Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After This Breaking Morn

pluck stars
and a few kisses
in hazel blushes
in breathing branches
in softening wishes
of tides rising
and falling
embracing sweet notes
of clandestine plays

no act
nor a story
to react
finds solace
in promises
as hands clasped tight
in moments
wrong and right

and the Moon Garden witnesses
those silent pleas
of dreams woven
in hushed murmurs

as we whisper tales
incomplete, and then descends the dawn
silently, we walk our separate ways
awaiting another rendezous of bliss and smiles
soon after this breaking morn

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  1. Amrit, this poem needs to be published. Seriously :)

  2. This is.....Beautiful!! <3

    ''love finds solace
    in promises''
    So true:)
    I agree to Optimistic, Emerald :)

  3. An ode to the romantic dreamer, loved it Amrit!! Silent pleas of dreams, solace in promises, you my friend surely weave magic :)

  4. ... hands clasped in moments wrong and right ... omg, you where there?

  5. This is absolutely breath-taking love it =)

  6. Ahh! So beautiful and so romantic! Magic this is...

  7. Oh wow! There were parts that were pretty and others that were thrilling. I so loved the first stanza...the words are so...perfect. They convey so much imagery, emotion and leave much to the imagination, and they trip so pleasingly off the tongue.

    I'm so glad I stopped by. This was a treat! :)