Tuesday, April 12, 2016


he prayed and pleaded
and went on his toes
folded his hands
narrated his woes
their voices were rough
and ears all deaf
"Why should we care?
Their cries are all fake."

his demand was simple
just a jug of water
to quench his thirst
and his die-hard labour
the crops had dried
his dreams were dead
"Just go out from here,
the game starts," they said

the field so green
and stadium bright
he cursed his fate
being a farmer wasn't right
he continued to beg
for the jug of water
his wails lost
amidst sports and stars

This 99 word fiction is shared with Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - J.


  1. अच्छी पोस्ट। क्या बात है भाई आप तो मेरे ब्लाग पर आते ही नहीं कोई नाराजगी तो नहीं है।

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