Monday, July 21, 2014

A Zest-Filled Life

Life isn’t meant to be fun all the times. There would be time when one would feel down, low and dejected, frustrated with the monotonicity all around. How can one overcome these and get back his moments of shine?

Do what makes you happy, not for others, but for your own self, ‘cause life is short. Why not pass it with a sprinkling of zest?

I too face tough times, like anyone else, which is quite normal. However, I have learnt to stay positive, trying to revive the energy in one way or the other. If I have to list down five factors that add zest to my life, well, they would be as follows:

What better way to unwind than to explore places? Yes, I love to travel, and travel a lot. Mountains or beaches, islands or valleys, anything, just anything would do to quench my thirst of adventure. It’s always a pleasure to learn about the cultures of other places, the process resulting in self-discovery.

I am not a versatile dancer, and to be honest, I am blessed with two left feet. But dancing and swinging to groovy beats does give me a high. Dance has the tendency to make you forget about all your tensions, and fills you with positive energy. At least, that’s the case with me.

Staying away from family does add in me the anticipation to meet them. However, due to hectic work schedule, regular meeting isn’t possible. Counting days, and realizing that the time when I will again meet my family is nearing adds a renewed zest in me. This is one important factor that keeps me going, guiding me through across all the ups and downs of life.

4) RUN
As the heartbeat quickens, and the muscles move in sync, I feel free. Running has been an escape route for me from all the negativities of life. Jogging on early mornings and evenings (on weekends) keep my mind focused, and helps me stay rejuvenated.

Unfortunately, this comes just four days a month, but then again, good things are rare. Fridays are like a whiff of fresh air, fragrant and blooming. While Mondays give me blues, Fridays fill my life with colors and hues. Fridays surely are a blessing of the Gods. I have no clue how I, or everyone else, could have coped up with their lives without Fridays.

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  1. I loved reading this post Amrit - seemed more personal that any post of yours that I've ever read. I am definitely with you on Fridays. They make life grand haha. And traveling opens up a whole new world doesn't it?

    1. Yes ... traveling is a perfect way to relax :-)

  2. Amrit this is the first time I have come across an article which gives a peek into your personality. Till now I read only poems from your pen. Nice tips given here.

  3. Life is all about finding the little things that turn a ordinary day into a lovely day, nice to know the favorite 5 picks of the techie/musician/poet :)

  4. Hahaha Friday is universal zest factor...nice post Amrit :)