Friday, June 07, 2013

Evolution, A Revolution

Evolution, a revolution
of ideas accepted once
now defied amidst logic
conjured today
in well framed building blocks
that grow, and gain
length and width
circumference measured
with scale of time
knowing no bound

Evolution, a revolution
never stops
a steady pace
that makes the world
go round and round

Evolution is creation
and the path of continuation
and perhaps
the ultimate destruction

This Poem is shared with Theme Thursday - Evolution.


  1. A true a salutary message. But who is listening?

  2. The concluding lines hold so much of meaning. If previous forms will not be destroyed then how can we evolve further. Nice take on evolution.

  3. Yes, perhaps the end is the destruction ... but life is constantly changing and so must accept!

  4. This is excellent and I really like the pace of the poem, like you almost can't keep up

  5. I like how it holds so many truths especially the last part. We need to constantly evolve to accept the changes in our lives and all the different diseases that the world is now sharing. Many people have been wiped out because they could not adapt to these changes and thus there was a type of destruction involved.

    Thanks for sharing such a thought provoking poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have a peaceful and calm weekend.

    God bless.

  6. interesting thoughts...according to science we will eventually evolve into a big ball of fire...our earth destroyed by a super nova only to become part of another series of evolving worlds..but that won't be for a few weeks...great poem

  7. Good flow of thoughts. Comparing evolution with revolution was really spot on I believe. :)

  8. I loved how you start it, securing it with hope and then ever so beautifully you turn the tables and let everyone know that it ends on destruction, ultimately. Such a beautiful twist of words, so beautifully portrayed!

  9. time never waits for anyone indeed, it is always moving on forward, changing the world as it does...beautiful verse Amrit!!