Sunday, July 20, 2014


How often do we complain about our lives? How much time do we spend brooding over the things that have not been, rather than feeling grateful for what we have? How many of us are keen to ponder over the factors that make us cry rather than delving deeper to find the reasons to smile?

Perhaps, that’s what we humans have got accustomed to over the passage of time, worrying about things that are not in our control. Why can’t we, instead, pay attention to matters that add a zest to our lives?

The best thing would be to note down the things that make us happy, satisfied and energetic. In that way, they would emanate positive vibes that surely would flow towards us.

Strumming Strings
What would life be without music? Solitude serves as bliss when I have my guitar with me, the strings providing a much needed camaraderie. As my heart wanders in search of melody, the ambiance is filled with an unparalleled zest and vigour. Guitar surely comforts, and at the same time, uplifts my mood after a hard day’s work.

Weaving Words
Penning down stories and poems have been my passion. As such, it’s difficult to stay away from the writing zone for too long. Even a few lines provide the much needed zest and zing to life, and completion of a piece of writing, and receiving constructive criticism surely turns out to be a blessed satisfaction.

Moon-lit Roads
Another favourite activity of mine is driving my car on late nights. This is usually reserved for Fridays and Saturdays, and steering ahead on the smooth silvery roads surely gives a pleasurable high. However, to all who love driving, one shouldn’t be rash and not exceed the speed limit.

Yes, Yoga
Health is wealth, and it’s all the more relevant in today’s world due to the cut throat competition all around us. Apart from physical well – being, mental relaxation is important too. Thus, my day starts with an hour of Yoga, a habit that has instilled a sense of positivity in my daily routine, along with a much needed excitement and boost to welcome the new dawn.

And A Best Friend
When you live all by yourself in a distant city, a friendly welcome once you are back from work does add a spark in your mundane life. Same is the case with me. As I unlock the door to enter my 1 BHK apartment, Tuffy, my dear Pomeranian, does add a whiff of freshness, hugging and licking me all over. Love is self-less, and it's so well reflected in his language.

Zest for me can surely be defined in the aforementioned manner. A blessing, a charm, a way of life, filled with fun, optimism and passion.

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  1. My secret method to come back to peace of mind is driving ... for miles .. on and on ... mayby stopping at some no tell motel somwhere in the mountains ... works every time ... smiles. Love, cat.

  2. Moon-lit roads! ^_^....only if I could drive :P

  3. For me it is hearing some good music, taking a walk alone, watching a great movie, visiting a new restaurant, writing a funny post when I am extremely sad. The last one is my escape :)

    1. The last one, your funny posts, serves as everyone's escape :-)