Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bring Back The Touch

Projects, deadlines, rewards and opportunities to roam around the world, life was definitely in full flow. Lucrative incentives and exciting bonuses surely ensured a healthy growth in my current organization, and I could only bless God for that.

I was in the midst of an important meeting with prospective cclientèleswhen her number flashed on my mobile screen – “Sapna Calling.” I clicked the red button on my cell and disconnected the call. However, it beeped again after a few minutes. I excused myself and received.

“I am in a meeting. What happened now?” I was somewhat agitated.

“Akash, I’m sorry. It’s … it’s just that we had planned to go out for dinner tonight, and its already 8pm …” she said.

I took a deep breath, and tried to keep my tone as calm as possible, “It’s ok. We can go tomorrow, or day after. No big deal, right?”

“Right,” she was quiet for a few minutes, and then said softly, as if measuring her words, “but tomorrow, or day after, isn’t our marriage anniversary. It is today, Akash.”

I sighed, “Yes. Ok. I will be home in an hour.”

We went to a Chinese restaurant, as per Sapna’s wish. I gifted her diamond necklace, and she smiled. We placed our orders, and waited. Meanwhile, I received a few mails from my associates regarding the meeting and its future course of action, and I started replying to them one by one on my smartphone.

“Akash,” my thoughts were suddenly interrupted by her voice.

“Yes,” I answered without looking up from my mobile screen.

“You know,” she said, “I have always felt so lucky having married to someone like you. You are such a nice person, doing good with your life, and have provided me with everything that I couldn’t ever dream of. But today, there is one luxury I miss the most.”

I looked at her. Across the table, was the girl whom I had fallen in love with, had proposed in only our second date, and together we had celebrated five years of togetherness. However, there was something amiss in that beautiful face of hers today. Something was not right.

And then I noticed. Her eyes, dabbed in forced smile, exuded a feeling of pain so humble that I hadn’t cared to notice it ever.

“Akash,” she continued, “the one luxury I have been missing today, and since the last few months, is you.” She wiped her eyes with the tissue paper.

I didn’t know what to answer. My voice choked, and my heart broke too. I placed my right palm over her left hand on the table, gently squeezing the tips of her fingers, circling her ring finger where the divine symbol of our union shone bright in golden hues.

“I am sorry Sapna,” I said, still holding her hand, caressing her, gently, warmly, “In all these work commitment I had completely forgotten about one commitment that I should have held the closest to my heart. I am really sorry, but trust me, I will make amends for this. I will never let you cry again. I promise.”

Out thumbs mingled, our fingers kissed each other, deeply entwined in a feeling of serenity, and I made a decision. I opened the Email application on my smartphone, and mailed my associates – “I will be on leave for the next seven days, and will not respond to emails or business calls.Thank You.”

Our dinner arrived, and we ate, looking into each others eyes, finally having found the missing touch in our relationship.

“What about another honeymoon, to rekindle our passion?” I winked.

Her eyes sparkled, “Wow. Where?”

“You tell.”


“So be it Madam.”

We flew to Mauritius the next day, to #BringBackTheTouch into our love life, to relive the dreams all over again.

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  1. If only life was so simple I sigh... If only people understand that relationship matter the most and not just power and money... If only love remained forever...

    A very nice story!

  2. awww! 'ur wish is my command, madam' type of husband is the most desirable thing in the world!!

    cute :)

  3. Aw what a nice story! Sometimes it just takes that moment of realization to fix things up :)

  4. HEhehe Amrit, i just wonder how do you write such stories on romcom ! Are you registered on shaadi,com or not ! They fix it quickly :)

    1. Ha ha ha ... Chetan Bhagat does ads for them, not me :p