room had a pinkish tinge to it, and was well decorated. The lighting was neat, and the air conditioner provided the right degree of coolness. We sat down on the bed, a bit far from each other.

This was the first time I properly noticed Nandini. She was wearing a turquoise blue saree (the traditional dress of women of India consisting of a very long narrow piece of cloth elaborately swathed around the body), with perfectly complimenting gold earrings and necklace. She hadn't applied much of a make up, and yet looked pretty. My sister was right, she had changed a lot since I saw her last.

But did that matter to me anymore?

"Hi," she started, her eyes searching the floor.

"Hello," I responded, "You know why we are here, right?"

"Yes," she smiled coyly.

There was a momentary pause, since neither of us knew how to take this conversation ahead. I decided it best to tell her the truth now. It would be risky as my parents would eventually get to know about it, and all hell could break loose then, but I had to take this step.

I broke the silence, speaking slowly, "You are a nice girl Nandini, but .... there is some one else in my life. You shouldn't be with me."

Chapter 7


  1. it's interesting...
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    and yes your samosa..:)

    1. Thanks pal ... come to my place, and I will treat you with samosas :-)

  2. wow, this is getting better with each part, its getting too real, wow! You are amazing!!! I need next part ASAP

    1. thanks a lot ... working on the next part :-)

  3. Ut oh.... I hope he doesn't blow his chances with this girl especially if the other one isn't interested in him anymore.

  4. It's like an indian soap opera!!! And I love my soaps!!! Keep em comin!!! PLEASE!!!!

  5. What a complex situation. Where would it lead to? Spoilers please Mr. Writer.

    1. I don't know myself ... chapter 7 will probably come in my head tomorrow morning :-)

  6. Saris and samosas should be recognized by your readers, or let them google ;).

    And you lead us along wondering where it will go!

    1. Thanks a lot ... hope you enjoy the story .... even I wonder where it will lead ;-)