Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shadows - Chapter 8

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Padmini felt sick and tired with the happenings of the day. Things were really getting worse with each passing moment. She wanted to run away from the house, go to some far away land where she would not be haunted by the curse; the curse that was a result of her own misdeeds.

Repentance was the only deed left for her to perform. The sacrifice that seemed such a noble act then, suddenly brought back feelings of hatred and disgust in her. Why did she even think of doing it? She always wanted to use her powers for the good of man. Why did she commit such an evil act?

She stood before the kids’ bedroom, and then thought gravely. Was this the end of her? Didn’t she deserve to live longer? There must be another way out of this misery. There had to be an alternative step that will lead her to Sapna and her safety.

Padmini turned, and walked back to the drawing room. The shadow of Sapna was no longer there. She looked around. The hall looked as clean as ever. The candle burnt dimly, flickering and trying to gain its strength every now and then. How small its size had become. It started tall, but now limped like a tired soul, just like her. Soon, it will fade away and die.

So will life. Everyone starts afresh, but the burden of the world leads to drooping shoulders, causing the entities to fade away, some in oblivion, some carving their names in gold, but fade everyone had to.

Truth of life. Truth of existence. Truth of death.

Padmini knelt beside the candle. She closed her eyes. Warm tears flowed out of them. Tears of grief and guilt, of selfishness and malice, of hatred and repentance. She had to do something. But first, she had to make sure Swapnil was fine.

She went to his room, opened the door a little, and saw Swapnil sitting with his back towards her. She forced some more weight on the door, and it split wide open.

And along with the door, her eyes stayed wide open too, as if her eyelids had forgotten to blink.

Swapnil was not only sitting on the bed, he was talking animatedly with someone. Someone.

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