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Dance To The 7 Tunes Of Success - Review

Change the world with your standards of excellence
It’s time to breakthrough, not breakdown. It’s time to give your all and not give up. It is time to put your best foot forward and Dance to the 7 Tunes of Success
Success is not just about achieving your goals, it is about making the most while you’re on your way to your goal. You are happy when you achieve success, but you also achieve success when you are happy. 
Dance to the 7 Tunes of Success puts together the 7 invaluable pieces of life’s puzzle in the right sequence and pattern to bring out the real potential in each one of us. The 7 tunes of our life work wonderfully in rhythm to reveal the gifts we possess. It is thus time to break out of our comfort zone and create a legacy for a more purposeful world. It’s time to broaden our horizons with new and powerful ideas on being happy and making a positive difference to life. 
Let the ideas take you to the next level. Let that time be NOW!

About the Author
Nishit Lal is a renowned speaker on self-development and high achievement. A former employee at Infosys, he has conducted several leadership and emotional intelligence workshops for a wide range of audiences using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques. With a Bachelors degree in Technology and a Masters in Human Resource Management, he conducts interesting and powerful training programs to transform lives. Prior to this, Nishit has authored two widely acclaimed books. You can reach him at

What is success? The simplest of answers would be – something that we all crave for. Pretty obvious, isn’t it? But therein lies the complexity. People have different goals in life, achievement of which they term as success. However, the goals of two people may not be alike, and what one can term as success may not seem so to the other person. In a world of relativity, where there is no definite scale to measure the parameter, how do we find out what is success? Moreover, how can we make sure that we are successful in our lives?

Nishit Lal tries to answer some of these questions in his book ‘Dance To The 7 Tunes Of Success.’ As the name suggests, the book deftly points out 7 key ingredients that can help a person achieve success, and ensure a path towards his or her destination. These seven items that have been mentioned are – Passion, Purpose, Productivity, Perception, Possibilities, Practice and Potential. Separate chapters have been assigned to each one of these. The author starts out by defining these terms, and then proceeds onwards to unravel the secret recipe.

One can find several self – help and motivational books in the market. Why should one pick up this book? The reason becomes obvious as you start reading it. The definition of the seven essential ‘tunes of success’ are apt and totally justify their selection into the list. The author then analyzes each of these terms, pointing out what it could mean in different scenarios. Through situational observation and detailed analysis, Nishit Lal successfully presents to us his thoughts, ideas and the purpose of writing this book. He never beats around the bush, and is direct in his language. The best thing about the ‘Dance To The 7 Tunes Of Success’ is the use of snippets every now and then. The stories and life incidents of several legendary icons have been penned down, which serve as a much needed push to the readers in achieving what seems impossible today. True, no one was born successful, and only through sheer will power and hard work can one taste the delicacies of success.

The cover of the book, depicting a person flying high, in blue sky with tinge of yellow, is perfect keeping in mind the theme it deals with. The flowing water below, and the bridge, add a sense of serenity, and the readers feel entitled to pick up the copy and give it a look. The colors and the background art add a positive aura to the book.

Dance To The 7 Tunes Of Success’ is interactive and introspective. The narrative is brisk and you don’t feel like stopping in the middle. The ideas presented in the book can be implemented by any person in quest of success, with results likely to follow. This is one book that can really liven up your mood, and motivate you to walk faster towards your goal. A book that can be read any time, any season, and any where, ‘Dance To the 7 Tunes Of Success’ should be right up there on your shelf.

Title: Dance to the 7 Tunes of Success
Authors: Nishit Lal
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year: 2014
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Self - Help
No. of Pages: 168
Price: Rs 225
My Rating: 4/5


  1. Comprehensive and interesting review Amrit :)

  2. interesting review! reminds me of 'seven habits of successful people'
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