Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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Wrapped in velvet paper
That shone against her misty pearls
He gifted her moments
Of promises and joy.

She unwrapped the box
And out flew the stars
Playing with time
As silvery moon descended
On their valley of love.

Wings sprouted
And among the clouds they walked
Hand in hand
Moments re-captured
A lasting hope
Of togetherness.

Moments are to be shared
Moments are to be blessed
Savor the past, present and all
'Cause moments aren't to be chased.

Moments are smiles
And a few drops of tears
Moments teach us to live
As we learn to win over our fears.

This Poem is shared with One Single Impression - Moment.


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if we could gift wrap our precious moments in order to be saved and re-opened at a later time? I loved the metaphorical nature of this.

  2. What a beautiful composition!
    Moments constitute Life!

  3. She unwrapped the box
    And out flew the stars
    Playing with time
    As silvery moon descended
    On their valley of love

    Would have loved this to happen all the time. Love were to descend from heaven. Nicely GS!


  4. A lovely poem, GS,,we do save our moments in our memories,,may we savour the most precious as your poem bids us to do,,,

  5. It would have made a hell lot of sense if I was reading this in right frame of mind, may be some other time, some other day...:)

  6. Beautiful words...I love your poem!
    It has a graceful ease about it~

  7. Oh, this is beautiful. Respecting each moment.

  8. This is so so beautifully composed. Especially, the first part, I love that one.

  9. I love your words in this! Brilliant!

  10. You write love so honestly. It feels very natural.

  11. We live in a world of broken images... your poetic thoughts transport me to a dream land of color and substance. Great lines...:))

  12. ADORE the last stanza! It could stand alone. Nice.

  13. Beautiful, G.S. This lady (and the couple as well) had her precious moments that he gave. She enjoyed them fully and lived in the full every moment given. Don't we wish we could have this experience?

    Thank you, G.S, you did wonderfully with the prompt.

    1. We would all love to live in the beautiful moments of life :-)

  14. absolutely true. each moment is a treasure on its own. ah. life is beautiful

  15. I love the stars falling out of the box ... a precious moment is a gift :)