Friday, June 03, 2016

Steer Ahead With Datsun Redi-GO

A person should always buy his car after thorough research. A car is not just a machine, but it gradually becomes a part of one's life, giving him companionship on a daily basis. While searching for a suitable four-wheeler for me and my family, I came across Datsun redi-GO. I was instantly fascinated by its appearance, and a deep look into its features confirmed my belief that this is one automobile that I would like to own. Its beautiful interior and dashboard denotes fun, the comfort guarantees confidence, while a good mileage makes it the perfect ride of freedom.

Three features that grabbed my attention in particular are as follows:

1) Fuel Economy: With the price of petrol on the rise, I would prefer a car that would give me a good fuel economy. Datsun redi-GO scores high on that front, with a mileage of 25.17 Km/L. This means that driving long distance would not burn a hole in my pocket. I could drive on an on, and visit new sites along with my family, with my car consuming minimal petrol. Also, going by the current market trend, the mileage offered is among the best in today's automobile industry.

2) Small Turning Radius: Driving in Delhi NCR demands extra care and awareness. With buses, trucks, auto-rickshaws, cars and bikes plying on the roads at all hours, traffic gets congested. Often, to avoid the jam, it’s best to take the nearest turn and drive towards an alternate lane, keeping in mind the traffic rules. However, in such jam-packed spaces, turning the car also becomes a challenge. Datsun redi-GO addresses this concern, equipped with a small turning radius of 4.7 m.

3) Shift Indicator: I wish to get the maximum output from my car and have it running efficiently for years. A car becomes a member of our family, with its reliability and the trust we bestow upon it during crunch situations. To enhance the performance of the car while driving, changing the gears at appropriate time is of utmost importance. Datsun redi-GO has an inbuilt Shift Indicator, which helps us to decide when to shift the gear while driving.

 I am seeking a family car, and the Datsun redi-GO looks a perfect fit. If given the option to test the car, I would like to drive it on hilly terrains. Residing in Delhi NCR, I am spoilt with choices regarding hill stations, and thus I would like to see how my car performs on roads of Shimla, the destination I am planning to travel next with my family. With so many features, I expect it to be a smooth drive, so that I can satisfy my love for hills by driving there on regular weekends.

The Datsun redi-GO looks promising. The long traffic signals shouldn’t bother much, with its comfortable seating, the beautiful interior and the cool air conditioning. The performance augmented brakes will ensure that the car stops just at the right time, while the best-in-class ground clearance will help tackle the low obstacles on roads that are often irritating. Pack all of these features into a sleek and stylish design and the Datsun redi-GO turns out to be the urban driving solution that I have been looking for.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. 

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